Is Sweating Bad After Hair Transplant

Is Sweating Bad After Hair Transplant

Is Sweating Bad After Hair Transplant Today we will discuss is sweating bad after hair transplant and removal of bandages. Bandage removal and sweating are among the areas that are considered among the things to be considered after the operation and have a direct effect on the healthy development process of the hair follicles.

Sweating After Hair Transplantation

Lactic acid, which begins to be secreted in the body with sweating, makes hair follicles dry, weak and fragile, interrupting the postoperative healing process and reducing the effectiveness of the operation.

The effectiveness of the hair transplant operation undoubtedly depends not only on the application method of the surgical technique applied during the operation, but also on the factors that need to be considered before and after the operation.


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It would be more correct to approach the sweating problem after hair transplantation from this perspective and to clarify the situation by associating it with other factors that should be considered after the operation. When viewed from this angle; It is possible to say that there is a strong relationship between postoperative sweating and sexual intercourse and sports factors.

15 Days After Hair Transplantation

Prohibition of sexual intercourse for at least 10-15 days after hair transplantation is a critical situation in terms of preventing complications due to contact and perspiration in the hair follicles. Outside; It is a point to be careful not to engage in sports activities that can be described as heavy physical activity after the operation. Of course, it is not possible to use a sharp expression to avoid sports here. Slow walking etc. Sports that do not require high effort can contribute to the recovery process after the operation.

The last point doctors should state about sweating after hair transplantation; If you have excessive sweating problem, you should get support from the physician who performs the operation to reduce the level of sweating per unit, and you should stay away from heat, cold or cold by being subjected to a program you apply to heal hair follicles as soon as possible, moisture in the postoperative period. Hair Transplant Before and After Women

Bandage Removal After Hair Transplantation

The concept of hygiene is of absolute importance in all stages of the hair transplant operation, and this is equally important at the point of removing the bandage after hair transplantation. On the second or third day after the operation, the bandage is opened after the hair transplantation and the first washing is done, and it should be noted that special lotions and shampoos are used during this washing.

The bandage is not usually reapplied after the hair has been washed. It is the possibility of delaying the healing process of hair follicles and decreasing the number of hair growth due to sweating.

When viewed in general; All points that you should pay attention to after hair transplantation are related to each other. And the main purpose of these points is this;
You will see that the healing process of the hair follicles that become sensitive after the operation is accelerated and the efficiency to be taken from the operation increases. For this reason, you should listen to the doctor’s recommendations during the operation process and you should not rely on unproven information.


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Does sweating harm hair transplantation?

You should avoid excessive sweating so that the grafts transplanted after hair transplantation are not damaged. You should avoid touching your hair within ten days after the procedure.

Exercise can cause excessive sweating. However, a hot shower or being outside on a hot day will cause you to sweat.
After hair transplantation, you should avoid heavy work and physical activities so that the head does not sweat excessively.Your blood pressure should remain in a safe area until the risk of swelling disappears.

1. Wearing a tight hat in the first week after the operation will not be the right behavior because contact with the grafts may cause friction. It is best not to touch your head during this time.
2. If the patient lives in a hot climate, it is recommended to stay indoors for the first 2-3 weeks following the procedure.

Post-Hair Transplant Sweating and Sports

After the hair transplant operation, you must follow the rules recommended by your doctor. This will ensure the healthy growth and development of your hair follicles. After hair transplantation, sweating is also a situation that prevents your hair follicles from developing in a healthy way. Of course, this is only valid for a limited time.

Doctors do not recommend that you exercise for 1-2 months after surgery. Because during sports, the blood pressure of the person increases and the heart rate increases. As a result, this increase causes the channels you have opened for the transplantation of the hair follicles to be forced and then bleeding. This bleeding prevents the attachment and development of hair follicles and damages the hair follicles. This situation we mentioned is valid for the operations you have with FUE hair transplantation. Although it is rarely applied today, the person should be more careful in the operations you will have with FUT.

Doctors do not recommend sweating for a certain period of time after hair transplantation. But it allows exercise under certain conditions. The simple exercises group includes gentle walks or stretching movements. Of course, it is worth noting that, you should definitely consult your doctor on this issue. Of course, the patient experiences you read on the internet can be useful sometimes. However, every experience differs from person to person. Therefore, consult your doctor about sweating after hair transplantation because he knows you best. Hair Transplant Day 2

After Hair Transplantation Sweating and Sexual Life

Sexual abstinence to be applied for 2 weeks after hair transplantation is another important issue that should be followed. Because the absence of sweating after hair transplantation ensures a healthy development of your hair follicles. You should stop sexuality in the first 15 days after the operation. In this way, you will prevent excessive sweating of your body and damage to your hair follicles.

Sweating After Hair Transplant May Cause Itching

After hair transplantation, sweating can damage your hair follicles transplanted in 2 ways. We explained the first with different examples above. The second is involuntary itching that comes with sweating. As you know, itching is inevitable when we experience sweating. This is one of the important problems you will encounter after hair transplantation. No matter how careful you are, the body wants to suppress the need for itching. And your hand unintentionally goes to your scalp. Thus, we discussed the issue of is sweating bad after hair transplant.