Scalp Micropigmentation App

Scalp Micropigmentation App

Scalp Micropigmentation App The health and beauty sector, which is developing in parallel with scientific and technological advances, can now offer solutions to many ailments with new treatment methods. This progress, which contributes to the improvement of health services covering different areas, has also been at the forefront of the development of diagnoses and treatments for hair loss. In our article, which we have prepared as a result of research, we will tell you about ‘hair simulation’, which is one of these innovations. Hair simulation, also called by different names such as hair pigmentation, hair tattoo or micropigmentation, is the process of giving a coloring agent to the scalp using a special device, tip and micro needles.

It Is Not A Surgical Method

Scalp Micropigmentation App In this method, a rotating device use that shoots at a constant depth. True hair roots imitate by micro-pigments processed into the superficial part of the epidermis. An attempt is made to create an image of a hair follicle on the scalp. The goal is to minimize the color difference between the hair and scalp and prevent it from appearing lighter. Micropigmentation (microblading) is a temporary image-based manipulation technique.

Its persistence is an average of 3 to 4 years, depending on the skin structure of the person. Dyes processe into the scalp completely remove from the body at the end of this period. Micro-pigmentation cannot do with tattoo pigments, because the needles use in the tattoo process apply to the deeper part of the skin. If it is done with a tattoo, there is a distribution of pigments between the layers of the skin, even leaving dark spots. However, permanent dyes use in the tattoo process change color over time. Black colors can turn into Yesil and blue. This condition distorts the appearance of natural hair.


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For this reason, hair simulation application uses paint that is primarily natural. Easier absorption of this dye by the body prevents the pigments from changing color in the future. Over time, the colors will fade more naturally and disappear completely from the body. It is possible to perform hair simulation application with 2 different ways of use. Although the application of the two uses is the same, the purposes of the two are different from each other. The first of these is the process of micro pigmentation, in which the hair completely shave. Another can call a shading technique for long-haired people.

Micro Pigmentation Process In Which Hair Is Completely Shaved

Scalp Micropigmentation App This method perform to mimic real hair roots. In order to create this simulation, the hair needs to be completely shaved. Small pigment dots are 2-dimensional, while our real hair strands are 3-dimensional. After the hair completely shave, the 2-dimensional pigment dots process into the scalp create a whole, giving the person a ‘newly scraped’ hair image. In order to get the most benefit from the hair simulation process; for those with serious hair loss problems, for those who experience regional hair loss such as alopecia areata, and for people who experience widespread hair loss, this application is performed by completely shaving their hair.

Micro Pigmentation Process In Which Hair Is Held Long

Scalp Micropigmentation App This hair simulation application, in which hair do without shaving, usually perform for women who have some thinning and thinning of the hair from the top to the sides, or for those who want to cover small gaps or small scars that are not very obvious on the scalp. In this method, the goal is to camouflage dilute areas or spaces so that they are compatible with the current hair color. Hair Simulation

 Who Can Hair Simulation Be Applied To?

Alopecia Universalis, a condition of loss of all scalp and body hair, and alopecia totalis, in which all hair on the scalp falls out, Alopecia areata, which causes hair loss in patches, people who experience hair loss problems, For those who want to cover the scars cause by hair transplants performed with the FUT technique, which also sharpene as the classic strip method,  Those who experience Minimal hair loss or thinning hair can do it.

For those who want to camouflage hair burns or head wounds caused by external trauma, People who don’t want to get their hair cut, but have a rarity in their hair, For people where hair loss very advance and an efficient result cannot obtaine with a hair transplant procedure.

Advantages Of Hair Simulation

Since hair simulation is not a surgical practice, the recovery time after the procedure is fast, but the risk of infection is also less. With this procedure, the person can get a look like scraped on the hair for 2 to 4 days. With hair simulation, the prominence of scars on the scalp can be reduced scars or similar defects can be hidden. Since it is a temporary process, the person can regain their former appearance when the period of use of micro pigmentation is over.


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Disadvantages Of Hair Simulation

A person always has to use the same hairstyle. Laser application require to change or erase the style. Hair simulation does not offer a permanent solution like a hair transplant procedure. Application also use pigments will remove within 3 to 5 years. In order to delay the fading of colors, the person should always protecte from the sun’s rays and apply a high-factor Ranger cream. Because the appearance will deteriorate, the hair should always keep short and scrape every day or 2 days. Because the colors will fade over time, the person should repeat this process at intervals. As a result of repeat sessions, spots can form on the scalp. Hair Stem Micro Transplant

After Your Last Treatment, İt İs İmportant For: 

Avoid swimming, saunas and steam rooms for 28 days after finishing. Keep away from the sun for 28 days after treatment. Then, use SPF 30-50 sunscreen. Avoid heavy exercise for five days after the last treatment. After the fourth day of your last treatment, start regularly moisturizing the treated area (this also applies between treatments). Does Hair Simulation Look Natural? Absolutely, yes. The hair front line is special for each client. It adapt to their style, choices, age, skin type, hue and situations of wanting to change. A wide variety of types of natural hair front line designs can create. (Such as sharp, Soft, Strong, less intense, more intense.) Scalp Micropigmentation App