John Travolta Balding

John Travolta Balding

Who Is John Travolta?

John Travolta balding or not ? He was born on February 18, 1954. The youngest of six children is second-generation Italian-American Salvatore Travolta and Irish-American actress and singer Helen Cecilia Burke. He grew up in New Jersey, his father owned a tire repair shop, a former semi-professional American football player . As a teenager, he decided to work as a baggage handler or ticket salesman at an airport, but instead decided to follow his mother into the acting world. So when he was 16, he moved to New York to realize his dream.

John, 18 years of age when the American pulled out as a touring cast of Grease, took the stage on Broadway . He starred in several TV series. Seventy Kotterman role in the TV show Welcome Back, established him as a young American palpitations. The first major film part was in Steven King’s Carrie movie. But narcissists, wearing a white suit, disco king Tony Manero role as 1978, several months as extensive dance training received by Saturday Night Fever has caught the attention of the world audience. He also earned him an Oscar award.


A year later, when the film version of Grease’s Danny Zuko in polished leather heart-breaking women’s hearts have confirmed its status as one of Hollywood’s hottest leading actors.


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Eighties, handsome star behaved less polite, suffered a setback after it appears in a series of works that can not find the appreciation of critics career. Many felt that it was a symbol of his seventies disco and saw decreases of appeal. He was a follower of the Scientology movement over time and helped to cope with a difficult thing when he said the actor.

Quentin Tarrantino However, in 1997 he made the movie Pulp Fiction, when Wyatt Earp Michael allocated to the Madson instead bum Vinnie Vega invited to play John’s luck has changed. Cult received praise for classic and performance won him a second Oscar nomination. Suddenly he saw again flocked demand and scenarios.

Get Shorty role in Tarantino on the recommendation adopted in 1996, and earned him a Golden Globe. And Face / an FBI agent who assumed the identity of the agent in the FFL, the hacker operations in Swordfish boss and was followed a few important role, including protective mother Edna Turnblad in Hairspray in 2007.

John is one of the most eligible bachelor once in Hollywood, Brooke Shields and came out with Catherine Deneuve and even danced with a White House dinner in late Princess Diana – since that time has earned a reputation for helping to restart his career. The Experts in 1991, two years after the pair pulled together after tying the knot with actress Kelly Preston was settled. Their son Jett arrived in April 1992 and daughter Ella Bleu made his entrance after a year.

John Travolta and Baldness

John Travolta balding  has struggled for years with hair loss. He regularly wear a wig and diminishing hairline, hid magazines and other media, despite calling him.

In the early years of his career, John Travolta’s hair was loved women and men has led to imitate her luxurious tresses.Characters like Danny Zuko and Tony Manero with pompador was legendary. In the 1990s revival of long careers in Pulp Fiction, it brought a grunge rocker plain view, Travolta’s hair was one of the defining characteristics of the players. So, after you start entering a bear hug on the nature of the road it was full of hair for many years. Travolta, to hide his receding hairline often use wigs and toupee.

When did John Travolta lose his hair?

Travolta’s not a secret that for decades balding. First appeared in the 1980s showed signs of male pattern hair loss. John Travolta balding is important in this point.

Hair loss while on the hidden, intimate pictures from time to time and revealed the front hairline. John Travolta Hair

Androgenetic alopecia (Male Pattern Hair Loss)

Male pattern hair loss, also seen in John Travolta, is the most common form of hair loss today.

What is Androgenetic Alopecia?

There are many reasons for hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia (AGA); It is a common form of hair loss in men and women that occurs with the effect of androgen hormones and genetics. It is seen in about half of men and 20-25% of women. Its incidence increases especially after menopause in women. Whether your hair loss is male pattern hair loss will definitely be understood by the examination of the dermatologist. Especially in women, it is a problem that can cause disruption in the quality of life and psychological problems.

What does male pattern hair loss look like?

AGA exhibits different clinical features in women and men. Men, it is seen that the forehead-scalp line is retracted in the forehead corners and the crown region.Women, on the other hand, a partial hair loss is encountered only in the top area, without receding in the forehead-scalp line. In AGA, terminal hair gradually turns into miniature hair.

Diagnosis of Androgenetic Alopecia in Men

The most important examination in the diagnosis of disease; history and physical examination. Which can be seen with the naked eye or dermoskopl to vellus-like hairs on physical examination is helpful in diagnosis. Again, quite simply walkable pull test (pull test), but also negative again.The active phase loss during the period that the network should be considered to be positive.

However, clinical signs of androgen excess in male patients is more dull. Symptoms of androgen levels should  measure in patients who do not respond to severe and treatment. These patients should be particularly careful for congenital adrenal hyperplasia and androgen-secreting tumors.

How should male pattern hair loss treatment be?

Stopping the miniaturization process is the ideal treatment again despite the fact that to gain back the hair they have lost the patient. The treatment currently have on our hands the most realistic goal of treatment .

Biotin, vitamin B12, zinc, iron levels, thyroid function tests, hormone tests should be performed. Male type of hair loss should  correct though certainly lack. Treatment is the most important point continuity. Genetic factors is not effective 3- 6 months, regular and continuous treatment require. Treated hair lotions, oral anti-androgen, hormone drugs blocking the PRP, mesotherapy apply. Treatment individualize, everyone’s needs are different. John Travolta Hair Loss