Post Hair Transplantation Process

Post Hair Transplantation Process

In fact, the post hair transplant process is the most challenging and exciting period for those who decide on hair transplantation and have it done. You had a hair transplant. We can guess how excited you are. Maybe you are just a few steps away from achieving the hair you’ve been dreaming of for years. After that, a patient process awaits you. Today we will talk about post hair transplantation 2 months and the next process.

Month Month Week Week Development After Hair Transplantation

Now, we will talk about the first day, which is important for hair transplantation, the first 2 months, and the 1.5-year process during which the hair transplantation process will be completed. Please do not stress as the process will be long. During this time, do not lose contact with the place where you have transplanted. Now, we begin to summarize the period after the hair transplant month by month, week by week or even day by day.

The First Days After Transplantation (1-5 Days)

After the operation, you can go to your home or hotel. Grafts have been placed. In order to put pressure on the donor area, the nape area is covered with a bandage. (The reason is that there is no bleeding in the form of leakage).  The grafts that are transplanted may first appear slightly bloody. The grafts begin to dry quickly. There is no serious pain after transplantation.


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Simple pain relief tablets will be sufficient for the occasional pain. After the operation, you can go to your home or hotel. If possible, use it with a high recline (2 pillows) while sleeping. Although rare, there may be bleeding from the receiving area in the form of leakage. It is not an important situation. For this, you will be given a mattress pad protector. Cover this over your pillow. It is for the pillow not to sink.

2nd and 7th days after hair transplantation

The bandage wrapped around the head can be removed the next day. Since we transplant with a pencil, we do the first washing the next day (1st day after hair transplantation). The places that are planted with the classical FUE technique generally prefer to wash on the 3rd or 4th day. Due to the advantages of the pen method, we do not find it right to wait 3-4 days. If possible, we recommend that you have the first wash in the place where you planted.

The most critical period after hair transplantation is the first 48 hours. In this period called epithelialization, you need to be especially careful in this process in order for the roots planted to hold. You should be very careful about situations that can cause head injuries. While sleeping, you can rub your head against the pillow without even realizing it. If there is bleeding with friction, unfortunately, the hair in that area has grown.

2-3 in hair transplantation. Day:

Swelling in the head, which we call edema, may occur from the beginning of the day. In fact, this swelling is a normal situation, but if the hair transplantation areas do not inform the patients, it can be seen as an unexpected complication and anxiety. The cause of swelling is due to the fluid and anesthesia given to the head during transplantation. In the DHI hair transplant method, there is less or no swelling due to the lack of fluid in the head. If swelling has occurred, it can continue for 4-5 days.

7th Day after Hair Transplantation and Healing Process

With daily washing, the scabs start to decrease gradually. Even after 7 days, the scabs may be completely shed. If it’s not spilled, don’t worry early. At this time, itching may occur in the transplanted and harvested areas. In unshaven hair transplantation and hair transplantation for women, the scabs can easily be camouflaged because the hair will be long. Scabs may not be visible even in the first days.

10th Day After Hair Transplantation and Healing Process

In the transplantation area, crusting occurs from the first day and after washing, these crusts disappear completely at the end of the 10th day. The recovery of the donor area is also rapid. A graft above the donor capacity should not be taken from the donor area. In addition, if a homogeneous graft is taken and worked with fine-tip punches, a very rapid recovery is expected in the donor area at the end of the 10th day.


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It is not understood that a surgical intervention was performed on the donor area unless it is looked very closely. In fact, when you meet a relative who does not know that you have had a hair transplant and who has not seen you in 10 days, they may think that you have only shaved your hair to number 3. People who have hair transplant are generally quite satisfied with their 10th day appearance. After 1 week, there is a great reduction in swelling. If there is itching, it can continue for up to 15-20 days. Post Hair Transplant Care FUE

15th Day After Hair Transplantation 20th Day

After planting 15.-20. The days when the patients called shock loss between days will not be satisfied at all begin. Although it is a normal process, they do not want to accept hair loss after hair transplantation. You can read the topic of shock shedding in more detail in our related article.
Although rarely, the pain in the transplantation and harvesting area has completely disappeared.
In 15-20 days itching has decreased or completely disappeared.

2nd – 3rd month in hair transplantation

hair transplant 2 months is very important. Because shock spill is usually completed at the end of 2 months. An unsightly situation may occur due to irregular spilling. There may also be non-shedding hair. These are scrawny and lifeless. The rash may continue. The rash may continue even after 40 days.
There may be pimples in the hair transplantation area. Pimples can mostly be seen in grafts placed deeper than normal. No intervention is required unless there is an excessive number.
60-70. can continue until the day. Also, dandruff may be 2 months post hair transplantation.
If there is an excessive amount of dandruff, it is useful to use shampoos such as Ketoral and Nizoral containing ketekenazole, to be used once a week.6 Weeks Post Hair Transplant