New FUE Hair Transplant

New FUE Hair Transplant

New FUE Hair Transplant The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method is one of the wonders of modern medicine. In contrast to the former hair transplant techniques, FUE provides total satisfaction. Additionally, FUE does not leave any scars on the scalp, the way FUT does. Even though FUT was very popular in the 1990s, it has now left its place to FUE. Follicular Unit Extraction is the new favorite of patients who want hair transplant surgery. In the following paragraphs, we will explain everything about FUE and hair transplants in general. We are sure that after reading this article, you will have the most answers to your questions about FUE.

What to expect from FUE surgery

FUE surgery is very comfortable and easy on the patient’s part. The medical team numbs the patient with local anesthesia. Some patients might be uncomfortable being awake during the surgery. In these cases, they can ask for general anesthesia. After the anesthesia sets in, the surgeon and medical team start to work on the donor site. Once they have collected the necessary amount of hair follicles, they start implanting them into the recipient site.

This hair transplant method takes longer in contrast to other techniques such as FUT. The surgery can be completed in one long session or several small sessions. Since every hair follicle is individually implanted, it naturally takes longer. However, because of this technique, the outcomes are near perfect and very natural. If patients want the look FUE provides, they should not worry about the cost or the surgery period.


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Once the effects of the anesthesia have left the body, the patient is free to go home. However, they should not drive on their own. Thus, it is important to find someone who can assist them for at least one day. Anesthesia is strong medicine and can have effects even after surgery. So, it is best to keep patients company.

How to prepare for FUE surgery

Patients who decide to get a hair transplant surgery tend to do a lot of research. It is important to have information about different techniques, costs, etc. Also, education will make the process easier for the patient. Patients have to research different surgeons and decide on the best one in their area. Choosing the right doctor is very important. Patients should look for someone who is experienced in FUE and has a high satisfaction rate. Also, they should be able to openly communicate with their doctor. Telling them about insecurities, worries and expectations is important.

After deciding on the doctor, an online appointment will be arranged. During this appointment, the doctor and patient can talk about medical history, expectations, etc. After that, another appointment will be made to examine the hair type and quality of the patient. Doctors advise patients to take an allergy test and a general check-up. Those who have serious medical issues are not eligible for surgery. If everything is fine, the date of the surgery can be set.

Before surgery, patients can also arrange a few days off work to rest at home. Resting is the most important thing in the first few days after surgery. Also, they should arrange their daily routine according to the recovery period. This way, they will be ready for it.

Recovery Period

The recovery period is nearly as important as the FUE surgery itself. Now the patient is on their own and has to take care of their hair. As long as they follow the instructions of the doctor, there should not be any serious complications. We will explain the most important things to avoid.

Avoiding the sun is really important. Direct sunlight can seriously damage the fragile hair follicles. Doctors advise patients to stay inside as much as possible. Also, patients cannot wear any type of protective gear such as helmets, hats, etc. Another important thing is avoiding smoking and drinking. These can slow down the recovery period of FUE.

Of course, there is the possibility of some complications, which exist in every surgery. There can be problems because of anesthesia, infections, swelling, pain. However, these are very rare and usually do not occur if the patient takes proper care. The doctor will prescribe the necessary medication in order to prevent any possible infections. As long as the patient is careful, these problems will not appear. Do Hair Implants Fall Out? 

Shock loss

Shock loss is a problem many patients face. Even though it is completely normal, many patients get upset about it. Shock loss happens when the hair strings of the new follicles fall out. There is nothing to be worried about since the hair follicles do not fall out with them. After a few weeks, new hair strings will start to grow out of them. However, if the loss is too extreme and the follicles fall out as well, the doctor should be contacted. In this case, a further session can be arranged.

Results of Hair Transplant Surgery

The recovery period takes around a few weeks. After that, there is not much the patient has to do. The hair will start growing itself. The results will be visible after a few months. After shock loss, new hair will start to grow. According to the length of the rest of the hair, the hair should even out in approximately a year. The new hair will be as strong as the rest of the hair. Since the follicles come from the donor area, the new hair will not fall out. Once the hair has reached a certain length, patients can start styling it. They can carry on with their hair care routine. How Much Is DHI Hair Transplant?

More Information

In this article, we have explained the details about FUE hair transplant. Those who think about getting a hair transplant surgery should definitely consider the FUE technique. It is the most widely preferred technique nowadays and provides great results as long as it is performed by a professional. The doctors of our hospital are specialized in FUE. We are more than happy to help our clients throughout their journey!