Synthetic Fiber Hair

Synthetic Fiber Hair

Exploring Different Hair Fibers

Synthetic Fiber Hair There are many different types of fiber to explore when choosing a wig, hairpiece or hair extension. Each type of fiber, from synthetic and heat-friendly synthetic to human hair and 100% Remy human hair, has unique properties designed using different technologies.

Synthetic hair is a man-made fiber. Acrylic, polyester, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and has a different Kanekalon synthetic fibers such as hair. All synthetic fibers are not equal in terms of quality. The amount of brightness with high-quality fibers in the fiber can easily see that it is different from others. Appearance as poor quality fibers tends to be brighter and less realistic in terms of texture and movement. Kanekalon is present best quality synthetic fibers. I will explain synthetic fiber hair.

Synthetic fiber has many benefits such as cost and maintenance. The cost is lower than a human hair, synthetic hair fiber, therefore, this budget is a good option for those who make more informed purchase hair. Wigs made from synthetic fibers, hair pieces and extensions are formed in advance, so as serpentine pattern styles and parts are designed on synthetic hair permanently. This means that the style (even with water) cannot be changed and will retain its original look and shape over time.


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Heat Friendly Synthetic Fiber

In general, synthetic fibers are not crimped or not heated. However, there are some types of heat-resistant or made resistant fibrous thermal, i.e. the hair, low / may be formed using a medium heat setting and can be bent to achieve a different hairstyle can be blow-dried or straight ironed. Refractory/resistant synthetic fibers, 350 ° F / 180 ° C can withstand heat up. Synthetic hair should be painted.

The Dangers of Using Synthetic Hair

There are two types of hair extensions can be purchase : synthetic and human hair extension hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions, hair extensions are cheaper than natural 100%. Styles knew as a pretty good hold. Therefore, if you choose to use rolls for deep curl hair, synthetic hair curl make in the same method as was use , it would be different than the human hair extension procedure can protect all forms throughout the day or even days.

But compare  with natural human hair extensions are make from synthetic hair can become dangerous under certain conditions and must be address before the plunge and buying these dangers. No matter what you want at all costs to avoid damaging your own hair!

Unlike the heat resistance of synthetic hair, human hair is very small. This synthetic hair extension hair of a person who never using extreme heat means that should be drying. Also, flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers, such as a heated head or even other heating apparatus should be avoided especially produced for hair styling.

If your synthetic extensions are expose  to excessive amounts of heat, the hair will burn or melt. This melting can easily penetrate your natural hair and cause great damage to your hair and scalp. Therefore, if you choose synthetic rather than natural, you should be very careful when cooking or working with an oven or stove, or when you are near any heat items or areas, as synthetic hair can burn easily and quickly.

Another danger of synthetic hair also does not allow your scalp as different from 100% natural human hair extensions or natural process to get your hair to breathe properly. For the scalp, creating a warmer environment may cause sweating and itching.A scalp that is always moist can be a good breeding ground for fungi and bacteria to grow. Make sure to completely dry your hair when wearing synthetic hair extensions to prevent mold or fungus damage to your healthy hair.

ugh in our natural hair and over time this abrasiveness can cause hair breakage and fall out.


Biofibre hair transplant surgical procedure perform  in a doctor’s supervision is minimal. Tests and controls arefinish  first. Patient during the procedure done with local anesthesia, it does not feel any pain or sensation. Individual hair transplantation is perform until the desire density is reach. Biofibre plantation will vary the according to the number of people in the way that the hair and condition the hair is not right to demand any number you specify.


Biofiber separation from the natural hair of hair is very difficult. White and bio fibre including hair structure there are 14 different colours. This can be the most appropriate way of biofibre plantation.


As with all other hair treatments, the durability period of biofiber hair is directly proportional to the care. Biofiber hair has been observing for 7/8 years in a protect condition suitable for the structure of the hair.

Synthetic Hair Can Be Toxic: Here’s What You Need to Know

Written by Jodie in Hair Extensions. If you’re deciding whether to buy synthetic hair extensions. You’re probably aware of the basics – but do you know if synthetic hair is likely toxic? Synthetic Hair Transplant Pricebeard

Is synthetic hair toxic?

Synthetic hair is make from plastic fibers design to mimic the human hair. Low-grade acrylic plastic is extremely toxic when expose  to heat. In fact, the EU, therefore, has ban these synthetic fibers. Smoke the from synthetic fibers is toxic not only to humans but also to the environment.

If this makes you a little more disturbing feel, what you the expose yourself to yourself and keep reading to learn how you can protect from the dangers of synthetic fibers.

Does Synthetic Hair Cause Cancer?

Almost all synthetic hair dye a type of synthetic dye. Synthetic dye does contain components that are carcinogenic and can penetrate the skin quite easily.

In terms of the synthetic fibre used, there are many studies that slink acrylic materials found.

Not to mention polyester, another component of synthetic hair. So , it is know to irritate the skin due to the fact that it is a low-quality material. This can result in all kinds of rashes, itchiness and general feelings of the  discomfort.

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