PRP Sessions for Hair Loss

PRP Sessions for Hair Loss


PRP Sessions for Hair Loss practice reparative cells call platelets for platelet-rich scalp terms. Platelets obtain from the patient’s own blood serum-rich hair loss are injected into a busy area. The main purpose of the application is to reduce hair loss to a normal level by feeding the scalp. Better nourishe hair looks thicker, healthier, and fuller than before. In addition to these, hair PRP application also apply to people who have oily and dandruff problems. Since the serum inject into the scalp obtain from the person’s own blood, there is no known side effect or harm. No anaesthesia is applied during the application.

After an hour-long hair PRP application, the person can return to his / her daily life and no pain is felt during the application. Besides, since no incision make  during the injection, there is no scar. It is a completely natural method since no foreign substance is given to the body during PRP application. The point to consider in hair PRP application is that it should apply by a specialist doctor and a competent centre. It very important to keep the blood take from the patient in a sterile environment and to inject the serum obtained from the blood by centrifugation into the patient professionally in terms of positive results.

PRP application is a safer and easier treatment method compared to many other injection treatment methods. Since the mixture injected into the scalp is obtained from the person’s own blood, there is no harm in applying it to almost everyone. However, it will be more useful to consult your doctor about this. Besides, it produces effective results for a long time.


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How does hair treatment with PRP work?

100-150 hair loss per day consider normal. If hair loss more than that should take seriously. PRP provides successful results in the treatment of hair. Particularly patients have found to get very effective results in hair loss. PRP  take during the operation and the patient’s own blood pass through a device. Wherein the platelet name and to feed the stem portion separate inject to ensure the development of spillage. This method is particularly effective for hair loss genetic origin. Genetic hair loss in mesotherapy, which administer in conjunction with PRP.

Hair take for the application of PRP patients in the first 10 ccs of venous blood (1 / 10th of a teacup). Centrifuged blood divide into white and red blood. Red blood after being subjected to special processing inject by the method of the dilated napa. The basis of this application is that it leads to tissue regeneration. Hair treatment with PRP takes 30 minutes. No pain is felt during application. Not scar after PRP and patients can immediately resume their routine life

How is PRP applied?

PRP injections carry out specialists train in this area. The process carry out in several steps following each other. The way follow  during PRP application is as follows;

First, an amount of blood take to prepare the PRP inject into the patient by members of the health professions. The amount of blood taken is dependent on PrP where that inject. The amount of hair loss for example blood to  inject  into the scalp for about 20 millilitres.

Blood samples take under sterile conditions and place in a centrifuge tube device. The centrifuge is a very fast rotating machine that separates blood components. This process separates the platelets from other blood components easily.

Then the separated plasma component is ready for injection into the affected area. Plasma obtain by the process comprising concentrated platelets.

Imaging methods such as ultrasound use to identify areas where the injection plan, such as tendons.

After injection of the determination inject into the affect area to prepare PRP.

When the injection contains 5 to 10 times higher than normal blood platelet concentration of PRP is thought to have an effect on accelerating healing. The time until the completion of the blood collection procedure usually involves a period of half an hour.

How long does hair treatment with PRP take?

Hair treatment with PRP apply every 15 days and a maximum of 30 minutes usually takes 3-4 months. After that will be enough to apply once a year. The main advantage of this method obtain from the specific patient’s own blood and plasma carry any risk of allergies.

How many sessions is PRP treatment completed?

Arthritis or chronic tendonitis is most needed for 2-3 PRP therapy sessions to treat patients. 1-2 sessions often be enough in acute muscle injury. Age needs are an important factor determining the number of sessions needed. Because the number of stem cells in the body may need more sessions for ages, decreasing treatment.

PRP sessions usually apply at 2-week intervals. According to the needs of the average person and the disease, it plan to be 3-8 sessions. For hair loss and skin rejuvenation, it can combine with mesotherapy. After the sessions complete, the injection may continue to be 1-2 times a year.


Hair PRP application FUE hair transplantation method may apply as a supporting and reinforcing. It may accelerate the integration process of the hair follicles of the scalp after hair transplantation and hair plant to provide better nutrition. By providing the grip more tightly to the hair on the scalp of October again it reduces the likelihood of loss experience.


Hair PRP application is a long-lasting effective treatment method. But it should be known that it is not effective for life. Although it varies from person to person, it can be effective for 1 year on average. This process can also prolong depending on the person’s hair care and nutrition. It is reasonable to apply hair PRP at more frequent intervals in people with genetic hair loss. Apart from this, if it apply at 1-year intervals, its positive effects will continue exponentially.


The prices of the hairPRP sessions for hair loss vary according to the centre where the application make and the physician performing the application. In addition, the number of sessions of the application is among the main factors affecting the price. Therefore, it will be very beneficial for you to talk to your physician or the centre you have decided on, after a good research process after making the decision to apply. PRP Sessions for Hair Loss

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