Synthetic Hair Transplant Pricebeard

Synthetic hair transplant pricebeard started to be applied for the first time towards the end of the ‘70s. It made a tremendous impact in the period it was released. In this article, we will try to explain synthetic hair transplant in detail. First of all, there are some points that should be known. Other names of Synthetic Hair Transplant Pricebeard are called bio fiber hair, wig, or artificial hair. In this method, the hair is transplanted one by one. The procedure is applied as in a standard hair transplant operation. 

Who can have a synthetic hair transplant?

Natural hair transplantation cannot be applied to some people for various reasons. The synthetic hair transplant method is the treatment method applied to these people. 

Natural hair transplantation cannot be applied to some people for various reasons. The synthetic hair transplant method is the treatment method applied to these people. This method is mostly referred to as bio fiber today. It is a method presented to people as an important alternative to hair transplantation. The synthetic hair transplant method has been examined by some countries due to some complications. It was first banned in North America by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1983. 


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Synthetic hair transplant features

Synthetic hair transplant is applied to the area to be transplanted without using the patient’s own hair follicles. It is the process of transplanting synthetic hair fibers that come in varying lengths. Since this application carries an allergy risk, the suitability of the patient is determined beforehand. Necessary tests must be done. It is then necessary to measure how the body will react to synthetic hair. For this, small transplantation trials are performed for the patient for at least 1 month every one week. If the patient passes these tests, implantation can be done. Synthetic hair transplant is performed with hair made from polyamide fibers. Transplantation is done through an implanter. Implanter places synthetic hair slightly below the scalp. In this respect, it is similar to DHI hair transplantation.

The canal of the hair to be transplanted is opened one by one through Implanter. Bio fiber hair has a knot. This knot keeps the hair fixed under the skin. After the operation, the body tries to cover the suture channel with connective tissue. Meanwhile, it also covers the knot at the end of the artificial hair. In this way, artificial hair adheres strongly to the scalp.

The facilities of synthetic hair transplantation

You can easily comb your hair after bio fiber. Since bio fiber hair does not grow due to its structure, there is no need to shorten it. If you do not have any allergies, your procedure will be successful. However, in order to provide these advantages, experts should take part in the operation.

Complications of Bio Fiber Hair Transplantation

The procedures of this method are from past to present. developed. However, there is an important problem that does not change and constitutes the main source of the problem. This problem is that the body identifies this hair as a foreign substance. In natural hair transplantation, the person’s body sees that the tissue belongs to him. Thus, it does not cause an immune and rejection reaction. There is another important issue in transplantation using biological artificial hair. There is a risk that the stitching channel formed in the area where the artificial hair is transplanted cannot heal. This risk causes this channel to remain open all the time. The result is an ideal environment for bacteria and germs. This situation causes the body to create continuous immune responses.

Other side effects

This procedure should be done where the dermal skin is very thin. For this reason, people with thin dermal skin cannot be transplanted with bio fiber hair transplantation. These regions are known as frontal hairline areas. In addition, there is a risk of inflammation in the skin in this procedure. This causes scar formation on the skin in an aesthetically unacceptable manner. It also causes the skin to lose its smooth appearance. Some of this transplanted hair is shed every year. For this reason, hair is not permanent like natural hair. Some more planting is required every year. Its lifespan is around 10 years on average. Of course, the factors that determine the life span are also related to the reaction your body will give. Chemicals using hot air can cause this process to fail. At the same time, the use of some cosmetic products can negatively affect the use. 

After a synthetic hair transplant, inflammation-like reactions and acne can be seen on the skin. The body seems to have accepted the fiber hair transplanted at first. However, it may also be rejected later. Hair follicles that the body does not accept cause permanent damage to the skin. A person who has had fiber hair transplantation cannot have a transplant in the same area again.

How is the appearance of synthetic hair transplantation?

We guess this is the most curious question since the beginning of this article. This is one of the most curious questions of people who will undergo a synthetic hair transplant. In fact, it is difficult to give an exact answer to flour. Synthetic Hair Transplant Prices 

This method offers a more acceptable look when done for the first time. Bio fiber hair transplantation cannot maintain this appearance later. This is because it is not natural. Artificial hair will deteriorate from the first year due to dullness. For this reason, the hair should be renewed in order to look natural. This situation may seem related to the budget. However, renewal processes also pose a risk to your health. Infectious situations can come into play. Thus, irreversible problems will arise.

As a result, artificial hair transplantation appears to be a hope for those who have no other alternative. However, those who will have this operation should consider all the risks mentioned above. We can say that this method is not a permanent alternative. People who have hair loss problems have another alternative than bio fiber hair. Another method that can work for them is hair cloning.

Synthetic hair transplant price beard

This method has no specific price. Pricing also varies according to the tools and quality used by the experts. Synthetic Hair Transplant Pricebeard

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