Lebron James Hair Transplant

Lebron James Hair Transplant

Who Is Lebron James?

Today we will talk about “Lebron James Hair Transplant“.

LeBron was born on December 30, 1984 in Akron County, Ohio. Vincent – St. Playing on the basketball team of Mary High School, she managed to attract the attention of the whole basketball world. Few basketball players were chosen by NBA teams without playing in the college league and achieved a successful career. Lebron James was one of those extraordinary abilities. In 2003, Lebron James was named by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the rookie season with 20.9 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists, and was named the 2003-2004 NBA Rookie of the Year. This award he won was the first of many awards he will win from now on.
Keeping his promise to the Cleveland audience and satisfying the city’s long-standing longing for championships in professional sports, LeBron James was transferred to the Los Angeles Lakers team in 2018.

Lebron James Career

In 2003, he was named number one by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA audition. Won the 2004 NBA Rookie of the Year award. LeBron James played for seven years in Cleveland from 2003 to 2010 and then played for the Miami Heat for four years before returning to his former team Cleveland in 2014. He became the NBA’s top scorer basketball player in 2008. The English football team is a shareholder. In Liverpool.


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LeBron James signed more triple bets than any other player in NBA history over the age of 35. James has proven over and over that aging doesn’t affect his performance.
LeBron James continues to write history. LeBron James, who broke Michael Jordan’s record for 10 and more points (866) in a row on 30 March 2018, has since continued to increase the record and scored 26 points against the San Antonio Spurs on 30 December 2020, that number 1,000. managed to move into the match. Since January 6, 2007, LeBron James has scored more than 10 points in 1,000 regular season games.

How Did Lebron Hair Grow?

Discussions about how LeBron, one of the NBA’s Most Valuable Players, regained his hair, has spread all over social media. There are two groups of discussion. The first group thinks Lebron James had a hair transplant. those who say they should use.

It is difficult to say exactly how the famous 36-year-old athlete struggles with hair loss, but regaining her hair is proof that Lebron James may have had hair transplant surgery, so your hair loss can be treated early enough before it becomes true baldness (a smooth and shiny appearance). you can avoid it if you have it The regrowth of LeBron’s hair is the result of an ongoing comprehensive hair loss treatment. If you are considering a surgical hair restoration procedure, we recommend that you follow a pharmaceutical hair loss program three months before any surgery. Lebron James Hair Plugs

Has Lebron James Had Hair Transplant?

Lebron James may have lost his hair as a result of years of stressful life and hard work. Hair loss is inevitable for people who often experience stress in business and private life.

Her fuller and normal hair was thinner shorter for a while. LeBron James’s hair fell out in his early 20s and began to progress towards baldness. In the past, hair was shedding from the edges, this is not clear, but male pattern hair loss was a problem for him in 2008. It became difficult for him to hide this situation, and the constant news headlines made him uncomfortable. In this case, he thought that it would be appropriate to have a hair transplant. You can choose the Lebron James hair transplant and solve your problem.

Does Your Workout Routine Affect Your Hair Loss?

Men wonder why they have hair loss when it seems like none of their friends have experienced the same thing. According to the American Hair Loss Association, the truth is that by the age of 35, two-thirds of men experience some type of hair thinning.


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How Exercise Affects Your Hair Loss

Exercise And Body Health

Physical activity combined with a balanced diet keeps your body healthy and your hair is a reflection of your health. Regular exercise prevents some of your hair loss as it improves blood flow to your scalp, according to LiveStrong. However, most men with baldness are genetically prone to hair loss, but there isn’t much exercise that you can do to affect your genes.

However, excessive exercise and lack of nutrition may cause premature hair loss. Over a long period of time, too much exercise will put your body into a chronic stress state. And this leads to a condition called telogen effluvium, which causes your hair follicles to remain dormant when they would otherwise continue to grow.

Restarting your balanced diet and exercising at an appropriate level will reverse this process. Excessive exercise and malnutrition will cause your hair to shed early.

Hair Loss And Testosterone

The culprit in men with genetic hair loss is a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. Your body converts testosterone to DHT, which shrinks hair follicles and can lead to baldness. Blocking DHT is not an option as it is necessary for your body health.

Your hair follicles will grow over three to five-year cycles, so starting a new exercise regimen a few months ago will not have any effect on the appearance of your hair today. Doctors noted that some nutritional supplements, such as those containing high levels of vitamin A, can contribute to your hair loss.

Health And Diet

Your general health is always important, but for most men, hair loss affects their lives. Remember, your health is more important than your appearance. Eating a balanced diet will not only improve your health, it will also reduce your stress and anxiety levels. It will help your skin heal after your hair transplant.Consuming beneficial foods in terms of zinc, fish oil and vitamin E will help strengthen your hair. By consuming these nutrients, your hair will be healthy and strong.

What Is Hair Transplant?

We can state that hair transplantation is the application that provides a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss. We can define your hair transplant operation as a micro surgical operation performed in a hospital. What we want to tell with micro surgical operation is to perform hair transplantation with less intervention than a normal surgery.
Hair transplant surgery is known as male pattern hair loss in medical language. It is a successful and permanent solution for male pattern hair loss patients. However, when you have various hair and scalp ailments, your doctor may recommend hair transplant surgery as a solution.

Hair Transplant Rules

  • The hair transplant procedure consists of rules that must be followed carefully. When these rules are strictly followed, it is possible to perform a better quality and hygienic hair transplant. Therefore, we should take care of who is suitable for hair transplantation and investigate every point meticulously.
  • Hair transplantation can be successfully applied to anyone who has healthy hair in sufficient number and frequency in the donor area (back and sides of the head) and who has a suitable opening in the front area.
  • The fact that the opening in the hair is too much and the area to be taken is sparse reduces the success in hair transplantation. Because there is no new hair in hair transplant treatments, existing hair locations are changed. In the treatment of hair transplantation, the age of the person and the presence of active hair loss are of great importance in planning the treatment.
  • While planning hair transplantation, young people with active hair loss should not rush to transplant hair. Hair loss in male pattern hair loss decreases towards the 40s. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to wait for the gap that will occur in advanced ages or to plan by knowing that the 2nd and 3rd sessions may be needed.
  • Treatments should be applied to these people for the protection and strengthening of existing hair instead of hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Methods

FUT Technique

It is a traditional technique in which a thin scalp is removed, generally from the lower part of the scalp downwards. Your hair follicles are then separated as a single unit under a microscope. The scalp where the strip has been removed is then stitched. Hair transplantation is more economical because the extraction phase is faster than alternative techniques. However, it leaves a significant scar that can be seen under short hair. It is not applied much nowadays.

FUT type hair transplant method is one of the modern hair transplant methods that has been applied since 1990. In this method, in which a small surgical procedure is applied, the scalp is removed from the genetically stronger donor area. A session may take 4-8 hours depending on the amount of hair follicles to be transplanted. Complete recovery of the indoor area is expected for additional sessions. FUT is more affordable due to less effort and time. It is especially recommended for people with large bald areas.

FUE Technique

It is applied by making a small circular cut of the hair follicle or a group of follicles in your skin. A puncture technique is used to remove a small open hole from your scalp. This is another traditional technique. The process is repeated until your surgeon has enough roots to cover your treatment area. The holes heal by turning into small white wounds throughout your donor area and may become uncertain depending on your surgeon’s skill. After your procedure, your scars heal faster and have less visibility than the FUT technique.

Although the history of hair transplantation is very old, the whole world started to use hair transplantation in its current form in the mid-1990s. Hair transplantation performed with the FUT technique in the 1990s was replaced by the FUE method, which developed in the early 2000s and started to spread after 2005. FUE has evolved with minor changes over the years. However, its basic principles remained the same. It is still used as the most successful hair transplant method. Did LeBron James Get Hair Transplant?

DHI Technique

It is called micro FUE procedure because it does not require your doctor to cut your skin. It is used to remove your hair one by one from the donor area with punches of 1 mm or smaller diameter. These applications should be performed by successful surgeons in their field.

With both FUT and FUE options, your roots are created in the same way, intake holes in the treatment area. Implantation is normally done by technicians, not by a surgeon. These traditional techniques depend on how many roots are taken to focus and little or no attention to follicle survival rate after implantation.

The DHI hair transplant technique is a tested and standardized method that takes the best approach at every step of the procedure to achieve natural looking results. Your scalp is not stitched, it is a painless procedure. There is no scar in the area where you have hair transplantation. Your recovery period is short and you can return to your social life the next day.

Application Of DHI Method

  •  Your grafts collected during your hair transplant operation performed with a Choi implanter pen are placed in the pen.
  • Roots are placed at a right angle to Choi’s needle and in the right direction. Then, these hair follicles are transplanted to the area where you have hair loss.
  • In the operation, 2 to 6 Choi pens and approximately 15-16 choi needles are used. The Choi pen needle can be of various sizes. The most important factor in determining this is your hair follicle and the fullness of your hair.
  •  This placement should be done very carefully. The nurses who do the placement give these hair follicles to the hair transplant specialist for transplantation.
  • Hair transplant specialists transplant the roots at the most uniform angle of 40-45 degrees. Besides the right angle, another important thing is the right direction.
  • Experts determine this direction according to the direction of your existing hair.

Disadvantages Of The DHI Method

  • The disadvantages we can mention as compared to the FUE method are:
  • To use this technique well, your doctor and staff must be successful,specialized in their field,all of them must go through a training process.
  • It can be said that it is generally a more expensive method compared to other hair transplantation methods.
  • The person who will do the transplantation should be careful and in high condition.

In our article today, we talked about ” Lebron James Hair Transplant