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Sudden hair loss and the causes of this hair loss are among the frequently asked questions. Everyone wants their hair to be long, healthy and bushy. It would not be wrong to say that especially women are more meticulous in this regard. However, in some periods, intense hair loss can be seen due to various reasons. If hair loss starts suddenly and continues at an accelerated rate, thinning and baldness may also occur in the hair. At this point, it would be best to consult a specialist immediately and get treatment for hair loss. However, in cases of sudden hair loss, people make mistakes by diagnosing and trying to find solutions on their own. In particular, some precautions taken by people who do not know the causes of hair loss cause their hair to become worse.

Conditions such as sudden hair loss usually attract attention seasonally. However, there may be a serious factor underlying these sudden spills. The best step for this is to immediately consult a dermatologist and be examined. We have written all the details you need to know about hair loss in general. If you do not want your hair to fall out, you can take advantage of our content that we have prepared by taking into account the comments of experts. What are the factors of hair loss? How to take precautions for hair loss? What should be considered in hair treatments? We have prepared the answers to these and many similar questions. It is possible to find answers to all these questions in the continuation of our content.

What are Hair Loss Factors?

Hair loss causes: Hair loss should not always be considered normal. The hair of each individual, male and female, can shed up to 70-100 strands during the day. This should not be confused with sudden hair loss. Because this amount of hair shedding daily is considered normal by experts. However, spills and sudden spills on it are not healthy. For this reason, it should be taken under expert control and treated immediately. Because this type of hair loss can be caused by serious factors. If you are wondering what these factors might be, let me tell you right away. However, all of these factors are just estimates. The exact and clear causes of hair loss have not been determined yet.


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Hair loss factors may differ in men and women. Genetic factors are common in men. As a matter of fact, there are also factors such as stress factor and unbalanced diet. In particular, irregular nutrition creates a lack of vitamins and minerals, which has a great effect on hair loss. Again, various skin diseases and drug treatments often cause shedding. Anemia, the use of wrong cosmetic products, and the frequent use of heat and harmful treatments are among the other factors for hair loss. You need to consult a specialist to determine all these factors. Which factor causes sudden hair loss only becomes clear when the examinations are done. It is also important that you see a good hair doctor in this regard. So, what should be considered when choosing a good hair doctor who is an expert in his field?

Doctor’s Choice for Hair Loss

If you are considering treatment for hair loss, you must be careful about choosing a doctor. Especially if you are considering getting an examination for sudden hair loss for which you do not know the reason, you should choose a doctor and clinic who are good in this branch. The number of doctors specializing in this field in Turkey is quite high. We can say that people who come from Europe, especially for hair transplantation, prefer Turkish dermatologists and hair doctors. The most clinic and doctor alternatives for hungry transplant procedures are located in Istanbul.

Patient comments can be helpful when choosing a doctor for issues such as sudden hair loss, hair loss, baldness, and hair loss. In some health forums and dictionary sites, patients who have had this type of treatment before, give their comments. Based on these comments, you can predict which clinic and doctor is successful in their field. Doctors also have their own websites. You can find the information you need to analyze the competencies of clinics or doctors from these websites. You will be able to easily find the best doctors by taking these details into consideration. So, what are the most common and effective hair treatments? Which treatments are used for which hair problem?

What are Hair Treatments?

Even though you take shampoo against hair loss, various hair care products and recommendations, the problem with your hair may still persist. If the problems in your hair continue, you need to apply for medical or cosmetic hair treatments. Treatments for each hair problem differ. With the development of medicine, the number and method of these treatments continue to evolve. The most frequently asked treatment is hair transplantation treatments, which are generally applied for baldness. The fastest accelerating treatment applications in the sector are also those related to hair transplantation. Because every individual who does not want to experience permanent baldness resorts to hair transplantation.

There are also some treatments applied to problems such as hair loss or sudden hair loss. These are known as cosmetic treatments rather than medical treatments. Hair PRP application is one of these treatments. Again, mesotherapy treatment for hair is among them. Some new treatment methods with laser are also used frequently for problems such as hair growth. As a matter of fact, the most commonly used treatment is FDA-approved drug treatments. If the doctor deems it appropriate, any of these treatments can be applied. However, to reiterate, the level of expertise of the doctor lies under the good results of the treatments. If you choose by paying attention to this detail, you can benefit from permanent and effective treatments for all your hair problems.

Vitamins and Foods That Are Good For Hair

You can take advantage of some supplements and vitamins for the health of your hair and to avoid sudden hair loss. We have already emphasized how important the nutritional factor is for hair health. At this point, you may be wondering which foods or vitamins will be beneficial for hair. Vitamins that have an effect on your hair health; It can be listed as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin B3 and B6, vitamin E, folic acid, zinc, magnesium and similar vitamin-minerals. If you eat these vitamins and minerals with food, you will protect the health of your hair to a large extent.

We have also prepared foods that you can consume for hair health according to the recommendations of experts. If you need to list them; Consuming eggs regularly, consuming spinach, consuming whole grains, oats and similar foods, consuming lean red meat, lean turkey, chicken meat, pumpkin seeds, carrots, coconut, pomegranate, salmon, avocado, almonds, yoghurt and sweet potatoes are prominent are among the examples. Because all of these foods contain vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the health of your hair. It helps with sudden hair loss as well as making your hair voluminous and stronger. If you wish, you can also consult an expert on this subject and request detailed information. We have given the answers to the question of how to prevent hair loss. In addition, the effect of herbal products should not be overlooked. So, what are the vegetable oils that are good for hair?

What are Herbal Oils Good for Hair Loss?

Oils that are good for hair loss are products that protect your hair health to a great extent. There are also recommendations from experts and doctors on this subject. It would not be wrong to say that one of the best alternative solutions for your hair to shine, gain volume or nourish your hair follicles is hair oils. Vegetable oils such as jojoba oil and argan oil are among the first choices that come to mind when it comes to hair. However, there are many more vegetable oil alternatives like these. As a matter of fact, you should not trust every vegetable oil offered for sale under the herbal name. We recommend that you buy from addresses you know and trust as much as possible.

Other oils that you can use for sudden hair loss; rosemary oil, black cumin oil, sesame oil, aloe vera and olive oil. You can use all these oils by massaging all the way to the roots of your hair. Or, if you wish, you can choose to use it by adding it to the shampoos you use, according to the instructions for use. Do not forget to consult your doctor before using these herbal oils. Because even if the oils are herbal, they can cause some allergic reactions in you. In addition, if there are serious spills and hair problems, using oils alone will not help. It is always among our first recommendations to consult a specialist doctor in this regard and to be examined and treated. We have answered all your questions about hair loss and its treatments. You can immediately benefit from the information in our content.

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