Shampoos After Hair Transplant

Shampoos After Hair Transplant

Drugs and Shampoos Used After Hair Transplantation

Shampoos After Hair Transplant After the hair transplant operation, there are many points that the patient should focus on in line with the physician’s recommendations, and each of these points is critical to obtain the maximum effect from hair transplantation. Medicines and shampoos used after hair transplantation also create an area that requires attention and attention after the operation. Considering the sensitivity of the operation area and possible wounds in the area, it is possible to see the effect of the correct and effective shampoo selection on the healing process of hair transplantation. Shampoos after hair transplant are so important for hair health.

Hair transplant and shampoo

The selection of the appropriate product and its application can significantly affect the healing process after hair transplantation. After the operation, many wounds occur on the scalp. The body now has to heal them, and the follicles start to work only slowly.

After the hair transplant, the wrong shampoo not only prevents healing, but also causes unwanted side effects. Therefore, it is important to be careful.


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Hair Transplant: Which shampoo to use

Shampoos after hair transplant is a daily occurrence for most people to use and should not be condemned in principle. However, after the plantation must continue to use your usual shampoo.

Physicians recommend you wait 48 hours after the procedure, even if you scalp, your hair, and your remaining hair roots will still be very sensitive. However, no problem for most healthy hair products on the market (but still should be avoided) is filled with chemicals. On the other hand new and still deserves a little more attention and care your hair is sensitive, so a complete success of treatment. These factors play an important role when choosing the best shampoo .

If you are looking for a shampoo that you can use after hair smooth, you must first contact the clinic. Usually, they give you and are available in a variety of suggestions. I would recommend a particular product or clinic, or at least it shows you what factors play an important role. Probably the most important post-plantation is the lack of shampoo sometimes in perfumes and other aggressive substances. Good Hair Transplant In Turkey

Other factors to be considered after hair transplantation

Do not forget crusting and scabbing operation could be in the region after such an operation. However, this also means washing hair for the destination can offer real advantages here. Precision can attack the hair follicles, you should work with your hands to remove the shell or shells. After shampoo, hair transplantation, as well as other things, the shell of the gently corrected, and serves to faster healing of wounds as a result of it. Use a mild hair shampoo can support the healing process and can even strengthen in a targeted manner.

Which Shampoo Should Be Used After Hair Transplantation?

For hair follicles that become very sensitive after hair transplantation and under the influence of many critical factors, the most important points are undoubtedly the shampoos and drugs use after hair transplantation. At this point, the common part of physician recommendations; Chemical shampoos should not be used in order to prevent any damage to the hair follicles for the first 2 weeks, and classic daily shampoos will continue to  use  in the future. Looking at all this, “Which shampoo should be used after hair transplantation?” It is possible to see how critical the points that will occur around the answer to the question are. To get full efficiency from the operation.

If we want to list the general characteristics of the products included in the scope of shampoos used after hair transplantation;


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The first feature to be sought within the scope of shampoo use after hair transplantation; Shampoos after hair transplant should have a structure that facilitates the attachment of hair follicles to the scalp. As stated in the previous paragraphs, the use of a product that has a triggering effect to keep the hair follicles that become very sensitive after the operation will contribute to the effectiveness of the operation.

The second feature among the shampoos used after hair transplantation; Shampoo should have a healing and moisturizing effect on the skin. Choosing shampoo after hair transplantation is very important, especially to shorten the healing process. When viewed from this angle; It is clearly seen that every activity perform after the operation will affect the success level of the operation. FUE Hair Transplant Reviews Turkey

Shampoo Should Be Used After Hair Transplantation

Which shampoo should use after hair transplantation? The last point to state about the features sought in the question is; Shampoo should be able to prevent microorganisms that may occur as a result of the operation on the scalp. Looking at the listed features, it is necessary to evaluate many different aspects in the decision-making process regarding the shampoo that should be used after the operation and as a result of these evaluations, it is necessary to make a decision in line with the company’s recommendations. specialist physicians.

After your hair transplant, you should prepare yourself for the first hair loss – this is perfectly normal. However, to prevent further thinning of the transplanted area, an important part of your postoperative care should include following a comprehensive hair loss treatment program.

This will help protect the hair around the transplant, so the male pattern baldness that causes your surgery will not continue to affect other parts of the upper part of your scalp. In those who are prone to this hereditary condition, not inhibiting DHT, which binds to hair follicles. It causes genetic hair loss, may cause hair loss around the transplanted hair.

How Many Days After Hair Transplantation Is Normal Washing Done?

If “How many days after hair transplantation, normal washing finish ?” If you are wondering; Following the 3rd or 4th day following the hair transplantation, the first washing will be performed in the hair transplantation center.

In terms of the best shampoo to use after your surgery, this is entirely up to the surgeon, so we recommend you follow their advice. You can usually shampoo your hair the day after surgery, and it may be beneficial, although it is not necessary to use an antiseptic shampoo such as Betadine. In general, frequent shampooing to keep the area as sterile as possible will help prevent infection while your scalp heals.