Things to Know About Hair Transplantation

Things to Know About Hair Transplant

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

Things to know about hair transplant can be done to anyone who has seen male pattern hair loss. Male pattern hair loss due to male hormones in people with genetic disorders. Hair-producing cells, once they die. Thus, the hair is first weakened, then begins to grow and poured in the final stages. This issue is the most definitive and permanent type of hair transplantation therapy for people living with it. I will explain things to know about hair transplant.

Why Is Our Hair Loss?

The leading cause of hair loss is genetic factors, but there are other reasons. Inadequate and unbalanced nutrition affects hair quality. Tensions and sorrows disrupt the whole body’s health and immune system, causing hair loss. Thyroid hormones cause hair loss; hair appears dull, dry, and pale. The postpartum period, menopausal and post-menopausal, diabetes, eating disorders and various medications, anaemia (anaemia), systemic diseases (cancers, liver diseases, infectious diseases), mechanical procedures (often, hairdryer, poor brushing, hair collection), chemical treatment (some shampoos, dyes, permanent wave, bleaching), seawater, sunlight, are factors that cause hair loss chlorine in the pool water. Hair loss, called seasonal shedding, increases especially in the spring months and more often in the autumn.

How to do hair transplantation?

Preferred methods are analyzed by persons located in the hair roots of unwritten and individually collected after preparation to the hair in case of an appropriate operation for receipt of hair to be transmitted. All hair follicles are collected after they switched to the separation process. The planting process is carried out again after the separation of each radical. For the transplantation process, channels must be opened very carefully.


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Channel opening punch system instead is preferred to start throwing the lateral slit method according to incisions on the nature of hair, the patient’s hair follicle size, length, will open the appropriate channel. Hair transplantation can also be applied to regions where there is hair loss due to scarring. Besides such as beard or muscle loss situations may be preferred in the case of hair applications.

How To Decide Which Method Is Suitable For Hair Transplantation?

The most important point when it comes to hair transplant types; Experts should decide on the best treatment method for you. Hair transplant methods are: Robotic Hair Transplant, Unshaved Hair Transplant, ACell + PRP Supported Hair Transplantation, Classic Hair Transplantation. Who Invented FUE Hair Transplant?

What is Robotic Hair Transplantation, Why Is It More Useful?

Robotic hair, hair angle, direction, problems such as adjustment of the gap between the hair roots and hair depth are designed to eliminate. Unique automation system thanks to working in a precise and controlled manner. A hair transplantation robot, thanks to a high-resolution imaging system determines the characteristics of the hair follicles. Hair density, distribution analyzes criteria such as angle and elevation angle.

There are no stitch marks in robotic hair transplantation. Since the hair transplant robot performs the root collection phase homogeneously, it is not clear that the roots collect from the nape area.

Robotic hair transplantation protects existing healthy hair and does not cause any harm.

Having a human factor always increases the risk of error. Especially when the root take, the inability to see under the skin may cause the roots to damage. In the process of hair transplantation with a robot, the hair transplantation robot examines the subcutaneous skin with sensors and performs the root extraction without damaging the structure.

Is It Possible To Have Hair Transplantation Without Shaving?

Nowadays hair without scratching, 0 shot from unshaven we call FUE hair transplantation operation can be applied. Men’s hair loss begins with the first opening in the front of our bay. The frontal hairline is lost, then the vertex is the front side to the rear opening gradually begins to open, and the top part of the invention. Especially in cases where patency of the apex of the front bay is no need to shave their hair. Thinning is mania, which can be entered easily between them without shaving cases of hair FUE hair transplantation can be performed.

Is Hair Transplant a Difficult Procedure?

Hair transplantation surgery complete within 1 day. As performed under local anaesthesia, during operation nor pain after the operation, there is no discomfort or pain sensation. During the procedure, the patient’s watching movies, etc. using a tablet computer. Since this process is believed to be now much more comfortable facilities.

What Will Change After Hair Transplantation, Will There Be A Natural Appearance?

After plantation, primarily for natural-looking, you will reap the full and dense hair. After the hair transplantation, which may prolong your hair as you want and how you want to be able to give you confidence. Hair transplantation, if it finish the skill person; The hair extends in an extremely natural way. Even if people say if a person does not recognize itself in the spontaneity that it will stop any understand that the operation took place.

How to Care About Transplantation?

The dressing finish on the first day (the next day) after hair transplantation; Maintenance finish with an antiseptic solution and bandages remove. How to wash after the hair transplantation process will explain to you by first washing the hair transplant team and who will receive information about the next washing. Generally, the 3rd day expect for the first wash. At the end of 2 weeks, the patient can return to their normal washing with shampoo.

Since the things to know about hair transplant area will be exposed, it is necessary to protect the area from external contact and trauma for 1 week. To achieve this, lie on your back and cover the area with bed sheets, pillows, etc. should be avoided. Half-sitting sleeping is a good solution in this process. The area should not itchy and hand contact should avoid. A spray can use to relieve itching after the operation. What Is Hair Transplant?

When Does a Hair Transplant Person Get Their Hair?

It is natural to observe scabs like red wounds on the scalp after hair transplantation. The person who has a hair transplant can prevent scabs by washing his hair once a day, and the scabs will disappear completely within 7 to 10 days and the area where the hair is transplanted will recover. In this case, the person who transplanted hair in 2 weeks to 1 month will have the appearance before the hair transplant. There will be no difference in appearance for 3 months.

After 3 months, the newly transplanted hair starts to grow. The person who has hair transplantation experiences changes between 5-6 months. In every month after 6 months, 10% changes occur in the person who has hair transplantation and 90% of the transplanted hair grows up to the 9th month. The remaining 10% continues until one year after the hair transplantation date. After the transplant, the patient will have his new hair 1 year later. Things to Know About Hair Transplant