Sapphire Hair

Sapphire Hair

In this article, we will talk about the details of the sapphire hair method. Hair transplantation is one of the sectors that closely follow technology due to its popularity. For this reason, it is possible to see the developments in the field of medicine directly in the hair transplantation sector. Therefore, the hair transplantation sector has a structure that constantly improves itself. There are many new ideas developed by hair transplant centers. In addition, medical device manufacturers produce new and useful ideas almost every day. The last reflection of these developments in the hair transplantation sector is sapphire hair.

What is sapphire hair?

With the developing technology, changes in hair transplant techniques are also experienced. Hair transplantation procedures have developed further compared to previous years. The importance of one of the most important elements of this development is not over. Here we will present you the special aspects of this method. 

The FUE method is known as the most advanced hair transplant technique, as a result of today’s conditions. In addition, we can say that the natural results obtained by FUE have achieved this success with the sapphire hair method. In addition, it is easier to take it a step further by using special devices with sapphire tips. One of the most important factors in the use of minerals such as sapphire in the hair transplantation sector is their harmony with the body. In addition, the sapphire hair application generally makes hair transplantation a painless experience.


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Why is This Technique Important?

This method is a channel opening technique and, like its name, it is in the form of sapphire. While non-functional tools are used in other channel opening methods, precious stones are used in this method. No damage to the metal can be found in hair transplantation with the sapphire technique. Thus, the sapphire technique is very healthy in terms of health.


In the channel opening part of the hair transplantation stage, a special sapphire tip is used. This process is the same as the channel opening method of classical hair transplantation. A special sapphire channel opening tool made of sapphire is used instead of only metal slits. Hair transplantation with a sapphire tip is not a technique in itself, but a form applied in the FUE method. We will continue to give more information about these new hair transplant methods. They open small circles in the channels that will be placed in the hairy tissue. The aim is to minimize the occurrence of crusting. Canal Opening With Sapphire

Details of the sapphire hair process

During a hair transplant, hair follicles are performed under local anesthesia. Then, the hair follicles with diameters between 0.7 and 0.8 mm are taken one by one from the hairy areas using change tools. The collected roots are placed in the channels to be opened in the FUE method. hair follicles These channels critically affect the appearance of the hair. In addition, it directly determines the issues related to the angle, direction and density of hair. For this reason, the opening of the channels is the most determining factor in the success of a hair transplant operation. 

In hair transplantation, the natural hair angle should be in the range of 45 degrees.  For more frequent hair transplantation, randomly opened hair transplantation channels will cause you problems in the future. In addition, it prevents the nutrition of the hair to a great extent.

Advantages of This Method

In this method, there is no problem with channel opening thanks to its various features. Thus, it is ensured that both the risk of trauma and tissue damage are kept at the lowest level.

More frequent sowing can be done with sapphire hair. Thus, it can be applied to patients with future hair loss.

The level of edema seen after the application will also be lower. Therefore, it becomes more comfortable for patients after the operation.

We talked about the small channels opened for hair transplantation. For this reason, postoperative tissue healing will take faster than other techniques. Also, there is a spotless and smooth bond on the skin.

Hair follicles are transplanted into channels of their own size. For this reason, it is not possible for the roots to be displaced or changed. The method, known for its success for many years, now also uses the sapphire hair technique.

Aftercare process

After sapphire hair transplantation, you should do this in a few steps while washing your hair. After the operation, you should massage the donor area and the transferred area with any moisturizing oil. These materials should be applied and kept for about 20 minutes. This process softens the operated areas and relaxes you as well. Afterward, rinse using only hot water and use special care products. It is useful to lather the shampoo on your hands. You can then carefully massage your scalp.

There are some critical points in the recovery period after sapphire hair. After the scabs have healed completely, there are some things you should do. Within the above rules, you should wash your hair every day. There are also points where you should be careful while performing these washes. During this time, you should not act on your mind.

Sapphire Hair Deals

Hair transplant prices vary according to the prices of the method you want. The sapphire hair technique is more expensive but less risky than other techniques. Because the quality tools and equipment used to make the fue sapphire hair technique expensive. Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft In Turkey

What are the differences of this technique from other techniques?

In fact, there are no big differences except for the materials used. The biggest and most useful difference is that real sapphires are used instead of metal blades.

Sapphire blades can manage to create smaller cuts. Also, these knives are the latest product of technology. It makes the procedures applied to your body during transplantation the most problem-free and scar-free.

In this article, we talked about this method, which is very special for you. We hope that the success rate in hair transplant operations will increase significantly. We can also say hello to the age of painless and painless hair transplantation operations.