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Is DHI Painful?

Is DHI Painful?

Is DHI Painful? The fear of hair transplantation is the reason why many people do not have hair transplantation. But is the DHI hair transplant technique a painful operation? We will explain the answer to this question with some research.

DHI hair transplant method is one of our most preferred operations in recent years. It is one of the application forms we use in hair transplantation procedures. DHI method is also known as “pen technique” or “direct hair transplantation”. DHI is not a hair transplant technique. This is actually an application method. Although the DHI method is a new application method, we prefer it quite a lot thanks to the advantages it provides.

DHI Hair Transplantation is the application of hair follicles taken from the area considered as donor to the area to be transplanted with the help of pens. Medical apparatus resembling a pen that helps the placement of grafts in the DHI method; It is possible to open channels and place roots at the same time. This helps the roots to be planted faster. The DHI hair transplant procedure, performed with local anesthesia, starts with the hair follicles being loosened with a special device and collected one by one. After the grafts are subjected to separation, they are planted in the planting area with a special pen. None of these DHI procedures are painful.


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How is Hair Transplantation Performed with the DHI Technique?

Unlike FUE, the DHI technique can be explained as a method where the hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted to the area to be transplanted without opening the channel with implanter. The Choi needle, which has a thin and sharp structure, is in the form of a channel. Hair is inserted into the needle by rubbing along this channel.

DHI Technique Stages

  • In hair transplantation with a Cholimplanter pen, the hair follicles are carefully placed in the pen one by one, and the assistants give the hair follicles for transplantation to the specialist doctor.
  • The doctor also transplants the hair follicles at angles of 40-45 degrees, and another point is to make them in accordance with the direction of the previous hair of the person.
  • After the angle and direction of the hair follicles placed in the Choi needle are determined, the transplantation is performed with the pushing feature of the needle; In the operation, between 2 and 6 Choi pens and 15-16 Choi tips are used, the pen tips can be in different sizes and this determines the hair follicle and thickness structure of the person.

What are the Advantages of DHI Hair Transplantation?

With the DHI method, hair follicles become more frequent. In this way, transplantation will result in a much more natural appearance. The medical pen used allows easier determination of the planting angle of the hair follicles, as well as opening holes in the width of the hair follicle in the transplantation area. Thus, the damage caused by the operation is minimal. There is almost no bleeding in this application without incision. Since the damage caused by the operation is minimal, the healing process is very fast. The DHI method does not harm existing hair.

DHI hair transplantation provides the chance to transplant directly to the required area. It provides an extra advantage to people whose hair loss is not complete. Since grooving and root placement can be done at the same time, grafts can be transplanted in a shorter time. Hair loss is less in hair transplantation with DHI method. Since the existing hair does not need to be shaved, it is an application method preferred by women. There is no scar after hair transplantation using DHI application method. How Much Does DHI Hair Transplant Cost?

Is the DHI technique painful? 

The DHI (Pen) method is easy, but somewhat difficult and requires a lot of attention. The reason why the DHI technique is most preferred by patients is that it is not painful during the operation, the scalp is not sutured during the hair transplantation operation and there is no visible scar. With this method, hair grows very densely and in a healthy way. The pen method has special needles.

Hair transplantation with the pen method is performed for people who have completely lost their hair or have a sparse area of ​​their head and are uncomfortable with it. These hair transplant sessions vary according to the person. The less hair, the longer the process takes. A session takes 6-8 hours and the hair transplantation process does not end in a single session. Because the hair follicles on your head are necessary for this process. This operation is not applied to you if you have a serious illness. Before having a hair transplant, you should determine your doctor and get information from him about the procedure, your doctor must have done this job and be an expert. Otherwise, if this process is not done correctly, your hair will begin to fall out again and baldness will occur.

In short, the DHI hair transplantation method is not painful.

Getting Natural Hair in a Short Time

Hair transplantation is not a process that takes that long. Since hair is added one by one, it usually takes about 6-8 hours and this is quite normal. However, this process and time may vary depending on the hair quality of the person. If you have some discomfort, you should first consult your doctor and have this procedure done. Expert is very important for this operation. Because if you choose a random expert and this expert is not good at his job, this result may turn into a worse result as your remaining hair

When Does Natural Image Occur After DHI Hair Transplantation?

In DHI hair transplantation and other hair transplantation techniques, the process of growing roots is approximately the same. However, the methods and techniques used in DHI hair transplantation are performed with much more technological devices, namely the new generation hair transplantation technique. Transplanted hair in a period of approximately 8 months and a maximum of 1 year grows permanently. How Much Does Direct Hair Implantation Cost?

Am I a Good Candidate for DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI is ideal for those with advanced hair loss. There are those who have experienced hair loss due to male pattern baldness for 5 years. They are good candidates to benefit from DHI hair transplantation. DHI may also be the only option for men who do not respond positively to medical treatments for hair loss.