PRP Hair Treatment Before And After

PRP Hair Treatment Before And After

This article is about PRP. We will convey our findings of PRP Hair Treatment Before And After. PRP is the process of separating the blood with a special process and injecting it into the body after a small amount of blood is taken from the body. The plasma obtained is rich in cells called platelets. In addition, these cells, which are responsible for blood coagulation in the body, take responsibility and are effective in wound healing. This part also has a role in PRP Hair Treatment Before And After.

With PRP treatment, it is possible to heal some diseases in the body with one’s own blood.
In this treatment, the person’s own natural blood is used and cell renewal is stopped. PRP provides benefits in many diseases, from hair loss, skin rejuvenation to pain treatment. Every section of the PRP Hair Treatment Before And After topic has its benefits.

In Which Diseases Is PRP Treatment Used?

PRP treatment, in which cells called platelets play the leading role, has found use in many branches of medicine. PRP is currently used to accelerate the wound healing process in non-healing leg wounds due to diabetes and varicose veins, tendon injuries and tennis elbow. In addition, many visible changes occur in aging skin due to age and environmental factors. Wrinkles of the skin increase and sagging occurs on the skin. Of all these; The decrease in the fibers of the skin and the deterioration in its structure are responsible.


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Thanks to the PRP process, a completely natural rejuvenation is provided to the body with 3 sessions of application at 3-week intervals on average. Those who have PRP first notice improvement in the dry and matte appearance of the skin from the first sessions.

How is PRP Applied?

Let’s look at how it is implemented before the topic. PRP is a treatment method that must be applied by specialist doctors. First of all, the blood taken from the patient is placed in a special tube under suitable conditions. Afterwards, the blood is placed in a special tube with a gel. The substances in the blood in the tube placed in the centrifuge are separated within 7 minutes. The plasma part of the blood rich in growth factors is separated. This mixture is injected and the application takes place.

How does hair treatment with PRP work?

Loss of 120 strands of hair per day is quite normal. But if more than these numbers should be taken seriously. PRP provides good results in hair treatment, both in hair loss and in general. During the PRP procedure, the person’s own blood is used for the treatment. In this section, important parts that will feed the roots are separated and acted accordingly. It is also injected into the spill area slowly and carefully. This method has a high percentage of success in the type of hair loss called genetic and male type. Hair mesotherapy is applied together with PRP on hair that is exposed to such loss. This title is also important for the subject of.

Hair treatment with PRP takes about half an hour. In addition, there is no pain at the moment of PRP application. There is no scar after PRP. Also, the person entering the treatment can immediately return to their daily life after exiting. PRP Injection Hair Before And After

How long does hair treatment with PRP take?

Hair treatment with PRP is applied once every 2 weeks for a maximum of 25-30 minutes and usually lasts 4 months. Afterwards, this treatment should be applied once a year and is sufficient. The most important advantage of this method is that the special plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood and does not have an allergy risk.

Does PRP Remove Hair?

Does PRP treatment begin to grow hair for bald patients? He has this question in mind. No, it definitely does not grow hair. Other than hair transplantation, it is absolutely not possible to create hair in the balding area. The price of hair PRP treatment varies.should not have such an expectation.


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Prp treatment is a treatment method developed for hair that exists but does not grow, is weak due to dye, hair or any other reason. This is how it helps with. It has a direct effect on the thickening and strengthening of hair.

PRP method preference reasons;

It is preferred to protect the hair against loss and to make the hair look shiny. Additionally, it is used to stimulate hair growth, provide tissue repair in the hair. In addition, it is preferred to increase the healing time and quality of the scalp after hair transplantation. PRP treatment activates the hair follicles and gives vitality.

However, some scientists state that they cannot yet give definitive conclusions about how useful and permanent this application is. They state that we have a long time ahead for this process. For now, treatment is carried out within the scope of a specific research and investigation. These are included in the topic.Is PRP Effective For Hair Loss?

PRP Hair Treatment Benefits

When it comes to, it is not without mentioning PRP Hair Treatment Benefits. This method has started to be used as a form of cellular therapy. In addition, this method is a treatment application created by using people’s own blood cells. As for the benefits of PRP, it gives us positive results thanks to the keratinocyte and epithelial growth factors that the platelets in the skin areas of the person provide to this area. Thanks to this treatment method, thinning hair, that is, weakened hair, allows the hair follicles to thicken and come to our dream shape after this application.

Since only the person’s own blood is used in the PRP method, the person being treated is not affected by any disease or virus. In addition, there is no question of any allergic condition. This is the descriptions after.