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Short Hair After Transplant

We will share information about Short Hair After Transplant with you in this article. And our wish is to tell you everything about this topic. Hair loss experienced by many people affects people in such a way as to damage their self-confidence. Because hair determines how people look.For example, people with hair loss look older than others. It cannot be said that they look very aesthetically, either. The solution to such problems is, as you guessed, hair transplantation. And by achieving its goal in a very short time, it has come a long way in restoring hair to people?

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting the roots taken from the neck of people who have complaints about their hair to the target area. The roots to be transplanted in hair transplantation are selected among healthy roots. People who experience negative results in their hair due to hair loss can apply it. In other words, the person who will undergo a hair transplant procedure will have hair. We will also touch on Short Hair After Transplant

Hair transplantation is a method used in hair loss and baldness problems. Thanks to hair transplantation, there will be no more hair loss in spilled areas. With hair transplantation, people reach stronger and healthier hair within 6 months. Hair transplant operation is a medical operation performed in the operating room environment. In addition, should never be left in hair transplantation. The slightest mistake made during the operation can cause huge negative consequences. You cannot turn the negative results back to positive. Also, corrections are usually not guaranteed. The subject of Short Hair After Transplant is also of particular importance.


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Who is suitable for hair transplantation?

There is no gender discrimination in hair transplantation. It can be applied to anyone who has hair loss and similar problems. If there is no obstacle in the tests performed before hair transplantation, it can be done immediately.

Oncology patients who want to have hair transplantation should wait. Their priority should be ending cancer treatments. The patient cannot have a hair transplant procedure while receiving cancer treatment. Also, the subject of Short Hair After Transplant should be examined here.

Care should be taken when applying hair transplantation to diabetics. As you know, channels are opened into the skin during the operation. And bleeding that may occur when hair follicle is taken from the donor area can be a risk factor. We will talk about Short Hair After Transplant soon. 

Hair transplantation is not applied to people who are allergic to the substances used during hair transplantation. At the same time, hair transplantation may not be applied due to insufficient donor area. If there are no healthy roots that can be transplanted in the parts of the patient’s body, the procedure cannot be performed. Because hair transplantation is a procedure that can only be done from one’s own body hair.

Are There Things To Be Done Before Hair Transplantation?

There are some things to do before hair transplantation. For example, sports activities should be suspended 1 week before the procedure. Sports activities thin the blood. Thus, it accelerates the blood flow. As a result, the risk of bleeding during hair transplantation increases. Therefore, sports should be suspended before hair transplantation.

It is also useful for the patient to cut her/his hair for the Short Hair After Transplant subject.

Likewise, sexual intercourse should be interrupted for the same reasons. In summary, activities that will make the person sweat should be abandoned 1 week before hair transplantation. In addition, blood thinners should not be used within this period. It will also be good to quit smoking and alcohol before the hair transplantation process. This will speed up the process. 

Tests should not be skipped before hair transplantation. The blood tests your doctor will order are very important. The suitability of this process for you will be measured. 

 How Is Hair Transplantation Applied?

Before the hair transplantation, an examination is performed with the patient. In this meeting, the patient’s hair analysis is performed. The subject of Short Hair After Transplant is important here. As a result, the patient is eligible for surgery. 

During hair transplantation, the patient’s front hairline is drawn first. Then the necessary calculations are made. After these calculations, local anesthesia is started. Afterwards, grafts are started to be taken. Grafts are taken and arranged in a plane. Later, insufficient grafts are eliminated. Short Hair After Transplant is important here.

What is the Importance of the Front Hairline in Hair Transplantation?

Small mistakes during the operation can cause big problems. One of the most important issues is the front hairline. The front hairline is a factor that affects a person’s facial expression. This line should be determined properly. It is one of the most critical points of the operation. Therefore, it is necessary to work with a specialist physician. Determining the frontal hairline is not an easy task. Short Hair After Transplant can also work here.

What Happens After Hair Transplantation?

This operation takes almost a day for the patient. After the process is completed, bandages are placed in the necessary places. The next day, the patient comes back to the hair transplant center. And dressing. After the dressing, the dressing process is repeated. The patient just rests that day. “Short Hair After Transplant” can be good in this process. Short Hair After Transplant can be good in this process.

What Should Be Considered After Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a process that requires high concentration. In addition, a lot of effort is given to the success of this process. And the post-operative attitude is very important in order not to waste these efforts. 

The rules to be observed are as follows:

The patient should not skip dressing days after hair transplantation. In the first days, he should be very careful about the risk of infection. He should not smoke and drink alcohol. He must use his medication in a timely and complete manner. Short Hair After Transplant can be good in this process. 

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