Mesotherapy and PRP

Mesotherapy and PRP

Today, mesotherapy and PRP  most of both male and female people face hair loss problems. Hairdressers, the natural hair for a long time to create the illusion of volume used cosmetics. Different hair products and treatments to the top of the head to give the appearance of thicker hair apply. However, these are temporary solutions to the scalp completely ignored. Therefore, the underlying problems of hair loss is only hidden and can not be treated. Fortunately, in recent years it has experienced many innovations in the field of hair transplantation. There are many hair loss treatments available today and the most popular are Mesotherapy and PRP. Both treatments have completely changed the world of hair loss treatment.

Although these two treatments have proven to be effective, people are often confused mind when choosing one. There are pros and cons to each treatment, so we made a comparison between the PRP with mesotherapy for hair.

Hair Mesotherapy

What Is Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy, vitamins necessary for hair is applied to the treatment of mineral and amino acid mixture by injecting the scalp. This method provides an easy way with the settling of the component feeding hair and hair follicles. such as hair loss can be treated with this method, thickens the hair is thinned stops spills, allows the hair to become more vivid and bright.


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Few women are satisfied with their own hair. Today our hair the environment, particularly in the heavily polluted air and water, including frequent stress, nervous tension emerges and we are unable to get a good sleep disturbed. All this, of course, greatly affecting natural beauty.

Mesotherapy is very effective for the scalp and hair. Several problems in the fight against hair consider one of the most popular applications in modern cosmetology. This application can cope with many problems: to awaken dormant bulbs, such as to provide nutrients to the hair follicles and eliminate dandruff.

Mesotherapy is a method of hair therapy carried out by an expert. Microinjections, vitamins, and nutrients needed for healthy hair and hair growth help the implementation of specific drugs. The medical composition select the doctor depending on the existing problems. The price of this procedure fully consistent with the intend effect.

How Does Hair Mesotherapy Work?

Mesotherapy, vitamins, and drugs (finasteride and minoxidil) apply to the scalp comprising the microinjection. Other compounds are bound to each patient’s needs. These nutrients transfer directly to the hair follicles. hair growth can stimulate by ensuring good nutrition of hair. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is similar to the treatment. However, the PRP in the patient’s own blood plasma using Mesotherapy is a medical cocktail.

Is Hair Mesotherapy Effective?

This treatment is superior to other conventional drug treatments is very efficient because a small amount of a treatment drug does not cause fewer or no side effects. Six weeks later, new hair starts to regrowth of hair in the affected areas and becomes a part of their growth structure.


Hair PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) application of platelet-rich platelet name given reparative cells apply to the scalp. The patients of hair loss are intensive in terms of blood platelets obtain from its rich serum inject. The main purpose of the application is to reduce hair loss to a normal level by feeding the scalp. Better nourished hair looks thicker, healthier, and fuller than before. In addition to these, hair PRP application also apply to people who have oily and dandruff problems. Since the serum injected into the scalp obtain from the person’s own blood, there no know side effect or harm.

No anaesthesia apply during the application. After an hour-long hair PRP application, the person can return to his / her daily life and no pain felt during the application. Besides, since no incision make during the injection, there is no scar. It is a completely natural method since no foreign substance is given to the body during PRP application.

The point to be considered in hair PRP application is that it should be applied by a specialist doctor and a competent centre. It is very important to keep the blood taken from the patient in a sterile environment and to inject the serum obtained from the blood by centrifugation into the patient professionally in terms of giving positive results. PRP application a safer and easier treatment method compare to many other injection treatment methods. Since the mixture inject into the scalp obtain from the person’s own blood, there is no harm in applying it to almost everyone. However, it will be more useful to consult your doctor about this. Besides, it produces effective results for a long time.


Hair PRP application FUE hair transplantation method may apply as a supporting and reinforcing. It may accelerate the integration process of the hair follicles of the scalp after hair transplantation and hair plant to provide better nutrition. By providing the grip more tightly to the hair on the scalp of October again it reduces the likelihood of loss experience. After the hair transplantation to maximize the yield from the plantation if applied within 20 days to 15 and help the emergence of the results expected from the plantation. Besides, it common things to accelerate the healing process after hair transplantation. The effect make visible after the 3rd session.

 Does PRP or Mesotherapy give better results?

PRP and Hair Mesotherapy are two different methods of use for the treatment of hair loss. Both methods prevent hair loss and trigger regrowth. Mesotherapy, specific chemicals, amino acids, vitamins, is a treatment method based on the injection of a particular combination of nucleic acids and coenzymes to the patient’s scalp.

PRP treatment, sampling of the patient’s blood is pivoted in a centrifuged sample. Then injected back to the affected area rich plasma from the concentrated platelet. Mesotherapy about 5-8 sessions needed and PRP usually requires 7-10 treatments. Mesotherapy that requires approximately 30-minute sessions, showed differences in the length of these sessions, PRP therapy usually lasts about an hour.

PRP contains a plurality of platelets enriched plasma injection, but a number for mesotherapy is hyaluronic acid injections. Mesotherapy, PRP introduce into the middle layer of skin. The skin treate   can apply  to any layer. Whichever you choose treatment. Mesotherapy PRP can come a long way on your return to your natural hair and your confidence. Mesotherapy Side Effects 

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