Male Hair Transplant

Male Hair Transplant

Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss, known as male hair transplant  pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia, is the transformation of hard and long terminal hairs into thin and weak vellus hairs. There are many reasons for this transformation such as stress, heredity, and hormonal disorders. Although the problem of hair loss is not related to age, hair loss in men is more common in the late ages, 40% of men face a noticeable hair loss problem until the age of 35.

Hair loss, which manifests itself with changes such as thinning of the hair on the top or opened forehead, can be treated with a personal hair transplant treatment plan that will meet the needs of the patient. The hair transplantation is the most effective aesthetic operation for permanent treatment of the hair loss problem called alopecia in men.

Hair Transplantation in Men

Male hair transplant ; Plastic surgery is one of the most sought-after subjects of numerous clinical services and also serves in this area both domestically and abroad. Of course, as there are different protocols for hair transplantation; It is an application that differs in terms of application qualities. In this respect, it would be more correct to have information about the subject and to attempt to receive service from now on.


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Nowadays, hair transplantation is preferred by men with advancing technology. Male hair transplant  can be done in the healthiest and most efficient ways, either in expert hands or with a robot. It is possible to achieve the ideal image you want and be satisfied with your image in the mirror with an expert who cares about the correct hair transplantation and its results.

Today, people attach great importance to their appearance. For this, it cares for their skin and body. The first view has become a very important business and social life. The increasing proliferation of hair loss and stress of city life has become a more common problem among people. With the advancement of medical science, this problem has been largely eliminated.

People can get rid of the baldness problem with hair transplant operations. There is no such thing as the elongation of every hair planted in hair transplantation. However, pay attention to your hair before and after surgery, and doctors if you follow the advice you get impressive results. Smoking and alcohol use required treatment for wound healing and to consume caffeinated beverages if you pay attention to the application.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed in Men?

There are basic stages common to all hair transplant methods. Collection of hair follicles, the opening of channels, and planting of roots are 3 basic stages. Your hair follicles are collect from the back of your head, between your two ears. In the classical method, hair follicles are collect by surgery, in the non-surgical method, with the help of needles, it is done without leaving a trace behind your head. While 5000 roots can be transplant in a day with the classical method, 1500 hair transplantation is perform in a day with the non-surgical method. In conclusion , Sharp sapphire blades are use in the grooving process. Hair Transplant Cost Europe

With these blades, it is even possible to determine the direction . How far the hair will be inclined by opening a channel. Also, faster recovery is seen as a result of the use of these blades. In the last step, the hair is transplant into channels open at right angles. Hair transplantation is complete with angles of approximately 40-45 degrees. Each of these stages has its own specific subtleties.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplantation is consider  the first name in the world, all countries can be say from Turkey. Transplantation in Turkey in the field of health tourism, the world dozens of countries, patients are draw to Turkey. So, hair transplantation is an operation employe since the beginning of the 1990s in Turkey. With all the professionals in Turkey during the same period of the world. The first experimental applications in the world were introduce  in the 1990s if they last as long as they use to.

Turkey’s Experience in Hair Transplantation

The planting dates implemented with the application of the people in Turkey in the world are very close to each other. This has caused Turkey to be among the most experienced countries. The experience was first said to be the keyword plantation in Turkey. The result of this experience naturally  much to finish  about the implementation of the experimental plan in the field of plantation applications in Turkey, which is more successful. The number of operations carried out each year increases and reinforces the success in this area. According to unofficial data, more than 300,000 people . Geographical opportunities Turkey and Istanbul .

Turkey’s plantation is another feature that allows tourism to emerging as an important port . Its mains that , health problems are the geographical location of the world. So , these two continents have ensured that Turkey has medical tourism in the country, connecting the geographical advantages of Istanbul, which is located between Europe and Asia.

More than 100 million visitors and visitors are here to cross into Turkey’s tourism regions every year on Istanbul airlines. World-famous tourism regions such as Bodrum, Cesme, Kusadasi, Fethiye increase their catchiness. The fact that Istanbul has been the center of the world for thousands of years . So , it has hosted many civilizations always keeps the interest of visitors to the city alive. This influx of visitors naturally creates awareness about health tourism. Hair Transplant For Long Hair In Turkey

Follow the Road to Those Who Want Turkey to Make a Hair Transplant

If you want to make a hair transplant in Turkey try to plan step by step what you should do about it .

First of all , you will enter into a research process. For this, you will usually  expect  to communicate via online channels.In this context, you can search on the internet. It will then be contact . In general, preliminary evaluation is require  about hair transplantation. The trend of the patients in this regard is that the photos are sent via Whatsapp. Then the doctor creates a  opinion looking at these photos.