Prosthetic Hair Fibers

Prosthetic Hair Fibers

Prosthetic Hair Fibers The most basic feature that distinguishes Prosthetic Hair from Hair applications is the use of real human hair in the production. Prosthetic hair is prepared individually. The bald area of ​​the person and his / her own hair are examined in detail. In addition, prosthetic hair is produced in the desired length and model. It is then applied to the area with hair loss. Also, this application should be done with 100% natural materials. There are some tools that are specially produced for use in this job. Prosthetic hair fibers make most people reach their dreams.

Who Is Prosthetic Hair Suitable For?

Prosthetic hair is a very comfortable, reversible and long-lasting application. It is suitable for anyone over the age of 12, regardless of male or female gender. Prosthetic hair fibers will also work.

Hair prosthesis; Regardless of the reason for hair loss, it is suitable for women, men, young and old people who have completely lost their hair or have thinning hair. Hair prosthesis can be done by people who have experienced hair loss due to genetic and environmental factors. In addition, those who experience permanent or temporary hair loss due to some medical conditions can easily use it. It can also be used for local hair loss regardless of the size and area of ​​hair loss. This is why we are stating the age limit of 12 for using prosthetic hair. In order to use prosthetic hair, the person must be able to meet their personal care needs without the need for anyone. Because Prosthetic hair fibers are an application that needs periodic maintenance after it is applied once.


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Who Is Not Suitable For Prosthetic Hair?

Prosthetic hair fibers are not applied to children under the age of 12, those with chronic skin diseases such as eczema and some types of allergies. Prosthetic hair application will be different from the natural hair of the person as a result. Also, some periodic maintenance and hygiene rules should be followed, such as using eye lenses or dental prostheses. In this context, prosthetic hair is not recommended for people of young age or advanced age, people with mental illness. In addition, it is not considered appropriate for those who need help to have their personal care.

What can be done with prosthetic hair?

Hair prosthesis does not cause any restrictions in the daily routine of the person. Whatever a person can do with his own natural hair, he can do exactly the same with prosthetic hair. In this context, with prosthetic hair; You can take a shower, swim in the sea, the pool, comb and shape the hair, and blow dry. A prosthetic hair prepared with high quality standards offers the user the comfort and ease of use of his own hair. In this way, the person does not have any concerns about the hair loss area. Since it is made on the basis of the real hair of the person, an outside eye does not notice the use of Prosthetic hair fibers.

What Are the Stages of Hair Implant Application?

Prosthetic Hair Application generally consists of two basic parts. It can be said that the first of these is the hair itself and the other is the infrastructure of the prosthetic hair. For the person to whom Prosthetic Hair will be applied, prosthesis with the same size and characteristics is produced primarily for the part called infrastructure and hair loss. Later, an air and water permeable layer is formed on an artificial leather. The hair to be used for prosthetic hair is determined in accordance with the person’s own hair characteristics. Hair at the desired standards from the hair bank is processed into the pores for prosthetic hair. The process in question is done according to the direction of the person’s hair. As a result, when the Prosthetic hair fibers is applied, an extremely natural appearance is obtained.

What are the Features of Prosthetic Hair?

Prosthetic hair produced in high quality standards has no side effects. No pain, ache or ache is felt during the application of prosthetic hair. It is possible to return with prosthetic hair. Prosthetic hair fibers does not harm one’s own hair. Thanks to the special structure and features of the prosthetic hair specially prepared for the person, the scalp gets air and there is no extra sweating. Since prosthetic hair is not a surgical procedure like some other applications, it does not pose any health risks.

Advantages of Prosthetic Hair

Prosthetic Hair is not noticed by others.

Prosthetic Hair is not noticed by others. The desired model can be applied to the Prosthetic hair fibers. You can participate in sports activities. You can easily swim in the sea and pool.

How Long Is The Life Of Prosthetic Hair?

In Prosthetic Hair Application, the life of the hair varies according to the quality and technical characteristics of the hair used. Prosthetic hair fibers, with the correct use, can even last 4-5 years. Prosthetic Hair Application offers a wide range of products with the development of technology today.

You can choose the model you want

First of all, hair is one of the most important sources of motivation in our social life, although we do not think about it much. It is one of the most important factors affecting our motivation in our daily life. For this reason, our hair is like the balance element of our emotional and psychological world. The happier healthy and bushy hair makes, the more unhappy hair loss is. Thanks to the rapidly changing and developing Science, it is now possible to produce very healthy solutions to this important social problem. Especially Prosthetic hair fibers offers a way of salvation to people who suffer from hair loss. In fact, it gives you a more lively look than your old hair.

Prosthetic hair was originally designed for people who are engaged in public professions. Later, it started to be applied to the public. Prosthetic hair fibers, brings you to the hair of your dreams.