Some people have thin hair, while others have thick hair. Thick or thin hair is completely related to the structure of the roots. Since the root structure is genetic, it cannot be changed. However, due to the situations experienced over time, the hair can take a different form. So what can be the cause of thinning hair women. Using drugs, having diseases or applying the wrong care can cause thinning of the hair.

In addition, experiencing severe stress can result in thinning of the hair. Thinning hair due to various reasons sheds over time. For this reason, people do not want to have thin hair. Different methods are sought to prevent hair thinning. First of all, there is a detail that people should not forget. If the hair follicles are genetically thick, eventually the hair becomes thicker. In other words, even if people’s hair is thin, it can be fixed if they do not worry.

Preventing hair loss in humans can be beneficial in some cases

Because thin hair can take shape quickly. However, this shape is not permanent. It is also very common for the hair to become electrified and knotted. Ideal hair appearance can be achieved by using only the right care products. One’s hair is considered one of the most important characteristic features. Although it is not a vital function for people, it is indispensable in sexual and social communication. Although there are many different factors that determine the structure, quality and health of the hair, nutritional preferences are important determinants. For thinning hair women, first of all, it is necessary to eat regularly and adequately.


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Keratin is a substance found in the human body. In which part of the body this substance is used, the endurance in that area increases. For this reason, people have keratin treatments at various time intervals. Care is required when people dye their hair or apply treatments continuously.

Because the hair that has been processed a lot begins to thin after a while. People with thinning hair need to take some precautions. Among the precautions, there is keratin, which everyone knows. It helps to make the hair thicker. It also provides more vibrant looking hair. In this way, people can easily achieve the look they want. Keratin is recommended if the hair is heavily processed and worn. How to prevent hair thinning is possible with regular care.

Fenugreek Seed

This seed contains bioactive compounds for thinning hair women. As a result of a study, it has been observed that fenugreek can significantly reduce hair thinning. It also appears to support the growth of new hair. This plant is not suitable for allergies to legumes such as peanuts, green peas or soybeans. Therefore, people should use it carefully. ¼ cup of fenugreek seeds is kept in water overnight.

The seeds are then made into a paste and applied as a hair mask. This mixture is left for 30-45 minutes before rinsing with water. Those who wish can apply this mixture to shampoo for hair loss the day before. If people use this mixture regularly, hair thinning can be prevented. Visible results can be achieved after an average of 2 weeks.


Because as a result of oils that are good for hair loss, matting is seen and shedding occurs. Hair feels soft, but not elastic. As a result of adequate protein intake, people can support the formation of new cells, namely hair health and development. Protein-poor diets and low-calorie diets do not contain enough fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. For this reason, people may lose their hair while losing weight. Bone broth, eggs, salmon, chicken meat are among the foods containing quality protein. In addition, other foods that can be consumed to prevent hair thinning include; almonds, yogurt, milk and broccoli.


L-cystine is one of the amino acids against hair loss. The important effect of this amino acid is known as increasing the quality of the hair, preventing breakage from the ends and increasing the rate of hair growth. The idea that this substance may be beneficial in hair growth first emerged with an animal observation. The effect is seen by observing that the fur of sheep fed rich with L-cystine is more dense. When cystine is used together with B complex vitamins, an increase is observed in trichogram and phototrichogram results, hair quality, and hair durability. It also causes an increase in the rate of anagen in the hair. Vitamin B6 has been proven to help the cystine enter the hair cells and is preferred in care.

L-cysteine ​​is known as another essential amino acid that may be important in hair growth. L-cystine intake is completely limited to meat, fish and eggs. For this reason, incomplete consumption of food may cause problems in hair growth. In addition, it is predicted that l-cystine stores in the hair will be transferred to other organs in vegetarians. This amino acid is thought to be essential for the utilization of zinc and iron.

Vitamin B7

It is observed that people develop hair thinning in B7 deficiency. However, B7 supplementation is not recommended for individuals without B7 deficiency. At the same time, intestinal bacteria also produce biotin, so B7 deficiency is not very common afterwards. It can be seen especially in those who consume raw eggs frequently. Because the avidin in the egg binds B7 and prevents its absorption. Avidin is denatured in cooked eggs. In addition, shampoo  B7 deficiency against hair loss is also encountered in those who use valproic acid. For this reason, it is recommended to give prophylactic B7 to those using valproic acid.

Folic acid

Folic acid is known as one of the most important vitamins with its complex chemical structure. It is also vital for the proper functioning of bodily functions. This mineral helps the development of tissues and the proper functioning of cell functions. Thinned hair is responsible for the regeneration of cells for women. As a result of folic acid deficiency, hair thinning, hair loss and premature graying can be seen.


Iron increases the strength of hair and accelerates their growth. However, without an iron, the hair becomes dry, thin and weak. Iron, which provides oxygen transfer to cells, enables them to work with the best efficiency. Iron is an essential mineral for many bodily functions, including thinning hair. Furthermore in case of iron deficiency, which causes anemia, is among the main causes of hair loss. It is mostly seen in women and thinning hair women. Therefore, women need to get enough vitamin D in their bodies.

The first mobilized unit of iron, which is necessary for the production of hemoglobin, is the hair follicle. Therefore, hair loss may begin long before anemia is seen in the blood. Serum ferritin level is known as the most sensitive and specific laboratory test to show iron deficiency. When people suspect iron deficiency, they have these tests done. Some foods contain enough iron. It is not seen that people who consume these foods cause hair loss. Especially liver, red meat, lentils, eggs, oysters are among the foods rich in iron.


Although zinc is the first thing that comes to mind when thinning hair women is mentioned, zinc deficiency is not common. Zinc is a vital mineral found in the structure of hundreds of enzymes in the body. It plays an important role in the production and repair of hair and the operation of the sebaceous glands. In zinc deficiency, irregular bands are seen on microscopy, called trichothiodystrophy in hair strands.

As a result of this, hair thinning is seen and hair loss occurs in people. If the zinc deficiency is high, hair loss cannot be prevented. For this reason, people consume foods containing zinc supplements. Foods such as shrimp, oysters, red meat, spinach, pumpkin seeds, and lentils are recommended. In this way, people can get the necessary support for thinning hair women by taking enough zinc. Natural resources such as lentils are among the zinc that people take naturally.

Rosemary oil

This oil is known as one of the best oils that accelerate hair thickening and intensify hair. Rosemary oil stimulates hair thickening and further accelerates cellular metabolism. It helps to stimulate the hair follicles by increasing the circulation in the scalp. This increases hair thickening and may contribute to slowing hair loss.

In addition, cedarwood oil can also be preferred in the treatment of thinning hair. It can help balance scalp oils. Sage has similar properties as rosemary essential oil because it increases the ability of cellular metabolism. It also mimics some of the benefits found in sage, providing its hormone balancing properties.

Natural Shampoo

Natural shampoos are specially made on behalf of thinning hair women. It strengthens even the weakest hair with the mixtures in its formula. The scalp of people using natural shampoo is cleaned very gently. Thus, thinning of the roots does not appear. In addition, the roots of the hair breathe and come out more lush. These shampoos balance the sebum ratio in the hair and make it more durable.

Natural shampoos are generally produced as anti-shedding. Hair usually falls out because it is too thin. For this reason, it is the solution to the problems that people mostly complain about the vitamin for hair loss. These shampoos contain vitamins and minerals that support hair care. Special vitamins are added to prevent thinning hair women. In this way, people can take care of their hair roots even while taking a shower. Natural shampoos help to accelerate the blood flow of people. These shampoos contain aloe vera and provide cell renewal.

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