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Long Hair Transplant

Long Hair Transplant

Long Hair Transplant Recently, hair transplant operations have gained great popularity. One of the reasons it is so popular is that it achieves very successful results. For this reason, many people desire to have a hair transplant. Long hair transplantation is the process of hair transfer to the balding area. Long hair transplantation includes FUT and FUE methods. the hair is taken from the donor area long and the difference is that it is done without shaving. roots should be placed in accordance with the direction of the exit. This hair operation has a preliminary procedure like other hair transplants.  With the recovery, healthy hair growth will continue with hair follicles and will provide fuller hair density.

If you do not want to have your hair shaved, long hair transplantation should definitely be for you.

Reasons of patients avoiding shaving and choosing long hair transplantation method;

Patients who do not want hair transplantation to be visible.


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Some female and male patients think that when they shave their hair it looks strange in society.

People who want to see the result quickly.

How is Long Hair Transplantation Performed?

First of all, a skilled surgeon examines the donor area. Then they draw the donor area with a special medical pen. With this technique, the hair is absolutely not shaved. The hair used as a donor on the back of the head is taken as it is and transplanted as such. Generally, if appropriate, under the nape of the neck is chosen as the donor area so as to protect the aesthetic appearance. In long hair transplantation, when the process is done, it is easier to see the result. Also, the thickness of the hair differs in patients. The operation process and post-operation procedure may differ. In the long hair transplantation technique, there are very few traces that the patient has had hair transplantation.

How much graft is transplanted on average?

In long hair transplantation, the mean number of grafts transplanted per session is between 500 and 1000. It may vary depending on the donor area.

What is the difference between long hair transplantation and normal hair transplantation?

In this process, no operation is performed on the hair with scissors or a shaving machine. At the end of the operation, the hair length remains the same. At the same time, the number of people who prefer the Long Hair Transplantation technique is increasing day by day.

Advantages of Long Hair Transplantation

As soon as the hair transplantation is completed due to the transplanted hair is long,  the clear state of the hair transplantation process is immediately seen.

At the end of the process, there are not many scars.

You do not need to change the hairstyle for any reason.

It eliminates the loss of time to lengthen your hair.

It does not affect social life as it is not necessary to scrape the hair.

After the hair transplant, the long and prominent image becomes more positive psychological feedback.

Disadvantages of Long Hair Transplantation

A highly experienced surgeon is required.

It takes more time than other hair transplant operations.

The fee is expensive compared to others because it requires a lot of attention and time.

The number of grafts transplanted per session is different.

Hair may fall out after the operation, but then the new ones take their place.

Since the hair is not shaved, the extraction and transplantation process of the hair follicles becomes a little more difficult. 4 Days After Hair Transplant

Is the Long Hair transplantation Technique Painful?

The surgeons apply local anesthesia during the long hair transplant operation. Thanks to the local anesthesia, patients do not feel any pain.

What Should Be Considered Before Hair Transplantation?

Before the procedures, a blood test must be done.

There are many things to be aware of, these are;

Before the operation, the patient should be full.

The patient should wear comfortable clothes.

Before the operation, the patient should not have used alcohol and smoking.

Things to Consider During Long Hair Transplantation

The roots of the hair must be strong.

If the roots are not healthy, doctors should give a treatment that will strengthen them.

Patients need to adhere to the care recommended by the experts

Post- Long Hair Transplantation Care

The planted skin layer scabs and hence itching occurs. To prevent this, your doctor may recommend an ointment. It is necessary to wait up to 1 month until complete recovery. Also, any blows that could damage the hair follicles should be avoided and be careful. If it receives any blow, it may prevent the roots from holding onto the other roots in a healthy way.

Patients should pay attention to the temperature otherwise it might be a problem. In addıtıon, the environment should not be very humid or very hot. The patient should not expose to direct sunlight after the operation. When these important points are followed successful results can be achieved. You should not forget to have the controls done by your surgeon.

In order for the healing step to be smooth, hair transplantation areas should not be touched. Patients should stay away from smoking and smoky environments. Smoking affects the hair follicles and slows down healing. Choose the shampoo prescribed by your doctor for hair washing and care processes. What Is Hair Transplant?

How Should be the First Hair Wash After Long Hair Transplantation?

Doctors recommend washing the hair 3-4 days after the operation. The first wash is not like the normal hair wash we know. Also, the patient must wash according to certain rules. Since the needle sites are crusted, these areas should be softened first. These crusts should not be scalded but should be softened with the help of a cream or lotion. The patient should apply lotion to cover the entire head area. This cream or lotion after is very important for the patient. The patient should not use very hot water in the shower. In addition, movements such as scrubbing, scratching should not be done. Pressurized water may damage the hair follicles. Therefore, hair should not wash with pressurized water. The more attentive the patient is, the better the long hair transplant results.