Normal hair loss can be seen in every individual. However, many people do not know about the normal limit of hair loss. Hair loss bothers both men and women. It would not be wrong to say that especially the shedding, which has become chronic and causes the hair to become very thin, is very disturbing at this point. It can even cause psychological and self-confidence problems in some people. Hair loss of a healthy individual can be seen every day. If this shedding rate is between 80 and 100 wires, it is considered normal. As a matter of fact, it would be completely wrong to say that it is absolutely normal for spills that are more than this.

It is very important to find an answer to the question of why hair fall occurs at this point. Because if you know the factors of hair loss, it will be easier to take precautions in this regard. We have researched all your questions about hair fall for you. Our content, which we have prepared by researching the opinions of dermatologists and hair specialists, contains important information. What are the causes of hair growth and loss? What should be considered in hair care and hair fall? You can find the answers to your questions such as what are the hair treatments in our content. Here are the detailed answers to these and more questions…

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair fall problem can be seen in men and women at any age. However, it is possible to say that hair loss in men is much more common due to genetic predisposition. In fact, it is observed that baldness caused by chronic hair loss is more common in male individuals. Hair fall in women develops due to different factors. You need to know that all kinds of hair loss other than normal hair loss are based on a factor. Although the stress factor draws attention in general, it is not the only reason. In addition, vitamin deficiency, anemia, mineral deficiency and similar factors are also present. In women, the factors of childbirth and menopause are also effective in hair loss. Heavy drug treatments and some skin diseases also cause hair loss in individuals.


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If you have a sudden shedding in your hair, there must be at least one of these reasons. However, only doctors who are experts in the field can determine the reason for your hair loss. For this reason, when you see hair loss, it would be better to consult a specialist and be examined immediately instead of guessing. We recommend that you take all hair loss seriously and consult a specialist, except for the hair loss experienced during seasonal changes. In normal hair loss processes, you can take into account some details and prevent it yourself. So, what precautions can be taken to stop hair loss? Again, the answer to this question is frequently sought after. Let us convey our precautionary recommendations for you immediately.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

It is difficult to find alternative solutions in advanced chronic hair fall. In such cases, you should not use the product without consulting a doctor. It will only benefit you to consult a doctor and get treatment. However, you can take some precautions yourself during normal hair fall processes. It is possible to say that women often receive support from various cosmetic products in this regard. In addition to cosmetic hair care products, there are more important details. As experts say, you can protect your hair health by paying attention to these details. So what are these measures? If you want to minimize your hair fall, it is recommended to take a look at your routine habits immediately.

Especially your habits about nutrition and hair washing are decisive in this regard. If you do not want your hair to fall out, you should pay attention to healthy and proper nutrition. Because healthy eating individuals do not have a vitamin deficiency. Therefore, hair fall due to vitamin and mineral deficiency is not observed. Again, sleep pattern and stress factor are among the things you should pay attention to. Because among the main causes of hair fall lie irregular sleep and stress factor. Regulating and controlling them will be extremely beneficial for your hair health. It is also beneficial to keep your hair clean, comb it regularly and benefit from herbal products against hair loss. You can safely consider these recommendations in all normal normal hair loss situations.

Do Hair Loss Treatments Give Results?

Do hair loss treatments give definite results? This question is especially asked by people who suffer from chronic hair loss, baldness, alopecia and similar hair problems. In cases of normal hair loss, serious treatments may not be required. However, it is absolutely necessary to be treated for advanced spills. The applications of these treatments should be done by expert dermatologists. There are basic hair treatments that are frequently used both in our country and in the world. All of these treatments are approved and definitive treatments. As a matter of fact, the results of the treatments are somewhat related to the expertise of the doctor. For this reason, it is very important that you choose the doctor you will be treated correctly and well.

There are definitely cosmetic or medical treatments for every hair problem other than normal hair loss. If we need to list them, we can say laser hair treatments together with FDA approved drug treatments, hair transplantation, hair mesotherapy and hair PRP applications. All these treatments are applied according to the patient’s condition and the doctor’s diagnosis. In other words, the hair disease affected by each treatment differs. For example, if the hair does not grow, hair mesotherapy is usually applied, while hair transplantation is applied for baldness. If you are wondering how to prevent hair loss, it is possible to say that these treatments are very useful. However, we recommend that you pay attention to the choice of doctor and clinic in this regard.

How should a doctor be chosen in hair treatments?

You may not have found a solution for hair loss despite the use of shampoo and products. In addition, if you still can’t get results for all the hair care suggestions we mentioned above, it means it’s time to see a good doctor! There are very successful doctors who practice hair treatments in our country. These doctors continue to serve in both private and public hospitals. For all hair problems other than normal hair loss, you can go by researching a good doctor. It is very important that you research doctors to ensure that treatments yield clear results. For this, you can focus on the comments of patients and how they get results from hair treatments.

Especially if you want to have hair transplantation in hair clinics, you need to be a little more meticulous. Because the hair transplant industry is a very developing and developing industry. While new hair transplantation methods continue to emerge, the number of fake clinics and doctors in the sector continues to increase. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the province of Istanbul has officially become the center of the hair transplant industry.

Be sure to research the qualification documents of clinics and doctors. Also, try to learn about the opinions and experiences of people who have had previous procedures at the clinic you will apply to. All this information will greatly help you find the most accurate address and doctor. This way, you’ll be doing your hair a favor, too. We recommend that you do not ignore the details that you need to pay attention to when choosing a doctor.

Herbal Oils Good for Hair Loss

We said that normal hair loss is seen in every individual. Although this situation is extremely normal, it is possible to say that especially women want to completely eliminate spills. Another alternative expert recommendation to eliminate hair loss is the vegetable oil options applied to the hair. Vegetable oils nourish the hair from end to end, while at the same time making it stronger and shiny. Of course, at this point, finding the right product and using it correctly is decisive. Oil options that are completely herbal and good for hair are sold in herbalists and pharmacies. Do not forget that before purchasing these oils, you should consult a specialist if possible. Because herbal products can also cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

You may be wondering which oils are good for hair fall. Let’s transfer these oils right away; olive oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, almond oil, black seed oil and rosemary oil are among the most prominent options. All of these oils correct different deficiencies of the hair. By determining your hair structure and the needs of your hair, you can take the oils and start using them. You can mix vegetable oils into your shampoos or apply them directly to your scalp.

If you take care to use it routinely, you can easily see the effects. We have provided answers to normal hair fall and all your other questions. You can also take into account the information that I have carefully included in our content. However, you should not forget that all this information is only a recommendation. At this point, we recommend that you always consult a specialist doctor to protect the health of your hair and take precautions.

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