Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Results

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Results Today, almost half of the people suffer from hair loss. This problem affects people regardless of age and gender. Many people try to solve this problem by using hair growth products. However, those products may not work for some people, or they are not enough. If hair loss has come to a certain point, the person may lose his/her hope. Lots of people have problems in their daily lives as they do not look the way they want to. It can affect their work performance and relationship negatively. Thanks to the developments in technology and medicine, today, there is hope for those people. Anyone can get a hair transplant considering their needs.

Who can get a Hair Transplant?

Basically, anyone can get a hair transplant as long as they have enough hair to transplant. However, we recommend you to comply with some certain criteria before getting a hair transplant. Firstly, the person who will have a hair transplant needs to be at least 25 years old. The reason for that is, before that age, the hair loss may not be complete. So, after the transplantation, your hair may continue to fall out, making another transplantation necessary.

As stated above, you need to have enough hair to transplant to have a hair transplant. Generally, the specialists harvest the follicles from the back of the scalp. If you do not have enough hair there, follicles can be taken from some other parts of the body. Those parts include chest, back and genital area.


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Lastly, you should not have unrealistic expectations. Of course, hair transplants make you have natural-looking hair. But still, it is just a surgical operation. Having unrealistic expectations can lead you to get disappointed when you see the results. During the consultation process, you can ask your specialist what you should expect from the procedure. Also, looking at some before and after photos can give you some hints about the results that you should expect as well.

Hair Transplant Techniques

So, if you have decided to have a hair transplant, you should know about the techniques. There are two main techniques that specialists use commonly today. These are the FUE and FUT techniques. The basics do not change from technique to technique. However, the method of harvesting follicles changes. In the FUE technique, the specialists harvest the follicles one by one with a punch tool. This method enables them to transplant the follicles evenly in the balded and thinning areas. However, as the follicles are transplanted one by one, the procedure may take up to 8 hours. Sometimes, the specialists have to split the procedure into a few sessions as it will take too long. But in the end, you will see, it is worth it. The FUE technique is the most successful technique. Also, many people prefer it as it involves no incisions and heals quickly.

The second technique is the FUT technique. It is also a successful technique. However, people do not prefer it, because, during the procedure, the specialist has to make an incision. To harvest the follicles, the specialists cut a strip of skin from the donor area, rather than taking them directly from the scalp. Then they extract the follicles from this strip and transplant them into the recipient area. Due to the incision, it leaves a scar when it heals. However, it has some advantages. As the follicles are not transplanted individually, the specialists can transplant more than one hair at once. So, the procedure ends quicker than the FUE procedure. What Is Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant?

What is Stem Cell Hair Transplant?

Stem cell hair transplant is a new technique for hair transplants. Although it resembles the other transplantation techniques, its basics are different. During a stem cell hair transplant procedure, rather than transplanting hair follicles, the specialists inject stem cells into the recipient area.

Stem cells are the special cells in our body, that can evolve into the other types of cells. They help the growth and healing of the tissues. So, when injected to a balded area, they are likely to renew the lost hair follicles.

At the beginning of the procedure, the specialists have to numb the area by applying a local anaesthetic. Then, they take a small piece of tissue, from which they extract the stem cells. However, as the technique is still in the development process, it is not possible to say that it is as successful as the other techniques. Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Price

Recovery from a Stem Cell Hair Transplant

A stem cell hair transplant does not necessitate a long healing period. However, you should still be careful about the injected area. After the procedure, you can go home, there is no need to stay in the hospital. You may not be able to drive though, due to the anaesthetic. So, you should arrange for someone to take you from the hospital. You should not put your body under stress by exercising or doing heavy house chores. Also, you should take care of your general health. You should sleep enough at night, stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet.

Side Effects of a Stem Cell Hair Transplant

As the technique is still in development, it is not possible to tell all the side effects. However, like all other procedures, a stem cell hair transplant may cause some bleeding, infections and redness. Some allergic reactions may also occur due to the anaesthetic. There is a small risk of damaging the nerves on the site where the tissue is taken from. But there is no need to be afraid. The specialists will handle all the issues professionally. You should just contact your specialist when you notice a side effect.

Price of a Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Hair transplant costs change from hospital to hospital, from region to region. There are also other issues that affect the total cost. So, to find out about our prices, you can contact us now. You can also discuss it during the consultation, and ask for financing plans if necessary.