Is Fue Hair Transplant Permanent?

Is Fue Hair Transplant Permanent?

Is Fue Hair Transplant Permanent? Unless the correct hair follicles are not used, an FUE hair transplant would never be successful or be permanent. The donor hair should always be compatible with the bald area, and only a specialist can guarantee this.

During a hair transplant, the surgeon usually takes the hair from an area on the body where the hair does not have genes; the genetic structure that makes a man bald. Is Fue hair transplant permanent? The donor hair region is not genetically programmed for hair loss, therefore giving it a lifespan. But if the hairs are taken from an area of ​​the body with the hair loss, the transplanted hair would have less or no life at all. This is where the importance of correct paints matters when it comes to painting. The surgeon should be a great artist to recognize the necessary hair.

One of the complications that can arise is the youngster’s donor areas, which cannot be determined with a guarantee. This is why people under 21 can lose hair in the donor area where the transplants are harvested. It is essential to go to a suitable hair transplant specialist who knows his trade. The expert can correctly determine the donor hair follicles, which are transplanted into the bald area. However, with all that has been discussed above, there is still a possibility that the planted hair will start to fall out for reasons other than genetics. Health reasons, the side effect of drugs, chemotherapy, etc. can cause hair loss and can also destroy the donor’s hair. In most cases that are clear of these conditions, the transplanted hair should last forever.


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In most cases, hair transplantation is permanent and lasts forever, without complications.

Is FUE Hair Transplant Permanent?

Hair transplantation is the best option against hair loss, but will the hair fall out again?
Thanks to the latest techniques and the doctor’s professionalism who will operate, the results obtained by more patients in the form of natural hair seem natural.
Hair transplantation has a long-lasting effect and shows high success in those suitable for hair transplantation.The recovery period and the time to return to a daily lifestyle are concise. Young people suffering from hair loss are at risk of losing their self-esteem. A hair transplant procedure can help increase self-confidence and confidence.

Hair loss is a common problem that can affect all age groups. Different treatments can be chosen depending on the doctor’s recommendations.You wonder whether you should decide between an operation or a non-surgical procedure, and both have their characteristics. However, whether it is a non-surgical procedure or a process, the main goal is to achieve the desired results.
Grafts can be extracted using two methods – Fue (follicular extraction) and FUT.

FUE Hair Transplant Technique

The Fue method is quicker recovery, no visible seams, a relatively painless procedure.
Special micro-instruments are used for extraction; is it a permanent decision for hair loss. In FUT, the doctor cuts the scalp strip from the donor area and selects individual grafts. You will have a noticeable hitting line and a sense of tension in the back of your head.

Not everyone can be the right candidate for hair transplantation. Before starting the procedure, you must have realistic expectations.

Everyone has a certain amount of donor hair used in transplantation and various problem areas.

The Best Candidates For Hair Transplants

These are the men who have lost their hair due to a male type scarf who have realistic expectations and understand that hair loss from the rest of the hair can progress. Some men are prescribed additional medications and supplements after surgery to help them keep their hair.
Suitable for hair transplantation men interested in hair transplantation to improve their appearance, bald men for many years.
Also, men and women who experience hair loss caused by trauma or burns and who have lost their hair due to other cosmetic procedures.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the FUE technique of Hair Implants

The FUE is not a standardized method. The capillary extraction tools are of variable quality and diameters: from 1 to 2 mm. These extreme dimensions are not favorable to a harmonious graft. A 2 mm punch does not extract follicle by follicle, but several hair follicles simultaneously, which are then reimplanted as they are, in “block.” In other words, the relative success or failure of the FUE technique depends above all on the skills and involvement of each practitioner.

However, given that no official medical training exists in France for FUE, many more or less self-taught doctors practice it. Also, certain crucial stages of the process, such as the grafts’ implantation, are delegated and carried out by technicians. Finally, FUE does not allow precise control of the angle or the orientation of the implantation, which produces a visual result that is often unattractive and ultimately unnatural.

The 5 Questions to Choose The Right Hair Clinic

  • You have to know which technique will use to know what results to expect. Hair transplant techniques do not yield the same results, whether it is the natural or graft durability.
  • This brings us to the second question: Will the donor area allow other interventions to perform if the baldness should evolve. Here again, shedding light on the hair transplant technique using is essential.
  • Thus, depending on the extraction method used (motorized punches or not), it will be more or less aggressive for the scalp and follicles. Will the method leave scars or marks on the extraction area.
  • Ask to know how the grafts will be implanted in the recipient area because the trauma is not the same with an injector stylet as with previous incisions made with forceps.
  • Ask to know if it is the doctor who will perform the entire operation himself. Or will he entrust most of the work to his operating assistants and technicians during the sampling and implantation phase? Hopefully, you have learned more on the topic is Fue hair transplant permanent?