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New Fue Hair Transplantation

New Fue Hair Transplantation One of the biggest problems faced by people today is hair loss. Hair loss is generally of genetic origin, but it is also seen in people due to various diseases. Hair loss causes baldness in some people. New fue hair transplantation technique, which is the most effective solution for people who want to solve baldness problems, is used. It is a popular method that comes to mind first when it comes to hair transplantation.

It is a method that will not leave any traces in patients. Many techniques and technologies  develop to prevent for this problem. The techniques applied with the developing technology also differ. Hair transplantation is the best solution among these problems. The most prefer method of hair transplantation for the patient to achieve the desire appearance is the Fue hair trasplant method. Fue Hair Transplant surgery is a type of aesthetic operation that is frequently perform as a permanent solution to baldness today.

How To Apply FUE Hair Transplant To Hair

The FUE method is a method apply with grafts take from the patient’s nape . Before the hair transplantation, it is important that the patient wears comfortable clothes. The area to be treat is clean, and chemical and cosmetic products are not use. Before starting the hair transplantation process, the area to be apply on the patient’s hair is short to 1mm. Local anesthesia is apply to the area to be apply to the hair of the patient whose hair cutting process is complete.


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Since local anesthesia is apply to the patient, no pain or ache is felt. It is among the prefer methods since the patient does not need stitches after the Fue transplant procedure. After local anesthesia, the 3-stage procedure applied in the Fue method is started. Generally, grafts are taken from the nape of the patient. The reason for taking grafts from the nape of the patient is the presence of living cells in this area. Since the hair in the nape area is insensitive to testosterone, it does not shed. It is prefer by specialist doctors because the nape area is an area that is insensitive to spillage. Is FUE Hair Transplant The Best?

In exceptional cases, if there is not enough grafts on the nape doctor can take grafts from  patient’s behind the ear or  patient’s chest area. In addition, it is important that the donor is the patient himself or herself during the hair transplant procedure. Before the hair transplantation process, it is determine how many grafts will be apply to the patient. The number of grafts to be apply depends on the patient’s baldness or thinness of hair. The grafts take from the nape of the patient are kept under certain conditions and in special fluids, otherwise the grafts will  damage and the apply procedure will inefficient. Then, a channel is open to the area where the patient will be transplant.  Finally, the grafts take place in accordance with the exit angle of the hair with special needles.

Effects After the Fue Process

The biggest advantage of the patient after the fue hair transplant procedure is that they will not feel any pain. Small scars may occur in the area where the roots are take after the procedure, but this passes in a short time. The Fue technique is use not only for hair, but also for the eyebrows, mustaches and beards of some patients with grafts take from the nape area. Since the recovery time after fue hair transplantation is short, patients prefer it more. The procedure time varies from patient to patient. The duration of the procedure is determine by the size of the area to be apply and the number of grafts. Hair design and determination of the patient’s anterior hairline are performe by specialist doctors. With the hair design determine by the specialist, the hair density is decide.

The patient needs to know the density of his hair and how the hairline will be. Determining the direction of hair follicle growth is an important point for FUE hair transplantation. FUE hair transplantation prevents baldness and provides hair growth in sparse areas. The most important step of the Fue technique is the placement of the grafts take from the nape into the open channels one by one and carefully.The treatment should done carefully by the specialist doctors to ensure a natural appearance in the hair. In order to obtain a successful result from the FUE hair transplant technique, the front line of the hair must be determine correctly. FUE Body Hair Transplant

What Should the Patient Pay Attention To After Fue Hair Transplantation?

After the fue hair transplant process, there are some important points to consider. The patient should use the shampoo recommended by the doctor and pay attention to the hair transplantation area for at least 15 days. The patient can wash his or her hair for the first time 3 days after the procedure. It is prefer to perform the first washing in the hair transplantation center where the fue hair transplant technique is apply. The pillow to be apply by the patient after the procedure should not damage the hair follicles and patient should be prefer a soft pillow.

After the procedure, with the attention of the patient, the hair will start to grow and the fue hair transplant procedure will begin to get efficient results. One session may require for some patients and 2 sessions for some patients. Hair scabs may occur after hair transplantation, but these are short-term and temporary. After 6 months of hair transplantation apply with the fue hair transplant technique, visual improvement begins to see in the hair. Generally, the patient’s hair regains a natural appearance after 1 year. The most important reason for the new fue hair transplant technique preferred by the patients is that the procedure is painless. Then the patient can continue his or her daily life comfortably.

The price to be apply in the fue hair transplant procedure varies from patient to patient. Using different grafts for each patient may cause a change in price. Before starting the FUE hair transplantation procedure, the number of grafts to be apply to the patient, the technique to use. Other factors that can be use extra should be take into consideration. Then the price should determine.