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Price of Hair Implants

Price of Hair Implants

Price of Hair Implants In today’s world, many people tend to care about their beauty a lot. It became the determining factor in a lot of cases. Everybody is in search of a better self. We all constantly try to look more attractive, younger, and more desirable. With this wish, beauty-related surgeries and beauty procedures became extremely common. You may see people going through surgeries to look prettier every day. It is the new normal. When talking about beauty-related procedures we may tend to imagine only plastic surgeries that women tend to use. However, hair implants are also very common all around the world nowadays. A big portion of the clients is men. A lot of men used hair implants at some point in their life. A bigger number of men are considering it for their future as well. And that number increases each day. If hair implants are so common you might not help but wonder what this treatment exactly is. The price of it is also a big question. To understand it all, we must first focus on what a hair implant is.

What is a hair implant?

Hair implantation is a procedure that is used to cover up baldness or hair loss, whether it be from a scar or old age. To make the hair match its original texture and color doctors take hair follicles from other parts of your body. They then place those in the balding area. Mostly they take these hair follicles from the armpits, chest, or back of your head. These parts are called ‘donor site’ and the balding area is called ‘recipient site’. There are different types of hair implant procedures. The most popular ones are follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Both procedures are quite similar however FUT can take more time to heal as it involves more medical surgery.

In FUT surgeon cuts a small piece of your scalp. After covering the cut, the surgeon separates the scalp stripe into tiny pieces. With the tiny pieces, we now have about 2000 fragments, some of which contain single hair each. The surgeon then proceeds to plants those on your recipient site. After that, you enter your recovery period and your hair implant is done. The process of FUE is simpler. The surgeon shaves off hair from the back of your head and takes individual follicles out of scalp skin. The surgeon then uses those follicles on your recipient site. With a faster healing process, your hair implant is done once again. Of course, most people use hair implants to cover up their heads. Still, some may prefer to use it on their eyebrows, chest hair, or eyelashes. You may get a hair implant for any part of your body and once again feel confident. With this information, you can now start searching further into what you need, like price or what to choose.


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How much is it for hair implants?

Like in any health or beauty related procedure, we always search up for the best options. We search for hospitals, doctors, clinics until we are satisfied. In most cases, the determining factor of our choice ties up to the price. Nobody wants to pay a fortune. However, when the price is too low you would suspect it. Is it safe or not? Is the pricier one better? Or are we overthinking? In this case, there is one option left to have satisfying results. To know the basic price for hair implants. If we know the common price we can understand what is good and what is not. How Many FUE Hair Transplants Can You Have?

Getting ripped off and paying too much is disappointing but so is paying too low. Some people may charge less but their work is also not what you are searching for. If their work environment is not clean or if their work is sloppy you will regret your choice. Hair implants are obviously not a mandatory operation for your health but they are also necessary for your happiness. So you should focus on making this choice a step to confidence, not one to regret.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to determine a basic price for hair implants. There are many factors that may change the price. The first, that comes to mind is the difference in procedures. According to which type of hair implant you choose the price will change as well as the recovery process. Secondly, the amount of hair that you want to implant will also change the price. Covering up a small part may be cheaper than treating the whole head. Another big game-changer is your decision on where to get a hair implant. It is not a treatment that free health care provides so in every country people need to pay for it. However, some countries are pricier compared to others. Plus, many countries such as Turkey or Korea can offer good deals for foreigners. It is not uncommon to see foreigners getting hair implants in cheaper countries after all.

So which country should you choose for hair implants?

Turkey is one of the cheapest countries that offer trustable hair implants. Turkish hospitals also offer package deals that can be a big benefit. These package deals alter the price of hair implants significantly. Most deals offer you a cheaper price for more work. Some also help if not only you but a friend also wants treatment. In most cases getting those packages earlier may also decrease the price. However, regardless of this information, price may still differ significantly.

Thus, there is no quick answer to find the price of hair implants. It is a very changeable thing according to many aspects. The procedure you choose, the amount of hair you implant, where you get it… These all change the price significantly. Before making your final decision make sure to research what sort of process you want. After that contact us to learn the price of hair implants. Hair Transplant Surgery Turkey Cost