Sapphire Hair

Sapphire Hair

Sapphire Hair The hair transplantation industry keeps working and researching. They are trying to find a better way with the new technologies in the industry. Besides, they are researching the increasing demand for hair transplantation.

Sapphire is a crystal. It is a derivative of naturally occurring elements in nature. It is also one of the strongest and most durable elements found on earth. Its sharp and smooth structure is special.

Sapphire hair transplantation is actually a new hair transplantation technique. Sapphire blade is common in the FUE technique to open the hair channels. The sapphire element makes valuable blades. They are practical in the opening of the channels. These precious sapphire blades are the name of the technique of opening the channels. Hair follicles will be placed in hair transplantation in these channels.


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These products are used in the channel opening section, which is the most important step of the FUE method. They became incredibly popular in a quite short time with their advantages.

With sapphire hair transplantation, there is less bleeding in hair transplantation. Also, it heals faster and gives more natural results. Technological developments in the field, greatly increase the success rate of hair transplantation treatments. It affects the healing process in hair transplantation applications. There are much more hair grafts with minimal error. In this way, the hair is thicker.

Compared to other common methods, with the sapphire hair transplantation technique,

  • Hair grows faster by 10-15%,
  • 30% denser hair grows,
  • It has a more natural appearance,
  • Faster recovery due to smaller tissue openings,
  • Less edema formation


The stages of the Sapphire hair transplant technique are exactly the same as the FUE technique. The procedure includes two parts as usual. The process begins after the planning of the hair transplant process. In the first stage, roots are taken from the nape of the head, from the under-chin beard area of the face. And from the chest or other parts of the body that are dense in terms of hair.

These roots are collected and stored under suitable conditions. They are kept until the area is ready to transplant. In the second stage of the operation, channels are opened in the bald areas.

When opening the channels, diamond-edged tips provide more precise application. Channels can be close to each other. Because of the clean cuts of these diamond bits, the channels have smoother edges. After the Doctors open channels, they carefully implant collected hair grafts into these channels. The patient is under local anesthesia during this time. Patients do not feel pain during hair removal or hair transplantation.

Before the Operation

This method is one of the highly advanced methods that surpasses all other methods. In the sapphire hair transplant technique, hair grafts are not taken as a whole from the donor area. Hair follicles are collected one by one and transplanted as a whole.

Hair transplantation operation does not take a long time. Especially since the sapphire-tipped hair transplantation technique is in use. Generally, the patient’s decision-making stage affects the hair transplantation period. After the patient decides on hair transplantation. A specialist doctor makes the first examination. The doctor can tell whether the patient is suitable for hair transplantation. They investigate the underlying causes of hair loss and whether it is due to any other cause.

These investigations are important as they will affect the process. Because to achieve the desired perfect result, everything should be in order. The hair should not continue to fall out after the sapphire hair transplant procedure. It is also very important whether the donor’s hair is healthy. Hair transplantation operation starts after investigating the problems. The problems may occur due to all these reasons and by performing all examinations. Canal Opening With Sapphire

Benefits of FUE Sapphire Hair Transplantation

Compared to other methods, Sapphire hair transplantation offers a much more sensitive transplantation process. The diamond tips greatly reduce the amount of damage during the grooving process. In addition, diamond edges allow smaller grooves. In this way, the postoperative scaling problems can be significantly reduced. Less amount of crusting means faster recovery. It means a return to daily life without feeling uncomfortable about crusts.

The biggest advantage of this hair transplant technique is thicker and denser hair transplantation than other techniques. The diamond edges offer more chances of grooving. In this way, it is possible to plant more hair grafts. Also, because the canals are smaller, the scalp heals faster. 

During the transplantation, the sapphire-tipped medical device is in use. It is a highly advanced technology for grooving. In other channeling techniques, there is a flatter metal. However, the sapphire hair transplant technique is revolutionary in hair transplantation. The sapphire tip of the medical pen causes less damage to the skin and tissue. The Process of a Hair Transplant


Compared to the classical FUE method, sapphire blades reduce the vibration that occurs when cutting the skin. The reduction of vibration helps to minimize tissue damage and traumas in the application area.

  • Sapphire blades allow denser graft implantation due to its thin structure and small incisions. Mounting 40-45 pieces per square centimeter provides a lush structure.
  • It ensures successful results even in people with severe loss.
  • It helps patients to overcome more comfortably in the postoperative period.
  • Due to the way the channels opened, the risk of grafts moving in their places after sowing or changing their vaccines is eliminated.
  • When compared with the FUE application, in terms of the equipment used and the results obtained, the Sapphire tip technique quality is higher.
  • Compared to the old generation blades with steel tips, the healing is fast and flawless. Because the sapphire tips do not lose their sharpness, causing tissue damage.
  • It enables hair transplantation in patients who are sensitive and allergic to metal.