Pimple After Hair Transplantation

Pimple After Hair Transplantation

The pimple after hair transplantation the process has emerged as one of the complaints that could disturb the acne patients. After hair actually, work to reach the hair follicle and the skin surface of newly sown usually occur in the form of skin pimples because bubbles can occur after shock loss. This acne can be planted both in the region where hair follicles consisting of both donors in the region.

The period after the shock spill is observed most intensely. Another observed if time period is the period of crusting that occurs after the end of the plantation operations. Hair transplantation may arise after acne can also manifest itself in the first week after such. To give a general sense of history, we can say that observed within the first 5 months of the plantation operations.

After the formation of acne usually plantation after plantation operations are seen as natural. However, the size of acne is important at this point. If you observe large and huge acne, hair transplantation operations you should notify your hair care professional. Do not move your hair transplant specialist with suggestions that will be the more accurate approach.


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Main Causes of Acne After Hair Transplantation

Acne observed after hair transplantation can be caused by many different reasons. The main reason for the formation of acne or acne-like bubbles in the area where hair transplantation is performed or in the donor area is due to the reactions of the grafts taken and newly placed during hair transplantation due to their adaptation to the surrounding tissues. Some patients are also seen as intense in some patients may not occur at all. The responses showed that the patient’s body is the most important factor in this one. We can sort out the causes of acne that occurs after plantation in the following way.

  • New hair strands begin to emerge,
  • Opening the channels opened more deeply in hair transplantation,
  • It can not  remove properly received grafts
  • The region is clean enough to hold patients after plantation.

Acne Caused by the Beginning of New Hair Strands

As we said, the first of the items we have given above is the occurrence of acne due to the emergence of new hair strands. It observes that new hair actually appears after the scabbing process after hair transplantation operations. These new hairs naturally make contact with the skin. Due to the different reactions that may occur during this contact, acne formations are observed in patients.

We note, as aftershock loss earlier this acne can mostly be observed. The reason for this is that the new hair that will grow after the shock shedding is denser. These patients were observed for the reason for acne need not be anxious in any discomfort because it is very natural acne are met.

Acne caused by the opening of the channels opened in hair transplantation too deep

One of the most important stages of hair transplantation is undoubtedly the grooving stage. The patient’s hair will open in the region will seed channels should open following grafts taken from the patient. If this golden rule not follow, acne may occur after hair transplantation. Pimple after hair transplantation opened in this channel is extremely important in terms of patient outcomes plantation. One of the requirements to have a natural look after hair transplantation has emerged as against. Is Fue Hair Transplant Safe?

Acne Caused by the Failure to Remove Correctly Grafts

In hair transplant operations, the grafts take from the donor area should take very carefully. If the grafts do not take carefully and thoughtfully if a part broke inside the donor acne formation can observe after the plantation in the area. After a period of rest because there are broken skin grafts will try to get on. Naturally, also, in this case, it can carry out acne and acne-like formation of some bubbles.

Acne caused by the patient not keeping the area clean enough after hair transplantation

After hair transplant operations, patients should pay attention to the hygiene of the hair transplant area and the donor area. These regions that not keep clean enough after hair transplantation can experience acne formation. Hair transplantation surgery after enough germs in the formation of habitable if the cleaning finish and this can also cause acne. This situation can not take into account as well as the ability to cause inflamed acne at a later stage.

Acne Treatment After Hair Transplantation

Of course, it is possible to treat acne after hair transplantation. It is very important for patients dealing with this problem to treat this acne and to overcome this process even more quickly.

Observation Phase and First Response in Acne Treatment

It is necessary to follow the development of acne during the observation phase in acne treatment. Since this process consider normal in pimple after hair transplantation , the important questions we need to ask are the size of the pimples and do they cause any pain. At this stage, following the answers to these questions, patients can make their own first intervention at home.

As the first intervention in acne treatment, we can say that warm water compress to apply to the acne. It is a method that can treat large pimples to become even smaller pimples. If this form of acne, which is slightly painful and full of pus,  encounter, a warm water compress can apply on them for first intervention without pressing too much to reduce the pimples.

Surgical Intervention in Acne Treatment

If the first intervention is not effective in acne treatment, surgical intervention require. Surgical removal of the inflammation in acne a surgical intervention to finish in this regard. If the pimples have reached large sizes, a hair transplant specialist should definitely look at them. What To Do For Pimples And Acne Scars After Hair Transplant?

Topical Treatment in Acne Treatment

Topical treatment also a frequently use method in acne treatment. A dermatological cream treatment can apply depending on the purpose of treating the acne that occurs after hair transplantation or the inflammation caused by this acne. These creams can act as an anti-inflammatory hair transplant procedure, as well as alleviate the itching effects they cause. The use of antibiotic ointments or creams recommended by the doctor in order to avoid infection is among the treatments of acne that occurs  hair transplantation operations.