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Prp Hair Treatment and Sessions

Prp Hair Treatment and Sessions

Prp Hair Treatment and Sessions Hair weakness, hair fragility and hair loss, which are one of today’s problems, have become a big problem for people. Because patients are afraid of hair treatment procedures. They refuse treatment methods that are a solution to this but there are treatment methods in which the patient will not feel pain for hair treatment. There are many factors that affect and weaken the hair structure.

Factors Affecting Hair Loss

For instance, the cosmetic products, patient’s genetic structure, patient’s stress and patient’s psychological problems can affect for damage to the hair of the patients, weakening of the hair structure and hair loss. Special treatments are use to the hair to restore the hair strands, to be strong and not to fall out. The most common hair treatment is the Prp method. The general definition of PRP treatment is Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP method is a treatment method use to eliminate hair weakness and hair loss. The main purpose of the method of PRP treatment is to strengthen the weak hair of the patient and to thicken the sparse hair. It is a procedure perform by taking 8-10 cc blood from the patient to treat with Prp. Blood take from the arm is use for hair treatment.

How to Apply Prp Hair Treatment

First of all, the Prp method has become a frequently preferred method by patients to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. It is a procedure use by taking advantage of the reparative feature of the cells call thrombocytes take from the patient himself. White and red cells in the blood are separate from each other. Transbocytes, the part consisting of protein and rich factors, are place in the mesodorm, which is the direct vascular nutrition layer of the hair, with the help of special injections. The use of thrombocyte cells, which are colorless and small blood cells in the human body that control the bleeding that has already exist and enable the blood to be stop and coagulate, is of great importance in this treatment method.


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Platelet cells are separate with the help of a special technology and special procedures are performe. After the platelet cells are separate, they are concentrate by centrifugation and microfiltration.

PRP treatment is maintain by putting the blood take from the patient into special tubes. Substances in the blood are decomposed within 5-10 minutes. Then, the rich part of the blood from platelets and growth factors is separate after this process. After that, prp hair treatment, which is use to strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss, as in skin applications, the blood take from the person himself or hisself must be pass through certain stages and procedures. Afterwards, the blood take and pass through certain stages is injected back to the patient and the PRP treatment takes place.

Prp Hair Treatment Processes and Sessions

The treatment session and process in the PRP hair treatment varies from person to person. A different session or process is apply for each patient. The patient’s hair problems can affect the number of sessions. In PRP treatment, where different sessions are apply to each patient. Effects such as weakness of the patient’s hair, fragility, and shedding rate vary can change number of sessions.

Then, the number of sessions to be apply for the patient is determine by the specialist doctor after the examination. Prp hair treatment is apply with mesotherapy procedure according to the needs of the patient in an average of 3-4 sessions at 2 or 4 weeks intervals.

After the prp hair treatment is complete, the treatment sessions can continue with injections 1-2 times a year. The main purpose of the regular PRP treatment sessions apply is to ensure the prevent hair loss and keep the hair strong. So, the sessions apply in PRP treatment take 30 minutes on average within 2 or 4 weeks. Generally, it takes 3-4 sessions within 3-4 months. The biggest advantage of PRP hair treatment is that it will not cause any adverse effects. Also it will not cause allergies on the patient due to the use of blood taken from the patient during the sessions. Sessions in prp hair treatment are generally more in patients with genetically excessive hair loss problems.

PRP hair treatment sessions should be determine by specialist doctors. Some patients can be need more sessions. It is important that the sessions are sufficient for the patients to get positive results. Necessary precautions should take to get efficient results in the prp hair treatment method and regular apply 1-2 times a year leads to have better results. So, prp hair treatment, hair follicles begin to repair and renew themselves. Hair gets a healthy appearance after treatment. Since the PRP treatment method is a natural method, it is a frequently prefer method among patients. It is easy to implement by doctor and does not make the patient feel pain. It is important for the patient that the patient will not feel pain during the PRP hair treatment sessions. The patient can continue his daily life after

PRP hair treatment. The patient does not need to be hospitalize after PRP hair treatment.  The PRP hair treatment is not a big operation. Therefore, this method of treatment can be performed even while the patient is standing.

What are the Prp Hair Treatment Results

As mentioned, the effects of the treatment to give positive results are related to the genetics. Hair structure of the patient. Prp hair treatment is not a hair transplant procedure, it provides strengthening, repairing. Thickening of hair with prp hair treatment.

After, this process should be applied by doctor at specified intervals in order to get good results. The prp hair treatment method can apply for hair that is shed. Weaken due to psychological, stress, genetic reasons, and regular performance of the number of sessions specified by the doctor gives positive results for the patient.

After the PRP hair treatment sessions, growth factors should be activate. It may notice that the injured area heals faster or that more hair grows than expect on the scalp within a few weeks or months after the application. Finally after the procedure, there will be a completely visible change in the appearance of the patient’s hair and the patient will be satisfied.