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Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Price

Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Price

Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Price The perception that there are no treatment options for hair loss problems has started to change with many hair transplantation techniques, and this perception has almost ended with stem cell hair transplantation treatment. Regardless of whether women or men, young or old, any patient who suffers from hair loss can easily choose this type of treatment, both the prevention of hair loss is supported and new hair strands can grow in areas where loss is experienced, by strengthening existing conditions.

Although there are dozens of hair transplant techniques, it is the most promising method for today’s hair loss problems. With this technique, also known as stem cell hair cloning, those who have had stem cell hair transplantation shed light on other patients with their positive comments. Hair stem cell therapy is the only technique with the most positive comments in terms of comments.

What is Stem Cell Hair Transplant?

Undoubtedly, stem cell hair transplantation is the most promising method for patients struggling with hair loss problems. The absence of surgery is one of the reasons for preference. Each of the stem cells are cells that naturally exist in the human body and can transform into many cell types, which are called precursors. The root parts of the hair also contain stem cells. Hair stem cells may be severely damaged due to baldness and thus become passive. Hair stem cells that can be obtained from oils are injected into the scalp using the injection method. Thus, they can be stimulated so that the damaged hair follicles can be repaired and new hair growth can be achieved.


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The reason for using fats as a source in stem cell cultivation is that it is one of the tissues in the human body where stem cells are the most common. If we give a short example; There are thousand times more stem cells in adipose tissue than bone marrow tissues. There is no need for external chemicals for the application of stem cell therapy. This reinforces the reliability of the method. Healthy fats are used from the areas where the patient has the most fat (such as abdomen – hip – belly, etc.). These oils are subjected to special processes and the stem cells are separated. Stem cell hair transplant treatment can be used both in cases of baldness and in areas where hair loss – hair follicles are weak.

How Does Stem Cell Hair Transplant Work?

How is Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Performed?

To remove stem cells, a mini-scale liposuction procedure is applied first. With liposuction, sufficient amount of fat is taken from the areas where the patient’s adipose tissues are excessive. Of course, how much fat will be taken will be determined and calculated during the preliminary examination. The first place where fat is taken is in the abdomen. Generally, the first area of ​​fat in men or women is the abdominal region. If there is no fat in the abdominal area, it is directed to other areas. If we continue to tell about the abdomen; Excess fat tissue taken from abdominal areas is subjected to various processes and stem cells are separated from each other.

Stem cells separated from fatty tissues offer effects that activate hair follicles, activate growth and trigger hair volume and density. Since there are no surgical steps, a stem cell has many positive returns by those who have hair transplantation. Time is required to extract stem cells from the adipose tissues. Tissues are sent to the special laboratory and stem cells are asked to be removed.

Approximately one month is required for this. If there is such a laboratory in the clinic or hospital where hair transplantation will be performed, it will take less time. Fat tissues can also be taken from the scalp. If it is taken from the scalp, the back of the ear is removed from the area. For this, local anaesthesia is given to the patient first. It is sufficient to remove 3 tissues with a diameter of approximately 2.5 mm. All transactions can be terminated within one session.

What Is Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant?

Can it be applied to everyone?

In general, if the reason for hair loss is not due to an infection, which is a very rare situation, it can be applied to everyone, men and women, and even it can be applied to hair that is exposed to cosmetic application, paint or hairdressing procedures only for support purposes. Because these applications disrupt the circulation of the hair follicle, causing it to become lifeless and lose its shine. In particular, the results of hair transplantation may not be as satisfying for women as for men. Therefore, it is a treatment method that is often used in women.

When Is Hair Treatment With Root Applied?

The main purpose of hair treated with stem cells, to prevent the loss of existing hair, strengthen hair, is to ensure the emergence of new hair by nourishing hair follicles. If your hair is seriously shed, the correct procedure will be the application of PRP with hair transplantation.

Stem Cell Supported Hair Transplant Prices

Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Price This application supports the hair is costly and the yield per plantation applications than only for one type of application is to increases. However, the cost of holding a second hair health plan for the patient would be more sensible to consider a verdict. It is also not possible to talk about a clear price for single and stem cell-assisted organic plantations. Price on application makes the physician, the physician’s experience and skills, varies according to the number of hair roots to the ground and planted the seed was made. In addition to these, there are many other factors that affect the price.

Therefore, it would be more logical to consult and consult with the physician for the price. Patients should be very careful when choosing a physician. Stem cell therapy has been implemented fully and see the location of the plantation will be made will be very useful.

The hair stem cells obtained are applied with the injection technique. The number of sessions varies according to the hygienic area and the degree of hair loss and baldness. For more than one session, an appointment is made every 15 days and generally, three sessions are sufficient. It is injected into the scalp under local anesthesia. One month may be enough for the effects of stem cells to be observed. Stem cell hair transplantation has much shorter processing times compared to the PRP method. Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Price