OxyVitalis Treatment

Oxyvitalis Treatment; Our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has resulted in a breakthrough that will set a new standard in Hair Transplants. We are proud to present our breakthrough in research to increase graft vitality, graft survival rate and maximization of patient biological status for faster recovery and increased graft acceptance.

We have been conducting an internal research into the above topics since September 2018. The research was completed in August 2020. During this study 600 treatments were used as a reference. The first aspect of the research concerns an increase in graft vitality and graft survival.

During the performance of a classic hair transplant, the grafts are kept in a liquid to ensure the vitality of the grafts. The grafts are also kept at a certain temperature, which should keep the vitality stable for as long as possible.

However, weaker grafts run the risk of not surviving this process

The approach of the research on the first aspect has been twofold, namely to determine whether the administration of certain supplements can increase weaker grafts vitality and whether certain supplements can increase general graft vitality. For the study, some 30 supplements were analysed in the first phase. From these 30 supplements, two supplements have emerged that have a significant effect on graft vitality and graft survival.

Its success is mainly due to the interaction of both supplements together, which provides unprecedented results. The second aspect of the research concerns improvement of the biological condition of the patient so that graft acceptance proceeds more smoothly and the healing process gets an extra stimulus.

This aspect mainly looked at the relationship between good blood flow in the head and the effect of oxygen levels on the healing process. The following emerged from the investigation.

Unique OxyVitalis Treatment

The administration of oxygen during a specific moment of the treatment visibly improves the skin condition and blood flow of the patient. At the first check, which is one day after the treatment, we observe a healing status of the skin that is normally only visible after day 4 or 5. We can summarize the following about our unique OxyVitalis Treatment.

Thanks to the OxyVitalis treatment, we guarantee a graft survival of at least 95% (75-85% is the standard for the better clinics). The growth process of the grafts is also faster. Results previously achieved in 10 months are now achieved in 5-6 months thanks to the improvement of the overall vitality of the grafts.