PRP Injection Hair Before And After

PRP Injection Hair Before And After

Today we will talk about prp injection hair before and after. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment for hair loss is a three-stage medical hair treatment in which the patient’s blood is taken, processed and then injected into the scalp. Scientific research on PRP shows that injections of platelet-rich plasma trigger natural hair growth and increase blood flow to the hair follicle, making hair strands thicker.
PRP treatment has achieved outstanding success in wound and tissue healing since the 1980s. You can also have PRP hair treatment to control your shedding, weakened and dull hair, with PRP, you can control hair loss and increase the effects of hair transplantation.

How does hair treatment with PRP work?

100-150 hair loss per day is considered normal. If there is more than this, hair loss should be taken seriously. PRP is a successful hair treatment method.Patients have achieved very successful results in hair loss thanks to PRP.In the PRP process, the patient’s blood is taken and passed through various instruments.Here, the parts that will nourish the roots and help their development are separated. Finally, thrombocytes are added to this area.This treatment method mostly affects gene-induced hair loss.Hair mesotherapy can also be applied together with PRP in those with genetic loss.

In PRP application for hair, the patient’s first 10 cc of venous blood is taken (1/10 of a tea glass). Centrifuged blood is divided into white and red blood. Contains red blood, white blood cells, platelets, coagulation factors, PGF (Platelet growth factor). Red blood is added to the area after a number of procedures. Thus, the tissues are renewed.PRP hair application takes half an hour. There is no pain in the procedures. PRP application does not leave a trace and the person continues his normal life where he left off.


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Who is PRP injection Hair Treatment Applied to?

Men and women with hair loss or hair loss are suitable candidates for PRP Hair treatment. The treatment is applied in repeated sessions. This repetition can be applied every 2 months or 3 months for 1 year, depending on the user’s preference and need. If more intensive treatment is required, it can be applied together with hair mesotherapy. If these treatments are carried out together, there should be a period of 15 days between them. The 15-day process is due to the desire to get a successful result. Plasma Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment?

PRP is a treatment applied for thinning and shedding of hair seen as a result of androgenetic alopecia known as male pattern hair loss. The role of PRP is to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. PRP is preferred as a supportive treatment for hair transplantation operations, because of its positive effects on the rapid healing of tissues after the operation, growth and strengthening of hair.

What Should Be Considered Before PRP?

3 days ago:

Do not drink alcohol 3 days before having PRP.

If possible, quit or reduce smoking as it prolongs the recovery time of the cigarette.

You must be hungry for 8 hours before having PRP.

PRP Hair Post Care

7 days ago:

You should stop using vitamin E, vitamin A, Ginkgo (Temple tree), garlic, fish oil pills, flaxseed, fatty acid, multivitamin tablets which have blood thinning effects. You can continue to take iron medication and vitamin D.

If you are using anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory drugs such as Prp Injection Hair Before Advil, Aspirin, Voltaren, Apranax, you should reduce it before PRP and continue using After.

When using blood thinners or Plavix, Coumadin, Heparin medications, you should definitely tell your doctor before PRP.

If you have a chronic illness and need to use regular medication, do not stop before taking PRP, it is okay to continue taking medication for your chronic disease.

If you are taking propranolol medications, you can ask your doctor to change it before PRP.

You should stay away from excessive sun and high temperatures before having PRR.

What Should You Pay Attention To After PRP?

It is normal to have redness on the skin surface after PRP.

After the PRP application, the patient can go home and do not need to stay in the hospital.

After having PRP, you should not wash your hair for the first 3 hours and you should not use hair styling for the first 6 hours.

For the first three days after PRP, you should use shampoos that are compatible with your skin.

If there is swelling in the application area, you can have an ice massage.

Continue not to use blood thinners for 7 days.

Do not enter the sauna and steam room for two days after having PRP.

For the rapid recovery period, you should take care not to smoke and drink alcohol for the first 3 days.

 Are There Any Side Effects After Prp Treatment?

While applying PRP treatment, minimal swelling, bruising and pain may be observed in the application area depending on the injection procedure. We see these rare side effects in patients with sensitive skin, but PRP treatment does not cause an allergic reaction. The injection site must be kept precisely clean to minimize side effects. It is necessary not to take a bath and protect the area from the sun on the first day after PRP treatment.

Post-PRP Effects and Permanent Protection Process

It reveals its effect with a more vivid and bright skin starting from the first week.

Provides a natural and restructured skin barrier.

We discussed the issue of Prp Injection Hair Before and After.

Prp Hair Treatment Results

When looking at the results of PRP Hair treatment, it is seen that very successful results are encountered and the problem of hair loss has disappeared. The treatment is applied in 2-3 sessions with 15 days intervals. After the PRP treatment is completed, it will be beneficial to apply again once a year.

After PRP application hair treatment, after an average of 3 sessions, the hair will become thicker, hair loss will decrease and hair will begin to shine. With the completion of the treatment, the hair loss problem will be completely eliminated. Today, we examined prp injection hair before and after. You can contact us for more information. Is PRP Effective For Hair Loss?