Post FUE Hair Transplant Care

Post FUE hair transplant care

Post FUE hair transplant care is a highly recommended issue by our doctors. After deciding to have a hair transplant and finalizing it, the process begins. The person tries to prepare himself for the operation. In this process, the individual tries to search and find the best hair transplant center by conducting research. Whichever hair transplant center you choose, it directly affects the hair transplant operation. So research and think carefully.

There are many factors that affect the treatment from the very beginning of the treatment. Therefore, all stages of the hair transplantation process should be managed with care and diligence. We may have had a successful and good operation, but you should pay attention and care post FUE Hair Transplantation to ensure the results are at the desired level.

What Happens During This Process?

What happens post FUE hair transplant and how should care be done? In this article, we will examine what you should pay attention to after hair transplantation and what awaits you;


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  • Nutrition
  • Healing Process and Care


It is useful to consider the instructions and recommendations given by your doctor after the hair transplant. Paying attention to what you eat will help healthy growth and strengthening of new hair follicles. In this process, it is important to choose foods beneficial for hair by being cautious about nutrition. It will also support the increase of cell renewal rate after transplantation and shortening of the recovery period after the operation.

Therefore, every food you consume will definitely have an effect on the newly transplanted hair follicles. When the micro and macronutrients are not enough in our body, it is normal to have cell membrane dysfunction. Such things cause problems for the hair to return to normal life and prevent hair follicles from growing again. It may also cause hair loss after hair transplantation.

Organize a new diet list from the following foods for healthy hair follicles:

B-Complex Vitamins

Vitamins such as B7 and B12 are very important for the quality or healthy growth of hair. At the same time, these vitamins provide nutrients to the whole body. It supports the metabolism of food sources. Our doctors recommend B-Complex supplements after hair transplantation to their patients.

We can list foods rich in B vitamins as follows: chicken, red meat, banana, avocado, brown rice, nuts, and eggs.


In cases of zinc deficiency, hair thinning and hair loss appear as a serious problem. For this reason, it is very important to receive zinc support after hair transplantation.


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Zinc also; It plays an important role in the restoration of additional tissues, cell proliferation, hormonal balance and protein synthesis.

Some zinc foods: lamb, chickpeas, shrimp, whole grains, spinach, eggs and fish.


Similar to zinc deficiency, iron deficiency will cause you to lose your hair. Iron helps in strengthening the hair texture. It helps to infuse oxygen and nutrients into the scalp where hair follicles grow.

Thanks to iron, patients will get better results. Likewise, as iron strengthens the immune system, the recovery period after hair transplantation will be accelerated.

Among the foods with high iron content: spinach, beans, veal, oyster and veal liver. What Vitamins are Good for Hair Loss?

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has antioxidant properties. Helps heal damaged skin and repair wounds quickly. After the wounds in the donor and transplantation area have healed, you can use oil containing vitamin E to both soften the scalp tissue and improve its quality.

Some foods rich in vitamin E: almonds, avocados, spinach, sunflower seeds and olive oil.

Vitamin C

Acting as an antioxidant, vitamin C has a very important role in collagen production, which has a vital role in wound healing. Coping with the fight against oxidative stress, vitamin C prevents your hair from becoming gray and falling out.

We can list the foods rich in vitamin C as follows: Pepper varieties, cabbage, kiwi, broccoli, small fruits with grains and citrus fruits.

Vitamin A

It is a fact that it supports the development of all cells in the human body. Vitamin A also helps the growth of the scalp. It is also effective in the production of sebum, which moisturizes the scalp and provides a healthy texture to the hair. There is a possibility of causing hair loss, itchy and dry scalp.

Some foods rich in vitamin A: Carrots, sweet potatoes, beef liver, cabbage, spinach and pumpkin.

Healing Process and Care

Post FUE hair transplant, the care of our hair is fast and helps it grow strong. The asepsis-antisepsis rules we apply in many microsurgical procedures are also valid in this area. Hair transplant operation should be done in a sterile manner and under suitable conditions.

In the first days after transplantation, you should lie on your back as much as possible and not make any contact with the transplanted area. Our doctors will call you the day after the hair transplant to make a dressing and to remove the bandage. Subsequently, it will be sufficient to use the anti-edema medications given by your doctor for the first three days.

Small bleeding in the hair transplant area lasts for 3 days. This is a normal situation in the transplant area. To prevent inflammation, use the antibiotic course given by your doctor regularly for the first five days after the operation.6 Weeks Post Hair Transplant

Do not use alcohol during this period.

Since the antibiotic will directly enter your blood, it may cause negative results by interacting with the drugs you use. Smoking seriously affects the healing process. It will be appropriate not to smoke for at least 1 week after the operation.

It is possible to do the first washing after the first three days. Use the special care lotion and shampoo recommended by your doctor for 15 days from the third day. You should perform the washing process as instructed. With regular washing, the crusts formed after planting become soft. We would like to state that it will be poured completely at the end of the 15th day. Take care to use healthy foods. These nutrients help your hair grow healthier and faster. At the same time, harmful foods accelerate hair loss and you will lose your hair.

6 Weeks Post Hair Transplant