Synthetic Hair Transplant Prices

Synthetic Hair Transplant Prices

Synthetic Hair Transplant Prices Which began towards the end of the first period of the 70s and get the great sound that the synthetic hair transplant prices and method will try to explain the details in this article. First, you need to know that the article we will talk about artificial hair/fiber hair bio is not the use of wigs or artificial hair replacement. Here hair is individually planted much like plantation operations.

Biofibre hair implants

What are the advantages of experiencing bio fiber hair embedding?

Biofibre preferred a fundamental perspective is embedded in the traditional plantation of hair, bio fibre-driven male pattern can be used as a component of individuals with baldness and is insignificant hair measure that can be used as a whole, they won so. You cannot achieve great results with a traditional hair transplant system. Moreover, the person using the bio fiber, in this case, will be fast results will not change later on the grounds of the transplanted hair. From that moment on, you retain a strategic distance to maintain standard hair transplantation with FUE or FUT turn into real hair within a few months of your union.

Experts of Biofibre hair implants, soft living male pattern baldness. Just say that it has the advantage of being a great choice for people who want to win back the hair appear fuller and thicker than before the more advanced stages.


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Does Artificial Hair Transplant Look Like Natural Hair?

Bio fiber hair transplantation, which offers a relatively more acceptable appearance when first performed, cannot maintain this appearance later. The reason for this is, of course, that it is not made from a natural human structure. Artificial hair will deteriorate from the first year due to dullness. For this reason, it may be necessary to maintain the natural appearance of hair regeneration.

When this situation as it may seem budgetary engaged in infectious cases, it can lead to irreversible problems.

Another essential aspect of bio fiber preferred treatment is suitable for any probability methodology. The reason is that a man can be supplied with hair bristles to achieve different degrees of thickness or less the same number as expected and can be used as part of both women and men.

Similarly, Biofibre necessarily preferred aspect for hair embedded. Specialists to ensure uniformity among the patients normally play a test point before the medical procedure. Therefore, the answer is no incompatibility problems or antagonistic.

Biofibre plantation, in the same way, experts can guarantee you will not normally result in the patient having a favorable position. Likewise, experts and patients should choose the best hair type and surface for the patient. Finally, in rare cases where the patient is not satisfied with the technical effect next procedure fully reversible. So,  you can compensate for the angle of view of patient history.

Candidates Suitable for Artificial Hair Transplantation

Artificial hair transplantation method, which health problems, neck or not enough body hair root and this can not be the reason people hope natural hair transplantation has emerged as a promising alternative treatment. This method, known as artificial hair transplantation,  mostly refer to as bio fiber today. People, a significant artificial plantation present as an alternative method of hair transplantation, cutaneous infections, it has been studied by some countries due to complications such as cyst formation and inflammation. First, in 1983, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is prohibited in North America. Then it follows by other countries as well. Nowadays some clinics to develop this method, citing people continue to practice what they design to be compatible with the biological structure. Bio Hair Transplant

What is the cost of bio fiber according to the plantation and what is the price in some countries?

Biofibre implant cost is higher than traditional hair transplantation.

Why is it more expensive?

Because high-tech with your purchase of this biocompatible material that produce must implement by a manufacturer licensed by Medicap experts.

Biofibre density is higher than natural hair, you’ll notice that less bio fiber need from the plantation.

Therefore it is impossible to compare prices, compare your score an FUE or FUT hair transplantation compare to my head area will be the total cost of the coating.

What affects the price of bio fiber?

First Biofibre type: length (having bio fiber for women is usually more expensive, because of the longer fibers they choose, but they usually require less on average) style.  Greece as the starting price of the country is around 2 euros per unit, the standard price of 2.5 euro around which Turkey or Portugal.

Artificial Hair Transplant Operation

This hair transplant, which also know different names such as synthetic, artificial/artificial.  Bio fiber, is the process of transplanting artificial hair fibers that come ready in lengths. Colours without using their own hair follicles without going to the area where the hair will be transplanted. Since this application carries a risk for allergies, it should evaluate and necessary tests should be done. Afterwards, try small transplantation trials for the patient for at least 1 month at intervals of one week to understand how it will react to artificial finish hair with thesis. If the patient passes the tolerance test, implantation can finish. Synthetic hair transplantation with hair made from polyamide fibres. Transplantation perform under local anaesthesia with an implanter. Inserts implant synthetic hair approximately 0.3mm below the scalp. In this respect, DHI is unlike hair transplantation.

As in DHI hair transplantation, the canal of the hair to transplant open. Bio fiber hair has a knot to keep the hair in its derivative. After transplantation, the body covers the suture channel with binding tissue. Also covers the knot at the end of the artificial hair. In this way, artificial hair adheres strongly to the scalp. Can I Use Hair Fibers After Hair Transplant?

Complications of Bio Fiber Hair Transplantation

Although they have developed up to now from when he first started to apply the synthetic hair transplant prices procedure. There is a constant problem that constitutes the main source of the problem;

This is when the body defines this hair as a foreign substance.

Natural hair transplantation sees a person’s body touch and of itself, and so does not cause immune rejection reactions. Biological or semi-biological artificial hair.