John Travolta Hair Transplant

John Travolta Hair Transplant

Who is John Travolta?

John Travolta  hair transplant so exciting topic for many people. He was born in New Jersey and left the 16-year-old high school for acting. Vinnie Barbarino in the Welcome Back Kotter series was his role as the star, followed by the highly successful Saturday Night Fever and Grease watched movies. After a significant recession, Travolta returned to his career with Pulp Fiction in 1994, earning his second acting Oscar nomination, and went on to star in several projects such as Get Shorty, Primary Colors, Battlefield Earth, Wild Hogs, and American Crime Story.

Early period

John Joseph Travolta February 18, 1954, in Englewood, was born in New Jersey. Travolta, the youngest of six children born in an entertainment family, dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to pursue an acting career. It made its debut off-Broadway productions Rain (1972) and then joined the team as a substitute in the role of Doody in Grease on Broadway. Then, the hit 1974 musical was part of the original cast for Over Here! , Where Maxine and Patty Andrews with Marilu Henner’s involved.

Movies and TV Shows

‘Welcome Kotter’, ‘Boy in a Plastic Balloon’

In 1975, Travolta in the hit TV series Welcome Back, Vinnie Barbarino in Kotterman has gained fame for his role and was not a popular young heart. The following year, the critically acclaimed TV movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble starred. In the film, he plays the mother and actress Diana Hyland, who died of cancer when he entered into a romantic relationship and was cut short.


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‘Saturday Night Fever’

With two horror movies (The Devil’s Rain (1975) and Carrie (1976)) screen in the young actor makes his debut in a short time has gained international fame and winner of Saturday Night Fever (1977) it was. Playing Tony Manero in a white suit, Travolta won an Oscar for his bogey, hip flip role that became an enduring icon for disco nightlife and 1970s culture.

Travolta’s series and while it appears that success can not do anything wrong in the film, players saw decreases in star power with the next project. After taking the role of Lily Tomlin’s 1978 romantic drama from moment to moment, he did have another hit with the 1980 romantic drama Urban Cowboy.

But this, Sylvester Stallone and directed by including longer intended to make Manero in Saturday Night Fever, Staying continuation of Broadway (1983) miss such a range. Other modest film trips include Two of a Kind (1983), where he reunited with Newton-John, and Perfect (1985), in which he co-starred with Jamie Lee Curtis. In the late 1980s, despite Kirstie Alley’s return with a short back the Look Who’s Talking series takes place, Travolta’s dull films put his actor category.

Spouse and children

Travolta was married in 1991 to actress Kelly Preston. The couple’s first son, Jett was born on April 13, 1992, and their daughter Ella Bleu was born in 2000. Father Travolta said, “Having children is something you can’t always do. Do it. Children are like lightning. When you can, you catch lightning.” Preston passed away on 12 July 2020, after a two-year battle with breast cancer.

John Travolta’s Hair Transplant

For decades, John Travolta has been one of Hollywood’s top names. Since breaking new ground in iconic movies like Saturday Night Fever and Grease, Travolta has continued to build a diverse portfolio by experimenting with various genres.

He has starred in comedies, dramas, sci-fi, musicals, and even high-octane action movies like Face / Off. Yet, like many actors who graced the silver screen at a young age, Travolta has aged in public.


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Mainstream audiences saw him grow from the lithe young dancer to the old man he is today.John Travolta Hair

Has John Travolta had a hair transplant?

Like many men before and after, the Hollywood star is said to have invested in various plastic surgery procedures such as facelift and professional hair restoration surgery. Second, it is also an effective technique that can completely change the patient’s appearance, and Travolta is a terrific example of the power of the procedure. It is believed that John Travolta’s hair transplant surgery took place in 2016, and the alleged results lowered his age. Despite approaching his 63rd birthday, John Travolta looked younger in years. Travolta likely chose to have hair transplantation using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) instead of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

FUE is the most modern option that offers better results and less visible scarring. This discretion is absolutely crucial to a public figure: any scars or other signs of surgery will be thoroughly investigated by news sources. While it’s clear that Travolta has undergone a hair transplant surgery. It is  proud of it, there is no doubt that she has some degree of privacy.

With this in mind, what is FUE and why is it the superior option to FUT?

What is the Difference Between FUE and FUT?

Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation may sound similar, but they are actually very different.


Follicular Unit Extraction, healthy follicles from the donor area of the scalp, typically the back and on the sides (remaining unaffected) begins with the removal. These specialized committed to the care and precision latest technology specialists removed with a tool. Placed under a microscope and prepared for transfer to the recipient area after the follicle  remove. The treating physician’s scalp starts drilling and placing grafts. Then, imitating the experts.


Follicular Unit Transplantation is an older alternative to FUE. This is much less precise: instead of removing individual follicular units from the donor area are all cut from a tissue strip. The surgeon strips the scalp after extraction by dividing the meat into smaller units, ready for placement on the recipient site. Grafts’ small holes drill into this zone before it  place. Hair transplant surgery can change their appearance and can make the hairline once they have before. This leads to a better sense of confidence.

However, all men, will not hesitate to discuss with professionals, particularly hair loss. Perhaps they can keep his feelings to them because they are not sure how effective. May refrain from seeking treatment. John Travolta and other celebrities when they discuss the struggles associated with hair transplantation surgery or when he had hair loss,. It can solve baldness and perhaps empower other men look at hair transplant surgery. Travolta’s healthy hairline, clearly showing what the treatment would be so successful . It experienced hair loss in men can be inspired to take the next step.John Travolta Hair Loss