Shampoo, Serum & Vitamin Package chosen with care

Good aftercare products are of great value to achieve the best possible result. Our aftercare packages consists of three products, all of which have an important function for strong and healthy hair. The shampoo we use has an ideal PH value and is completely Paraben Free. This supports the health of the scalp and has minimal stress on the hair so that it can be used daily.

The serum consisting of ingredients such as Procapil which has been proven to be effective in supporting hair growth can be seen as an external nutrient for healthy hair and contributes to the healthy development of transplanted grafts. The first three months after the hair transplant are a period during which the grafts become fully embedded and the transplanted grafts start producing hairs that start to come through.

Extra support through the use of a serum and intake of vitamins during this phase is actually a must and has proven its effectiveness time and time again. The vitamins are an internal hair nutrient consisting of vitamins that are known to be of value for healthy hair. In recent years, we have studied more than 50 different aftercare packages for our patients and, according to our findings, compiled a package that scores highest on all our criteria.