Correct and reliable products for healthy hair have been prepared for receding hairline products. Today, there are situations that can start with hair regression and then go to shedding. In order to prevent this decline, our priority is natural products and then various production approved products. But the first thing to do is to take action after eliminating the emotional and environmental problems that cause hair to regress.

Here are the common problems

Genetic factors
Stress and depression
Cosmetic factors
Wrong eating habits
Hormonal problems
Some internal diseases and drug use
Vitamin and mineral deficiency
Birth and chemotherapy process
Natural products

In our article on products for receding hairline, first of all, care is taken to choose products that can be easily found in every person’s home. Then, natural products that come from nature and do not contain any additives are offered for your approval. Here are some of the products for receding hairline:


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Olive oil

Our hair needs vitamin E to be healthier and look good. Olive oil also contains a large amount of vitamin E. It also contains vitamins A, D and K that help hair growth. If it is applied towards the roots of the hair, it provides an effect that accelerates the blood flow. It is also the choice of those who want a shiny and self-renewing hair. For this reason, products for receding hairline are among the most important of the natural ones.

For those who want to have fuller hair, it is applied by massaging towards the hair roots 2 times a week. Then, the wrapping process is done using stretch film or a hot paper towel. After waiting for about 30-60 minutes in this way, it is rinsed and the olive oil is removed from the hair.

Argan oil

It strengthens the lifeless hair and makes it look beautiful with its vitamin E content. In addition, argan oil provides protection of the hairline by supporting the formation of new hair follicles. It is known as the most ideal oil to nourish the hair in summer. Another feature is its use as an antioxidant.

This oil, which can be applied twice a week, is applied to the hair by gently rubbing. Hair can be covered with cling film and waited for approximately 60 minutes. In order to increase the effect of Argan oil, heat can be applied carefully and without getting too close with a blow dryer. Afterwards, the hair washed with lukewarm water is expected to dry naturally.

Almond oil

Rich in minerals such as vitamin E, iron, copper, zinc and selenium, almond oil can be considered an excellent choice for our hair. In addition, it can be supported to protect the lines by making the eyelashes and eyebrows thicker. It is considered important that the taste of almond oil is not bitter in the selection of almond oil, which is effective on the increase of blood circulation speed as well as nourishing the scalp.

It is possible to use it in two ways as an application. The first of these is to get out of the bath by applying a small amount of almond oil on wet hair while taking a bath. The reason for this method, which is not recommended for oily hair, is no rinsing. As the second application management, a good massage is applied to the scalp twice a week. It is expected that the hair and scalp will absorb the oil thoroughly in a while. Afterwards, the hair is washed.

Clove cure

Clove, which is one of the products for receding hairline, also has the feature of nourishing the hair. And Clove, which shows its effect in a short time, helps the hair gain volume and protect itself.

20 cloves are put into 500 ml (approximately 2,5 water glasses) of chlorine-free water and boiled for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, the hair is washed and cleaned and massaged with water is provided. It should be noted that the hair is not rinsed.

Egg and honey

Eggs and honey both play an important role in strengthening the hair. As a result of the combination of these two products, one of the most ideal masks that prevents the regression of the hairline emerges.

After whisking an egg well, a tablespoon of honey is added into it. This mixture is fed to the roots of the hair nicely. After waiting for half an hour, the mask should be removed from the hair. The unloved part about the mask is its smell when it is applied. However, there is no such smell after washing.

Dead Nettle

For the formation of new hair, the nettle itself and its oil are used, which provides regeneration by stimulating the hair follicles. Among the products for receding hairline, it is one of the products with a high stimulating effect.

The application of the oil is by massaging the scalp and then washing it. The other method is the tea obtained with the collected nettle leaves and applied to the hair roots. After waiting for an hour on the hair, it can be washed or waited in this way if desired. It is possible that you will not see the effects of this rule, which can be applied twice a week, in a short time.

Onion Juice

Onion, which has a strong antioxidant property, has an important place among hair strengthening plants. Furthermore onions, which contains sulfur, helps to keep the health of the scalp good. In addition, onion, which contributes to the production of collagen, has been one of the products used for centuries in thin hair. It should not be surprising that it is included in the products for receding hairline.

Juice is extracted from a medium-sized onion. If you are uncomfortable with its smell, you can add strong essential oils such as coconut and lavender. Onion juice is applied to the roots of the hair by massaging. The hair can be covered with a material. This mixture, which is left on the hair for an hour, is then washed off. This method, which is normally applied twice a week, can also be applied once a week for those who are uncomfortable with its smell.

Parsley Seed

Parsley seeds mixed with various oils are considered the most ideal methods for your hair to grow, grow thicker, protect the hairline and keep it healthy. It is also known to shorten hair growth time.

One tablespoon of each, parsley seeds, olive oil, bay seed oil and black cumin are mixed. The mixture applied by massaging the scalp is left for approximately two hours. After that, the hair is thoroughly rinsed. It is recommended to apply once a week.

Aloe vera

The application of aloe vera on the skin as well as on the hair gives good results. Aloe vera, which makes your hair look brighter, lusher and healthier, is counted among the products for receding hairline. In addition, because of these features, people grow them in their homes.

After the leaf parts are cut, the gel comes out. Take this gel into a bowl using a spoon. 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey are also added to this container. After mixing the ingredients well, it is applied to the hair and waited for 30 minutes. With the mixture applied twice a week, it is aimed to renew and protect your hair.


Avocado, which moisturizes the hair and keeps it healthy with its vitamin E content, is a good product. Furthermore Avocado, which is suitable to be applied in two ways, has a wide place in products for the receding hairline.

It is ensured that one ripe avocado becomes a nice mash. Then, olive oil and banana are added by making a puree again. It is applied by massaging the scalp. Washing is carried out after 30 minutes.

Another mixture is prepared using oatmeal. Two tablespoons of wheat flakes and one mashed avocado are mixed. Again, it is applied to the hair by massaging and after waiting for about 20 minutes, it is washed off. It is possible to apply up to two times a week in two cures.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry, which shows anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and exfoliating properties, has many benefits. Thanks to this content, the scalp is cleaned and a more beautiful appearance is provided. In addition, products for receding hairline are not included in our list.

Grapes thrown into a glass of hot water are turned into a puree mixture after waiting for a while. It is then applied to the hair. After waiting for about 60 minutes, it is rinsed or it is expected to dry by itself.

It is formed as a result of mixing Indian gooseberry, which has a second use, with coconut oil. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to it. It is applied to all of the hair from the roots of the hair. Waiting for about 1 hour is sufficient and it is considered appropriate to apply it once a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, which helps to clean the scalp and balance the pH of the skin, has an important place in the products for receding hairline. Furthermore Apple cider vinegar, which is a rich source of minerals and vitamins, is applied after bathing. If it is done once a week, it is provided to look bright and healthy. It is also possible to see the effect in a short time.

Another method is the application of apple cider vinegar mixed with honey. A tablespoon of each ingredient is taken and mixed. Then, it provides a nice nourishment to the scalp with the help of massage. After waiting for about half an hour, the hair is rinsed. After applying twice a week, it can be observed that the hair renews itself.

Pine Turpentine Oil

When looking for products for receding hairline, it is important not to forget the pine turpentine oil, which makes the hair beautiful. This oil, which contains cocofan, resin acid and pyrene, nourishes your hair follicles and prevents regression. It is obtained as a result of filtering the honey in the trunks of age trees.

It is necessary to add 25 drops of pine turpentine oil, which is not applied directly to the hair, into a 200 ml shampoo. Shaking before use has an important place for the hair to be washed with this shampoo in every bath. Then, in a short time, the change in your hair becomes visible.

Cosmetic Products For Hair Stretching

Today, with the development of technology, new products are added to the products for the receding hairline. These products, which are generally developed in a laboratory environment and then tested, are offered to the market and accessed.

Sculpt and Hair

In order to brighten, thicken and protect the health of the hair, it is provided to lengthen by using a herbal extract biotechnology. In addition, it is aimed that the hair does not break from the line with the restructuring.

Dax Supergro

It is a product that contains the building blocks that many hair needs, from avocado extract to jojoba oil. It has a solid formula and acts by liquefying with body heat.

HC Complex

When we say products for receding hairline, we do not make a mistake if we say that it resembles a cocktail for our hair. Because it contains effective substances from vitamin B12 to many vegetable oil components. It is also good for many complaints.

Moroccan Oil Dry Scalpt Treatment

Especially when people with dry and sensitive hair say products for receding hairline, it is a serum that should come across. In addition, its contribution to blood circulation and cell renewal is not ignored.

Organix Biotin & Collagen Shampoo-Conditioner

This product, which we recommend to use while taking a bath, is a product that is rich in collagen and biotin, and has the capacity to nourish and structure it deeply.

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