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Rejected Hair Transplant

Rejected Hair Transplant

Rejected Hair Transplant When you think about getting hair transplantation, you may feel really excited and happy about the idea of having new and full hair. But what happens if your head does not accept the new hairs and they start falling down? There may be several causes behind the phenomena and in this article, you will learn all about the rejected hair transplants. First of all, let’s start with what is hair transplantation?

What is hair transplantation?

Hair grows anywhere on the human skin except where our hand palms, feet, eyelids, and belly buttons are. Hair consists of the protein keratin, formed in the outer skin layer in hair follicles. With follicles developing fresh hair cells, old cells are forced out of the skin at a rate of about six centimetres annually. The hair you can see is a line of keratin cells that are completely dead. The adult head averages around 100 000 to 150 000 hair and loses 100 hairs a day; it is not usually causing concern to find a few stray hairs in your hairbrush. But if it is more than just a few strands, then you may suffer from hair loss. 

Why your head rejects the hair transplant?

A failed hair transplant is very rare, and during the consultation process, some of the reasons why a hair transplant might fail are also detectable by the doctor. A trained surgeon can easily ascertain the health of the donor’s hair and the availability of suitable follicular units in advance of any surgery. Although there are also several external considerations that can play a role in a hair transplant failure to produce the outcomes a patient is seeking during such a procedure.


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The hair transplant session itself is the single most significant consideration for evaluating the success rate of any transplant operation. Regardless of whether it is FUT, FUE or any other available method, apart from the detectable pre-existing conditions that might raise the risk of failure. The value of dealing with a trained and knowledgeable doctor who knows how to ensure a patient’s hair transplant meets or exceeds standards should be strongly underlined by this observation.

The removal and transplant of each follicular unit cause a reasonable amount of tension during the process that can lead to the loss of an individual unit. This is why it is ideal for a hair transplant specialist to work closely with a team of medical practitioners. Who are able to conduct the operation successfully while ensuring that each follicular unit is maintained. Each donor unit is therefore carefully selected by the doctor due to its intensity and vigour since this significantly raises the chance that the hair transplant will be a success. Rejected Hair Transplant

Main Reasons for Rejected Hair Transplant

The inexperience of the Surgeon

If your doctor is not experienced enough and does not have the required knowledge about the hair transplantation whether it is FUE or FUT, he will fail the operation hence rejected hair transplant. You should be really careful about your doctor and the hospital. You should search for him online beforehand to see his background. That way you can be sure about your decision on the doctor. 

Insufficient Post-Operative Care

This is one of the most important step in the hair transplantation process. If you do not take care of your newly transplanted hair, you are most likely to lose it after a while. In certain situations, due to poor hygiene conditions, severe infections can occur. The good news is that in order to inflict such irreversible harm this way, you just need to be significantly “reckless.” It is important to obtain satisfactory outcomes in any way during the post-operative cycle, following the hair washing instructions-that should be carried out softly, preventing sun exposure during the specified duration or refraining from exercises that may induce sweating. To prevent postoperative problems, follow the doctor’s directives and recommendations correctly. Call your doctor without any hesitation if you have any questions.

Further Reasons

Not Being An Ideal Candidate For Hair Transplant

Prior to the operation, it is important to receive a comprehensive medical history and information on the genetics of the patient, clarifying topics such as the surgical process as well as the post-operative stage. Your doctor will administer various examinations and special procedures during the physical review to determine indicators such as potential effects of hair loss rates, the hair loss classification, and diagnosis of hair loss. Knowing these leading variables will decide if you are a suitable choice to go through the process.

The key cause of hair loss is another factor which plays an important role in a successful/ unsuccessful hair transplant. During the medical test, the doctor will examine this condition and diagnose the cause of your hair loss. You might say, “Hair loss is hair loss, after all,” is the underlying cause for hair loss that important? You deserve to get your hair back finally. Whereas, hair loss is not necessarily irreversible. Do Hair Implants Work?

Hair Transplant Clinics

Unfortunately, as in any occupation, not all people working in the medical sector are always good and honest. As well as conducting research on the extent of expertise of the doctor, you can also conduct research in order to ascertain the reputation of hair transplant clinics. Eventually, you’re going to want to continue with an honest hair transplant doctor who isn’t after your money. A hair transplant clinic that only cares about making money off you will not assign value to your well-being, wellbeing and provide you with a satisfactory hair transplant result.


In light of these reasons, you should choose your doctor and hospital very carefully. And you should take care of your hair really good. If you have any question about the hair transplantation or you wanna get hair transplantation, you can always reach us on our WhatsApp. We offer free video consultation. Or you can visit our hospital and meet with our wonderful medical team. We would gladly help you.