Is FUE Hair Transplant Painful?

Is FUE Hair Transplant Painful?

Is FUE hair transplant painful? We will explain the answer to the question. The FUE technique is the most used hair transplant method today. It is an extremely easy and comfortable application. It is a method preferred by everyone because it leaves no trace. The area where the hair will be taken is selected first. Then, the application is started by taking the hair follicles one by one. The application that starts is completed by transplanting these hair follicles to the balding area. Before the procedure, anesthesia is applied to the patients. Therefore, it does not experience any pain. It is impossible to feel pain because the application is performed as local anesthesia. Is FUE hair transplant painful? This is the answer to the question.

Hair transplant is considered a surgical intervention. So it is carried out in the hospital. After the local anesthesia applied to the patients, there can be a comfortable environment in the room. Patients will only feel the pain of the needle until local anesthesia is applied. They will not feel what will be done later. Is FUE hair transplant painful? Also, after the hair transplant is completed, they will have no memory left. 

How is hair transplantation done using FUE?

When hair transplantation will be performed with the FUE technique, the hair of the patients should be very short. Before shaving, photographs of the patient are taken from different angles and the area to be transplanted is evaluated. Then the hair is shaved. The area where the hair follicles will be taken is determined. Local anesthesia is applied to this area. Is FUE hair transplant painful? In other words, this area is numbed so that the patient does not feel pain or pain. Everything is considered for the comfort of the patients. No incision is made during this technique in the area where the hair will be taken. Patients overcome the recovery period comfortably. All they feel is the slight ache of the needle for numbing.


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Collection of hair follicles

In the FUE technique, hair follicles are removed from the anesthetized area with thin punches, since no tissue is removed from the area. These punches are only fairly thin in size. Because they are so thin, they do not even cause trauma to the process area. Only dot-like white spots are formed. These then disappear beyond view. It becomes imperceptible when the surrounding hair grows. It takes about 3 hours to harvest the hair follicles. This application is carefully made by experts. Hair in the donor area is taken at specified intervals. Collected hair follicles are kept in a special solution until hair transplantation is performed. Is FUE hair transplant painful? If the answer to the question is, it will not be a pain.

Opening channels

After the hair follicles are collected, the channels are opened. Again, local anesthesia is applied to this area so that patients do not suffer any pain. Here, what patients will only hear is the pain of the needle made for numbing. After the anesthesia, the channels of suitable depth are opened for the placement of the hair follicles. The angle of these channels is also very important. It is a study that will contribute to achieving a natural appearance after hair transplantation. Another important issue is that a specialist doctor and his team should take part in hair transplantation. In this way, Is FUE hair transplant painful? Our answer to the question would be no.

This is perhaps the most important stage in hair transplantation. The directions of the hair follicles should be determined correctly at the time of the procedure. The angle and direction of the channels must be calculated correctly.

Planting hair follicles

After the opening of the channels is completed, the placement of the hair follicles begins here. At this stage, it continues for approximately 3 hours. Hair follicles should be placed in the canals properly and carefully. In this section, Is FUE hair transplant painful? there is no pain. Roots should never be exposed. Exposed hair follicles can be lost due to external factors. This does not provide the desired success in hair transplantation.

Completion of FUE method hair transplantation

In hair transplantation performed with the FUE method, local anesthesia prevents the pain and pain that may occur. Is FUE hair transplant painful At the same time, since patients are conscious, short breaks can be given during hair transplantation. There is no harm in patients chatting with their doctor as they wish. The patient can even watch the procedures performed himself. Afterwards, the area where the hair follicles are collected is covered by bandaging to be removed the next day. Is DHI Painful?

Process after hair transplant

After the hair transplantation is completed, pain medication is used for mild pain that may occur in patients. Antibiotic treatment is applied to prevent the risk of infection. In this way, Is FUE hair transplant painful? Pain is prevented. Hair follicles soon become solid where they were transplanted.. For this reason, it is necessary to be very cautious while washing the hair. Because the hair will be washed every day to remove scabs and shorten the healing process. Only palms and fingers should be used during washing. It should definitely not be effective in washing the nails. In addition, the hair transplantation area should be protected.

In about 10 days, scabs due to hair transplantation are cleared. Transplanted hair roots After a few weeks, it begins to break and fall off. Is FUE hair transplant painful? At this stage, the roots remain intact. After the hair roots rest, they begin to grow again.

Hair transplant decision process

People who decide to have a hair transplant may first think that they will feel pain during this procedure. Is FUE hair transplant painful? The purpose of this operation is mainly aesthetic expectations. Is FUE hair transplant painful? Hair transplantation can be done painlessly thanks to the developed techniques. That’s why the FUE method has been used widely in hair transplantation. Because no incision is made to cause pain. Since there is no cut, there is no need to stitch. Since there is no such problem in the FUE method, you will get your hair without pain during the healing period. For this reason, you need to make the right decision on which method to choose. By completing the hair transplant comfortably, you can regain your hair.

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