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Long hair transplant in Turkey

Long Hair Transplant in Turkey

Long hair transplant in Turkey with FUE has the same function as the methods used in normal hair transplantation. The only difference between the method of the long hair plantation process is no pre-condition the hair cutting or scraping off. Especially with many advantages in long hair transplantation method used in people with thinning hair also allows the person to change.

To apply this method, which is called Long Hair Transplantation with the Fue Technique in our country, which is internationally known as Long Hair Fue Tech, you should choose your physician very well. Under being different from the normal hair transplantation process more reliable and sophisticated, experienced, and must-have information. Because the imposition of this method is quite difficult, even in a limited space, better choices constitute the whole process that needs to be done.

How is Long Hair Transplantation Performed?

Popularly called the horn region, the region forming the right and left corners of the forehead hair loss. Baldness symptoms are common and widespread. These areas, which are generally referred to as the top of the hair of a man. The first regions to experience baldness. Therefore, the long hair transplantation method is used especially for people who experience sparseness in this region.


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In the thinning area, the area to be transplanted is drawn with a special pen. An average of 40 – 45 graft roots can reach the size of the thumb of a finger. After drawing, an average of 500 to 1000 grafts are taken from the hair follicles coded with the code that will not be shed for life.

The reason is that the area is unshaven, the area to be transplanted is limited. The work to be done is difficult.

After transplanting the specified areas of the person, the person can return to his normal life when the job is finished. Any scar condition will not be known and it would not be a lie if we say that nobody can understand that you have hair transplantation. Because long hair transplantation method is more difficult than other methods of cultivation and a longer operating time realized the cost is slightly higher than other methods.

What are the Advantages of Long Hair Transplantation?

  • There is no need to have your hair cut short.
  • After hair transplantation, there is no non-aesthetic head image filled with red abrasions.
  • Instantly adaptable to your social network.
  • Watching every minute of the elongation process of the hair you have cut, that is, there is no need to wait for the 1-year growth process.

It has such advantages. Of course, listing the reasons with this item would be unfair to other factors of life. As a result, many people are people who are in business life and have social lives. People who have never had a haircut with a length of zero or number three before may find it very difficult to dare to cut their hair too short. In this case, it is one of them. Those who do an unusually different process on their hair can sometimes see a reaction from their environment. Such concerns have now been eliminated thanks to long hair transplantation.

What are the Differences of Long Hair Transplantation?

Long hair transplant, an operation that is not much different from the maintenance of the plantation operations in other construction methods. Medical instruments used in all other methods are also used in this method, and the care and procedures that patients should do before and after the method are the same. The single most important difference between this transaction, the transaction can not be scraped off before the hair. Long hair is allowed to remain, just are taken and placed in the area where the hair is lost. Before the procedure, patients for a hair cut short, not felt the need to wait for long months. Can see the difference immediately. This is very important for patients dissatisfied. But of course, for exactly a healthy way to arrive in good condition and the extension of the newly placed hair grafts are needed when at least about 9 months.

What are the Disadvantages of Long Hair Transplantation?

This method of hair planting of the hair is first because little harder. Take longer than other short hair cutting method.

This method is not in the minds of patients because of the short length of the hair would bristle density is much to be done in this operation. For this reason, a decrease in the average number of grafts taken from patients. 1,000 grafts can be taken from the patient. 1000 grafts are quite a few for hair transplant operations. It can be seen therefore a prolongation of the duration of the process.

These disadvantages we have already mentioned, the plantation process are not too many disadvantages can be adversely affected. If all the methods of hair transplantation really finish  qualify . Experience  doctors in the field, it is a highly effective treatment.

Long Hair FUE hair transplantation in Turkey

FUE hair transplantation method is now recognized as one of the most prominent techniques for hair; Turkey’s best hair transplant clinic, many of our modern science offers the latest methods. Techniques of the clinical patient has reached in this area.

Turkey, a doctor due to the use of the latest technology skills and global plantation Long Hair FUE hair transplantation has become one of the leading countries in this field. Gives guaranteed results. Besides, the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey, compared with the cost of the service . The quality of the hair is much cheaper than in other countries.

Finally, if you decide to make long hair FUE hair transplant at a clinic in Turkey. Will receive at the airport and take to your hotel. Blood tests are then performed a day before the operation. All the steps of the process explain in detail to the patient, which will  inform about the hair transplant process before starting the surgery. The procedure also preced by some preparations where the patient’s hair is shaved. The clothes are changed for sterile ones.


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