Reasons and Solutions for Hair Loss caused by Diabetes

Causes of Hair Loss

Reasons and Solutions for Hair Loss caused by Diabetes Hair loss is a necessary and natural fact in general. However, if you started losing too much hair, you may need to consult an expert. The expert in this area will probably tell the common causes like stress, hormones, bad eating habits, etc. But did you know the fact that diabetes causes hair loss? Yes, it does. It doesn’t affect directly but indirectly. 

First of all, diabetes causes severe damage to your circulatory system, especially capillaries. As a result of the damage in your circulatory system, nutrients and oxygen carried by veins can not reach enough to your scalp. Thus, your scalp would be devoid of nutrients and oxygen. Due to this problem, your hair follicles start being weak. If this situation continues like this, hair production couldn’t happen.

In addition to this result of diabetes, it also affects your production of hormones, make them more uneven. Due to the imbalanced production of hormones, your hair growth cycle will start to change adversely. You start losing hair sooner or later.


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Moreover, diabetes decelerates your cell renewal. For that matter, your hair growth will be too slow, or your hair will look damaged. 

For all these reasons above, you will have insecurities about yourself. You don’t want to look in the mirror, and you lose your self-esteem. Even you can have social anxiety caused by this problem.

What if I would say that you can stop hair loss caused by diabetes? Of course, you can. To stop it, you should do the processes I will give in the text below.

First thing you can do to stop hair loss caused by diabetes…

Firstly, you have to say the problem thoroughly to your doctor. The doctor would suggest that you should manage your blood sugar level very carefully. You can achieve this by controlling your blood sugar regularly, eating healthy and nutritional, or exercising often. Although you do all these and your hair loss didn’t stop, you should inform the doctor about the situation. He comes with the second solution. The second solution is taking medications. However, you must not take pills before consulting a doctor. 

The second solution for hair loss: Consuming biotin.

If you don’t see a reduction in hair loss after medication treatment, you still have other things to do. Don’t be worried! The other solution is to consume vitamins, especially the most important for hair growth; biotin. Biotin is a water-soluble complex vitamin from the vitamin B family. It is also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7. To get biotin, you have two options: 

The first one is to take biotin pills, yet you need to be careful of intake. The suggested dosage from the U. S. Food and Drug Administration is between 30 to 100 mcg per day for the ones who is 10-year-old or older. However, it differs from person to person based on their age, sex, or blood test.


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The second one is to consume food containing biotin like eggs, nuts (walnut or almond), organ meats (liver or kidney), mushrooms, legumes, cauliflower, etc. As heat affects most of the vegetables, it also affects these. For instance, the amount of biotin in a raw walnut is 64 mcg/100g, but a roasted walnut contains 37 mcg/100g. So, if you can consume before exposing them to heat, you should prefer eating raw.

According to a study, consuming 9000 mcg biotin each day accelerates your hair growth and decreases blood sugar level in half. For that reason, biotin is both good for your diabetes and hair loss. With all these benefits, you ought to give a chance to biotin, Vitamin H. 

The other solutions without taking supplement pills

Yes, there are two other solutions without taking pills. These are; wiggs and hair transplantation.

As you know, wigs are getting more and more popular day by day. Most people use them for various reasons. One of these reasons is to cover your scalp losing hair. You can prefer real hair or synthetic hair in a wig. If we compare wearing a wig with other solutions, it is not that expensive. Of course, wigs made of synthetic hair are cheaper than the ones made of real hair. But the opportunities of the one made of original hair are hair-dying and blow-drying and looking more genuine. The other one’s benefit is not having to shape your hair. Wearing a wig is easy and pratic for everyone. However, this solution is not a permanent solution, and it would become tiring as time elapsed. Because of that, you will need a permanent solution, not a temporary one. How Long Do Hair Plugs Last?

The Miraculous Solution of Our Era: Hair Transplantation!

If you’d like to get rid of your hair loss with a permanent solution, you must try hair transplantation. It is the most preferred by those who want to get their hair back. The process of this surgery is consists of getting hair roots from an area affected by hair loss and planting them into the sparse part of the scalp. Of course, your first thought probably is how it could be possible without any pain. Thanks to our new medical technologies, it is possible to have your hair back. Those hair roots will be your own, and the benefit of hair-transplantation is your planted hair will continue to grow as healthy as your lost hair. 

Your hair would be like the old times with the FUE method!

The most popular and preferred technique is FUE, also known as follicular unit extraction. You won’t have any cicatrixes after the operation, and your hair will look as if you never lost it. However, due to all of these reasons, it may be a little more expensive than the other solutions. Yet, it is the best and most certain solution, worthing money. If you need further information, feel free to contact us!

Do not ignore hair loss!

All of those insecurities about yourself due to the hair loss caused by diabetes are surmountable, not inevitable. So, do not let hair loss ruin your own precious life. Why don’t you stand up and do something about your hair loss? You only live once, and you deserve to be happy!  Reasons and Solutions for Hair Loss caused by Diabetes

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