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Mesotherapy Side Effects

Mesotherapy Side Effects

Mesotherapy Side Effects Very few people around the world are satisfied with their natural hair. Because our hair is negatively affected by many factors, especially our daily life. Our hair is highly damaged, especially due to weather conditions. In addition, even the quality of the water we use affects our hair.

Moreover, when we are stressed and stretched because of what we experience in daily life, our hair is negatively affected. In addition to all of these, not getting a good sleep affects our hair negatively. Of course, all these reasons, and moreover, greatly affect the natural beauty of our hair.

The first area affected by the changes in our body is the hair. We need to prevent hair problems before they occur. Because preventing hair problems from occurring is the most guaranteed measure that can be taken. Because when these kinds of problems start to arise, solutions can be quite challenging. Therefore, we must take precautions before the appearance of our hair is damaged. Or we should take precautions before we lose our hair.


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Everyone may have questions such as “how are we going to do this?” But actually, the answer is quite simple. Thanks to a realistic and useful method such as mesotherapy applied to our hair, such hair problems can be easily solved.

What Is a Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is briefly a hair therapy method. It should be done in a sterile environment by an experienced specialist. The mixture needed by the patient is prepared. This mixture is then injected into the patient’s skin. It is a treatment method applied in this way.

Your hair naturally needs vitamins and minerals. The vitamins and minerals your hair needs are easily met with this method. With this application, patients can deal with many problems. Because this method has proven itself as one of the most popular applications in modern cosmetics to combat various hair problems.

These injected micro-injections contain essential vitamins and nutrients to restore health to hair. The hair that regains its health grows in a healthier way than before. The medical mixtures to be injected into the patient are selected by the specialist doctor after the necessary examinations. These mixtures to be prepared may vary depending on the problem the patient suffers from.

Owing to this method, the components that nourish the hair follicles in the mixture easily settle into the targeted area, namely the hair. Thanks to the nourishing ingredients contained in this method, hair loss can also be treated. Moreover, thanks to this method, thinned hair strands become thicker. Finally, it makes the hair more vibrant and shiny.

What Are The Side Effects of This Method?

As with any treatment method, the patient may experience some side effects in this method. However, most people who undergo mesotherapy treatment say that they do not experience these side effects. In addition, experts in the field say that the risks of this treatment method are minimal.

Side effects of this treatment method do not last long. It should also be kept in mind that all these side effects may vary from patient to patient. Patients should not panic as a result of these side effects.

In order to prevent all these side effects, the patient should have an allergy test 24 hours before the treatment. Thanks to these tests, the patient and the doctor learn whether the patient will develop an allergic reaction to some drugs used in mesotherapy.

Here are the main side effects of mesotherapy:

  • Nausea in the patient
  • Swelling of the scalp
  • Itching
  • Redness or bruising of the scalp
  • Dark patches of skin
  • Exfoliating skin rashes
  • Small scars
  • Skin reactions such as rash
  • Infection and edema
  • Rarely bleeding on the scalp

What The Patient Should Not Do After Mesotherapy

  • Small wounds may remain due to injections after the mesotherapy procedure. The patient does not have to worry about these. These wounds will heal over time.
  • The patient should not wash his/her hair. Also, the patient should not wash their hair with cosmetic products containing various chemical substances, especially shampoo. The patient has to endure his dirty hair for 3-4 days. The patient should pay attention to this issue because if the patient washes their hair and uses shampoo, the result of the procedure may be adversely affected. In addition, the recovery time may be prolonged.
  • Staying away from sunlight for 3-4 days is important for the patient.
  • The patient should not swim in the sea or pool.
  • The patient should also not go to places such as saunas. Because steam creates moisture in your skin. This negatively affects the mesotherapy process.
  • The shower should not be taken for the first 10 hours after the procedure.
  • You should wait for the injection areas to dry thoroughly.
  • The patient should not massage the treated areas until they are fully recovered.
  • Finally, the patient should not use alcoholic beverages. Because alcohol allows vasodilation. For this reason, this alcohol consumed negatively affects the treatment.

In Which Cases Is Mesotherapy Inconvenient?

It is a proven treatment method in the field of mesotherapy. In mesotherapy, the components are given directly to the problem area by microinjection method. In this way, maximum benefit is obtained from the treatment with an uncomplicated procedure.

However, like any treatment method, mesotherapy has side effects. You have already read them above. Again, like every treatment method, mesotherapy cannot be applied to every person unconditionally. In order for mesotherapy to be applied to a person, there are features that a person must meet. Even if some people need mesotherapy treatment, this treatment method cannot be applied to these people.

These people can be listed as follows:

  • Pregnant people
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Those who have had a stroke
  • Have diabetes
  • Cancer patients
  • People at risk of having an allergic reaction
  • People with heart disease
  • Those with blood clotting problems

These people are very unlikely to receive mesotherapy treatment. Because it is very risky for these people to receive mesotherapy treatment. For this reason, people with such diseases and problems should use this treatment method.