Is Fue Hair Transplant Successful?

Is Fue Hair Transplant Successful?

Is Fue Hair Transplant Successful? Hair falls out for various reasons and prevention of course exists. Is Fue hair transplant successful? It is important to pay attention to quality and a balanced diet, drinking regime, enough exercise, and sleep, and the least stressful lifestyle. The health of our body is very closely related to the health of our hair.
Furthermore, pay sufficient and regular care to the hair itself – avoid some mistakes that damage them, take care of them, and supply them with the necessary nutrients inside and out.But if you feel that you are doing everything in your power and none of this is still helping your hair, see a doctor. Follow him even in case of any doubts
Do not delay the visit unnecessarily – just neglected treatment is one of the very common reasons for the death of hair follicles and stopping hair growth. Not only your general practitioner but also a dermatologist or trichologist can advise you.

About FUE Method

The FUE (follicular unit extraction) sampling technique is used to remove individual hair grafts from the scalp. The resulting scars on the collection part then have a diameter of 0.8 – 1.0 mm and are interposed between the individual hairs, so that macroscopically it is not possible to identify the actual collection point at a later hair length of more than 5 mm. In the same way, the numbness of the sampling part of the head is eliminated.

The method can be compared to a partial cutting of a forest – between the individual preserved trees, it is possible to take about 25-30% of the trees (hair) relatively with impunity, without creating a clearing (scar) somewhere. When counting the number of individual hair grafts, a corresponding number of punctures are then made on the prepared transplanted area (corners, top of the head), into which the individual hair grafts are inserted. The method is more time consuming than the strip technique, the length of the procedure (depending on the number of hairs) lasts from 5-8 hours.


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The postoperative course is then typical of all types of hair transplantation. For the first week, mechanical damage to newly transplanting hair should be avoided. Your own shower with shampoo is then possible from about the sixth day after the hair transplant.

Hair loss occurs first (in about 4-6 weeks) and from about 4 months there is a gradual growth of newly transplanted hair. The total time of gradual hair growth lasts up to about 10-12 months from hair transplantation. If the client wishes to thicken the hair, it is possible to perform the procedure in this period. Despite the 90-95% success rate of hair transplantation, about 30 percent of clients who underwent the procedure decide to thicken their hair.

Before FUE Hair Transplantation

Before the FUE transplant itself, the patient should undergo a routine preoperative examination by a doctor. The surgeon performing the procedure will assess the patient’s condition and also whether the hair transplant is suitable or safe for him. Information is giving to patients before the operation. Before the operation, what the patient can encounter and what to do will find the answer to them. They can also get information about the procedures during the operation. Also, the patient explains how the whole surgery demanding over time and financially.

Before the procedure itself, local anesthesia performs with the help of a special solution and the patient takes sedatives as well as the necessary antibiotics. Thanks to local anesthesia, the procedure is completely painless.

After FUE Hair Transplantation

After the procedure, the patient must stay at the clinic for at least one night. Pain may occur on the surgical site, and the patient may ask the doctor for pain medication. In order for the patient to go home, there should be no complications after removing the bandage on the head.

The time before the place heals after the procedure is individual, on average it can be said that within three weeks the patient is completely healed. The only complication that occurs during this time is in the case of an operation performing on the forehead, where the area around the eyes may swell during the first few days after the operation. However, this swelling will disappear by the next day.


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Usually, you can wash your hair on the third day, after two weeks you can get rid of your stitches. After a hair transplant, you should not apply various sprays or hairstyles to your hair.

What is the Success Rate of FUE Hair Transplantation?

FUE is the clinical transport of healthy follicles from the benefactor locale to zones where thinning up top happens. Because of the consideration taken at each stage to guarantee the feasibility of the follicles, the achievement rate for hair relocate is very high.

In most cases, the FUE hair transplant success rate is between 90 – 98%.
For the people who are non-smokers and those who do cardio the success rate may go above 95%
For smokers the success rate is below 95%
Smoking reduces blood flow to the scalp by hardening and narrowing blood vessels. Smoking affects the rate of hair growth by reducing the oxygen delivered to newly transplanted hair follicles.

Number of Grafts in FUE Hair Transplantation

The number of grafts depends on your hair type, hair color, and the size of the area to transplant. In general, the number of grafts for FUE hair transplant in one sitting of approximately 6-8 hours is 2500-3000.
If you have a higher level of baldness, then you might need another session. However, the doctor will decide how many grafts will be transplanted each day. How is Fue hair transplant successful? The answer depends on your experience.

Why I should Choose FUE Hair Transplant?

It does not leave a visible scar (seamless) after surgery.
With a good operation, there is minimal head trauma.
There is no thinning in the hair due to shock loss.
It can also apply to the scalp and body.
Provides natural hair restoration.
With FUE hair transplantation, there are no cases such as strip marks or strip transplantation.
The healing process is comfortable and requires less time (months rather than years).
There is minimal pain or pain during or after hair transplantation.
Local anesthesia is performed in FUE hair transplantation.