Treatment Methods For Sparse Beard

Treatment Methods For Sparse Beard

Treatment Methods For Sparse Beard The absence of hair on the face in men is called sparse beard and is usually due to hormonal problems. Although it is not vital, the lack of beard in the face area can cause serious social problems in men. These issues are often their incomplete masculine appearance and their appearance much younger than their actual age. Looking too young can be uncomfortable for many people.

The Causes of the sparse beard

  • Lack or absence of a hormone (testosterone) that improves the quality of beard hair
  • Inability of testosterone to convert to DHT (di hydro testosterone hormone), lack or absence of 5 alpha reductase
  • Lack of hair roots on which this hormone will affect (genetic feature)

If hormone deficiency is diagnosed in time and hormones are given from the outside, the beards will grow spontaneously. If there is no hormone production in the body, beards may fall out again when hormone intake is stopped. Testosterone, the male hormone, is given as a hormone. Testosterone can be in the form of pills or needles or can be applied to the skin.

Is Sparse Beard Genetic?

In fact, it can be considered genetic as it relates to one’s genes. Genetics does not mean that a person with a beard will be like that. There is no rule that a child with a beard will also have a beard. The reasons listed above are related to the genetic makeup of the person.


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Treatment methods for Sparse Beard

What are the treatment methods for sparse beard? We have researched a few of the rare sparse beard treatment methods used today for you. Check out these treatment methods to get rid of the sparse beard problem.

  • First of all, I should point out that shaving, shaving or razor beating is a lie that grows a beard. Don’t waste money on razor blades.
  • The cause must be found and the treatment planned according to the cause.
  • If the testosterone hormone is absent or missing, external testosterone is taken. The testosterone hormone is rarely made in the form of an injection of the drug called sustan or in a form adhered to the skin, such as a patch called testogel. Usually one of these is used.
  • If there is no hormone deficiency, the only solution is beard root transplantation.

Generally, when 1000 roots are transplanted to someone who does not have a beard, its sparse appearance disappears. However, if you want to have more beards, the number should be kept higher. If the beard transplantation is done by an experienced specialist, it will be so close to nature that the barber who has not seen it before will not be able to perceive the transplantation while shaving. Transfer is an important issue that should not be done by ancillary staff. The transplant should be done by the doctor himself. Sowing time varies according to the number. 1000-1500 roots can be planted per day.

Although it is rarely required in general, it can be made 3-4 times more often on request. However, such frequent transplants are costly.

Which Doctor to Go

Preferably, the endocrinology department should be visited in hospitals with specialist doctors in all branches. Hormone science is endocrinology and the endocrinologist knows these problems well. If there is no endocrinologist in the hospital, a dermatologist or internal medicine specialist can be visited. In fact, you can go to your GP as the basis of the diagnosis is a blood test. Testosterone is controlled by dozens of people and treatment is planned accordingly. How Long Does Beard Transplant Take To Heal?

Does Minoxil Grow Beard?

Minoxil does not grow beards or hair. Provides quality increase in beards that lose their quality. Its effect on the beard is similar. If there are hairs in the area, it provides partial quality increase, but never reaches the quality of the beard. Another situation with Minoxil is that 3-5 months after minoxil is discontinued, everything returns to what it was before, that is, before minoxil started. When the Minoxil package is read, such an effect is never mentioned.

After that, it may be possible for someone who does not grow a beard or rarely grows it to market it as cosmetics and present it as if it is a medicine.


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Eeose beard serum

Especially in the internet environment, the number of people thinking of making money by using people’s desperation is increasing and people’s hopes are used. Unfortunately, despite all the struggles of the ministries, a new one is added to such products every day.

This is how the product sold under the name Eeose is advertised. However, in his ad, he says he neither grew a beard nor a mustache. They have a nice slogan that will make beardless people fools. They must have planned to fool the millions.

The growth of beards begins with puberty. Hair and beard grows with the effect of the testosterone hormone that starts to be secreted. The most common problem in people who do not grow beards is that this hormone is not sufficient.

If there is no root, it is impossible for that person to grow a beard. Even if the hormone is missing, beard growth cannot be achieved without sufficient testosterone.

When the product called Eose beard serum is examined, it is not likely to affect the hormone. It seems impossible for someone who does not grow a beard.

Fraud Method

So the question of how do they make such a claim comes to mind, of course. In fact, there is no information that it grows a beard in its ads or on its official sites. Only their slogans create such an image and it’s a clever slogan. The logic of the event is this; One million people who want to grow a beard buy it at an affordable price for trial purposes. If 1 million people buy for 50 TL, a serious amount of money like 50.000.000 will be made in the market. There is no possibility for a person to buy it a second time anyway. Beard Transplant After 1 Week