The Cost Of Hair Transplant In Turkey

The Cost Of Hair Transplant In Turkey

The Cost Of Hair Transplant In Turkey Hair transplant prices vary in this sector as well as in other sectors. Hair loss is a problem that is seen not only in men but also in women today. The only permanent solution for hair loss is hair transplantation. And according to research, it has been proven that people with hair loss lack self-confidence and are more passive in social situations. After having a hair transplant, the person’s self-confidence increases, and he becomes more active in social settings as he will gain a younger appearance. Hair transplantation, which is preferred by people who are not satisfied with their appearance, especially to avoid self-confidence problems, is a long process. Thanks to the development of hair transplant technology, there are many hair transplant techniques today—for example, FUE and FUT hair transplantation techniques.

Although there are many hair transplant techniques, the procedures performed are similar. In a hair transplant procedure, hair is collected from donor areas. The donor area is where the hair on the neck and ears is located. During hair transplantation, roots are taken from hairy areas such as chest, leg, and back. The follicles taken are transferred to the hairless area. Prices vary according to hair transplant techniques. Different alternatives in these techniques are carried out at different prices. Today, the most preferred hair transplant technique is FUE. Because there is no cutting process in the FUE hair transplant technique, the patient does not feel pain. And the surgery is completed without any problems.

Price variability in hair transplantation

As we mentioned, the most important thing for the patient in hair transplantation is the operation performed quickly and without pain. Therefore, prices vary according to the comfort request of the patient. There is stiff competition in the market for hair transplantation in Turkey. Some clinics can do wrong hair transplantation with low prices. You must be very careful when choosing a clinic. You can get more detailed information by consulting our clinic on this subject. We make our patients happy thanks to our experienced doctors and affordable prices. Hair transplant prices vary depending on the center in each city.


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Hair transplant prices are very high, especially in the United States and England. People are coming to Turkey to make the plantation lower prices. Although the prices are high in luxury services in big cities, each hair center has its pricing. However, it should be cautious about whether the price is too high or too cheap in hair transplantation. The fact that some hair transplant centers guarantee excellent hair transplantation can sometimes be used to support the high price. Before having a hair transplant, a detailed examination should be made in the price research. You can get information about this from our clinic.

FUE hair transplantation and FUE hair transplantation price

FUE hair transplantation is one of the most preferred techniques in hair transplantation techniques. The reason why it is preferred is that no cutting procedure is performed in this technique, and the patient does not feel pain. Thanks to the local anesthesia, only the area of the patient to be treated is anesthetized, and the operation is performed. With this method, hair is taken one by one and transplanted to the non-hair area.

As we mentioned, one of the reasons why it is most preferred is that there are no stitches or cut marks. In other hair transplantation methods, there are usually scars on the hair. Another advantage of FUE hair transplantation is that it takes less time. As in every hair transplant, the hair falls out 2-3 months after the hair transplant, and then your permanent hair starts to grow. For these reasons, the FUE hair transplant cost is more expensive than other hair transplantation. For more information about the FUE hair technique, to have hair analysis, and to get a price information, you contact our clinic.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Prices

There are many factors affecting hair transplant costs. First of all, the experience and references of the doctor who performed the hair transplant operation significantly affect the price of the hair transplant operation. The price of the surgery to be performed by a doctor with little experience and reference will be lower. For example, the more connections there are about a doctor and the more reliable it may be than individual studies on the advice of a person who has had a previous hair transplant experience.

Therefore, surgeries performed by such doctors will be more costly. Other factors affecting hair transplantation can be listed as follows; The country and city where hair transplantation will be performed, the number of grafts to be used during hair transplantation, the size of the bald area, the hair transplant method you will choose and the applications performed afterwards.

Number of grafts in hair transplantation

The grafts to be transplanted affect the prices in hair transplantation significantly. Prices graft in Turkey are cheaper than in other countries. And it should be known that graft has an average of 2-4 hair strands. Hair analysis should be done by the doctor to learn the number of grafts to be transplanted. You can contact our clinic for hair analysis. After the hair analysis, the number of grafts to be used in hair transplantation is determined, and the surgery costs are determined.

When calculating the number of grafts, hair loss that will occur after hair transplantation is also included in this plan. As the number of grafts to be implanted increases, the duration of the operation increases. For example, a hair transplant of 2500 grafts takes approximately 4.5 hours, while a hair transplant of 8500 grafts can take 16-17 hours. other words, as the number of grafts increases, the procedure time increases. In hair transplantation, after the grafts are removed, the channels in the area to be transplanted are opened. In the last step, the process is completed by placing the roots in the opened channels. Grafts are essential for hair transplantation. The doctor who performs this process should be very careful and sensitive. Otherwise, you may lose all your hair. The Cost Of Hair Transplant In Turkey