Top Doctors Hair Transplant

Top Doctors Hair Transplant

Top Doctors Hair Transplant Surgical Hair Restoration Clinic top doctors hair transplant employee  Dr Alexander. micro-surgery for men. The women offer highly developed, artistic hair restorations. As surgeon general experience, that means cured meats like every surgical procedure performed in a hospital operating room. To remove the donor tissue are sterile gown, sterile techniques are one of several restoration surgeons use with gloves and blankets. Today, Dr Alexander’s career has been devoted solely to hair loss treatment.

Dr. Ken Anderson, IAHRS Member

Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

First , Dr Anderson is the only triple board certified facial plastic surgeon in the world who has dedicated his career to the treatment of male and female hair loss since 2003. Award-winning Dr. Anderson has a postgraduate degree in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Anderson Hair Center was the first institution in Georgia to offer patients the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplantation system that removes the need for scalpels and stitches by removing hair follicles one by one with a small punch.

One of 20 of his patients is a doctor, which is Dr. It shows how respected Anderson is on the field. After that , Dr. Anderson is committed to physician training and founded the American Academy of Hair Restoration Surgery to provide surgical training to physicians who want to enter this field, and is also a founding faculty member of the Global Hair Loss Summit.


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Dr. Alan Bauman, Member of IAHRS

Boca Raton, Florida (USA)

Dr. Bauman is doing extraordinary things at his internationally recognized practice Bauman Medical, based in Florida. Founded in 1997, clinics for men and women up to the artistic eyelash transplantation FUE hair transplant surgery offers everything.; Numerous bespoke medical hair loss treatments such as the highest grade compound minoxidil Formula 82M, topical finasteride, lunch PRP with ECM for hair regrowth and PDOgro; and an in-house trichology salon for optimal scalp health. So, his nearly 12,000 square meters independent clinic has been labelled “Hair Hospital” by the industry, and as a full-time hair restoration surgeon. Finally, he works tirelessly and passionately to improve his results and patient experience, even after personally treating more than 20,000 patients. So , performs more than 8,000 hair transplant procedures .

Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, IAHRS Member

Chandigarh (India)

Since 1996 he is working as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Bhatti, India Hair Transplant Surgeons Association is the founder and secretary of the ISHRS members. In 2007, he was selected among other prestigious achievements and memberships in the Executive Council of the prestigious Indian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Its Darling Buds application was the world’s first clinic to replace 100% FUE and 100% FUT hair transplant replacement. Finally , patients appreciate personal interaction, both in person and through online channels, state-of-the-art care, affordable prices, and the absence of high-pressure sales and marketing.

Dr. Christian Bisanga, IAHRS Member

Brussels, Belgium)

Dr. Bisanga received his Doctor of Medicine degree in Surgery and Gynecology in Belgium and then qualified for hair transplantation in the USA.After returning to Europe, he established the BHR Clinic focusing on FUE hair transplantation. Doctor actively been involved in studies and research in the industry and has pioneered its own vaccine extraction methods and protocols. At the same time , new doctors trained in this technology and set up another clinic before AHR Europe. So , recognized as one of the world’s best hair transplant surgeon, known for some of the most difficult cases with absolute repair work on the highest standards. Dr. Bisanga also well known by obtaining the largest result grown in Europe by 6000 FUT grafts.

Dr. Özlem Biçer, IAHRS Member

(Istanbul Turkey)

Dr. Özlem Biçer has been pursuing excellence in surgical hair loss treatments for more than twenty years. His expertise gain  in hospitals, private hair loss practices and aesthetic clinics. In 2004, Dr. Harvesters, Republic of Turkey The first licensed clinic in Turkey was opened in 2004 with the full approval of accreditation from the Ministry of Health.Since then, he and his team of highly experienced surgeons have joined thousands of patients from around the world, delivering life-changing results in dealing with hair loss issues.

Today Dr. Biçer’s clinic performs FUE, FUT with Micromotor, FUE with Manuel and unshaven FUE at an average rate of hair transplantation per day. Patients can count on genuine empathy and strict adherence to medical law, as well as technical excellence. After then, Dr. Biçer is highly regarded in the global hair transplant industry for his exceptional knowledge, dedication to patient satisfaction and training a long list of promising surgeons who are now on their way.

Dr. Scott Boden, IAHRS Member

Wethersfield, Connecticut (USA)

A scholarship-trained, board-approved hair transplantation surgeon in Connecticut, Dr. Boden is renown for his attention to detail and refine  aesthetic judgments.. In addition; he is a diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery . One of less than 150 surgeons worldwide to hold this title. After that, the practical Connecticut Hair Restoration Center offers surgical and non-surgical options for men and women suffering from hair loss. So, FUE, FUT and ARTAS are available, as well as hair transplantation repairs, eyebrow hair restoration, transgender hair transplantation and bear planting services. How much does a hair transplant cost in America?

Dr. John Cole

Florida (USA)

As a surgeon with decades of experience, Dr. Cole, since 1990, has dedicated his career to only hair transplantation surgery. After that,  Its Forhair application specializes in FUE hair transplantation and additional services include cell treatments, scalp micro pigmentation and body hair transplant, hair transplant repair.

Considered an authority in his field, Dr. Cole is prolific in encouraging competent, ethical operators to come together. On the other hand ,stand for an industry that is nothing less than complete integrity. Finally, He is president of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery and has invented a number of tools to improve the effectiveness and speed of hair restoration surgery.

Dr. Koray Erdoğan,

So, he started working in the field of hair restoration in 2000 and helped many hair surgeons in their private clinics. I enjoyed talking and meeting a few of his patients. Finally , 2004 he started to make FUE by combining both FUT + FUE techniques. Top doctors hair transplant is important .

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