Is Hair Transplanted Permanent By Hair Transplantation?

Is Hair Transplanted Permanent By Hair Transplantation?

Post Hair Transplantation Process

Is Hair Transplanted Permanent By Hair Transplantation? The hair transplantation process is 3 days; Hair transplantation is done on the first day, dressing is done on the second day, and the process is ended by washing the first hair on the third day. You can return to your social life the day after the hair transplant. It is recommended not to use alcohol and smoke for one week after hair transplantation. Avoid heavy exercise for a few weeks. It may be inconvenient for you to enter the bath, sauna, sea, and pool for 1 month. Your new hair will begin to appear on the skin 12 weeks after the operation. After 6 months of hair transplantation, the hair reaches a visible fullness, and at the end of a year, it will get the look you want.

Washing After Hair Transplantation

The next day, the first wash is done in the clinic. The dressing is done again. The effective area is wetted every 2 hours with the serum given from the home clinic. The first day after the operation is rested. On the 3rd day of the operation, the second washing is done in the clinic. The washing process is continued at home twice a day for 2 weeks. For the first 2 weeks, shampoo prescribed for washing is used. The first 2 weeks, 10 minutes in the evening. the prescribed lotion is applied. Antibiotics and painkillers are used regularly after hair transplantation.

Life of Hair After Hair Transplantation

The life of the hair in the hair transplantation area is lifelong. The hair follicles in the area between our two ears are genetically set not to shed. They produce hair for a lifetime since they will have the same genetic characteristics in the transplanted area, there is no shedding in the area where they are newly transplanted, and many patients do not have enough hair around the nape of the neck, and in some cases, the desired result is unfortunately not achieved.


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Things to Consider After Hair Transplantation

Avoid dusty, dirty, and smoky environments. Heavy work should not be done and stress should be avoided. A comfortable hat should be used in a way that does not squeeze the scalp, both to protect from the harmful effects of sunlight and to protect from the dirty air outside. The hat should be removed in the home environment and the scalp should be allowed to breathe. Oxygen accelerates the healing process of the scalp.

No chemical products should be applied to the scalp. Only products or medications prescribed by the doctor should be used. At the end of the first 3 days, the hair should be washed every day with shampoos specially produced for people who have undergone hair transplantation.

During the washing process, the product should be used 1 or 2 times and applied to the scalp with very delicate movements.

During the hair drying process, the moisture of the hair should be taken with a towel with slow movements. Unless necessary, a blow dryer should not be used. When necessary, it should be used in a warm setting and without getting too close to the scalp. It is necessary to protect the head area from impacts, especially in the first week. Alcohol and smoking negatively affect the healing process. Therefore, it should not be used especially in the first week. Sports activities and strenuous work should be avoided.

99% Of The Hair in the Nape Area Is Permanent

The hair follicles that are grafted from the nape are very long-lasting and permanent even for the entire life. With this feature, then a transplant is almost no possibility of loss. Even if you ask where it comes from, there is a possibility of spillage from time to time, even if it is a one per cent chance, due to causes such as diseases or cancer in your body for various reasons.

Apart from this, the transplanted hair is permanent. This is no different from your normal hair of hair. Painting, cut, blow-dry, you can apply all kinds of operations such as hairdressing. Many of our patients behave worried about this issue and are afraid that I will return to the old times. In this, we want to direct you in the right way by giving you the clearest truths. Do not worry about this, it is a subject that has been observed and tested for a long time. Anyway, the logic of hair transplantation comes from here, it does not make any sense if it is not permanent.

Why Does not Hair Loss Transplanted, Why Is It Permanent?

Reasons are very important at this point. Many people try to understand how it has logic. Wherein persistence is due to the genetic code of hair in the donor area. In fact, the success of hair in the nape (donor area) density of hair, the quality and thickness comes from. After than , people with these three elements have a more beautiful appearance and a more frequent planting occurs. Look at the hair of many old men around you, he’s bald, but his hair on the back of the neck is still there. Hair Transplant Gone Wrong

Finally , you can understand that this method is successful by questioning this situation. Because the male hormone testosterone does not affect the hair strands in the nape area (donor area). There is no hair loss because it does not affect. The hair on the upper parts of the head is affect by the male hormone testosterone and quickly. According to this logic, the FUE method has been applied safely for years.  So , many people would get better results than in the past.

Is There Any Possibility of Shedding Some of the Implanted Hair?

The genetic coding of all hair strands is the same. Therefore, there is no such thing as some spill, some not. None of them shed and the frequency does not decrease. Unless there is an environmental factor, it stays with you for life. Long-lasting is an important advantage.

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