Unshaved Women

Unshaved Women

In this article, we will talk about how the unshaved women method is applied. This method is a process that is performed by shaving the donor area without shaving all the hair and shortening it. It is done by planting the hair follicles extracted from the targeted area in a sparse area. Since hair is a reflection of appearance, it is not surprising that people who are considering hair transplantation want their hair not to be shaved. Unshaved women, which arises from aesthetic concerns, can be considered as an indicator of this  process. Unshaved women allows patients to continue their lives where they left off shortly after the operation. So, women often prefer this method.

Is Unshaved Hair Transplant a Transplant Method?

Technology is developing rapidly and thus new techniques are emerging. Accordingly, hair transplant treatments are also developing. Although most people want to have a hair transplant, they do not want to be shaved. Especially women prefer hair transplantation without unshaved women. Since the hair is cut a little too much during the normal transplantation process, stress may occur in the social life of the person. Especially such needs have resulted in unshaved women hair transplantation. No, unshaved women is not a hair transplant method.

How is Unshaved Hair Transplantation Performed?

1-The person who is ready for the operation is taken to the room for washing and the planning of the hair transplantation is made. 2- An analysis is made according to the condition of the hair and hair transplantation planning is created. 3- The places where the roots will be taken and planted are carefully determined. Afterward, the hairline is determined with the patient and the anesthesia part is started. 4- Following the anesthesia of the transplantation area, the procedure is started according to the method preferred by the doctor. Then, the grafts are started to be removed with a tool similar to tweezers. 5- After the graft removal process, channels are opened slowly in the area where the roots will be transplanted. In addition, after the channel opening process, the process is terminated by starting the placement process. This is the steps of the unshaved women section.


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Long Hair Transplant Problem

There is a lot of confusion about unshaved women hair transplantation. It cannot be said that unshaved hair transplantation is completely unshaven. In fact, this process is carried out by shaving the donor area and not shaving the remaining hair. The process that is completely unshaven is the long hair transplant procedure. This process requires more attention in terms of skill than normal planting. In long hair transplantation, the robust removal of the graft affects the transplantation result highly. Therefore, doctor skill is very important in these procedures. We have stated that this process is more detailed than hair transplantation procedures.

In addition, the experience and knowledge of the doctor is also critical in this process. In addition, this process is not preferred as it is carried out completely without shaving. There are main reasons why this method is not preferred. For example, the cost is higher than FUE because of the excess labor during the process. In addition, it may not be preferred by doctors as it requires extreme attention and expertise. It is not recommended in cases of intense hair loss where more grafts need to be removed. In addition, the hair will be in a state of shedding with the shock shedding that will be experienced between the next 3 months after long hair transplantation. Fue Hair Transplant Without Shaving Hair

Why Is Hair Shaved?

The hair is shaved as it makes the planned area comfortable and easy to see. In unshaved women type hair transplantation, it is impossible to see the area easily. Shaving is also of great benefit in determining the subcutaneous exit angle of the hair follicles more easily.

Advantages of Unshaved Hair Transplantation

The unshaved women hair transplant, which is preferred by people who want to have their hair cut, has many advantages. Unshaved women hair transplantation allows the person to return to work and social life more quickly after the operation. In addition, unshaven transplantation eliminates the worry of complete baldness that will be caused by hair transplantation, especially in women. Since it takes place in the form of regional shaving, the camouflage process is also easy. In addition, since the hair is transplanted without cutting the hair, the natural hair does not deteriorate except for the newly transplanted hair. People who like to use long hair do not waste time for their hair to grow thanks to this process. Unshaved transplants do not cause an abrasion or problem in the scalp.


The cost of unshaved hair transplantation is higher than you expect. Another disadvantage is that session times can be prolonged. In addition, the experience of the doctor may turn into a disadvantage in unshaved transplantation. For this reason, it is important not to insist on a method that the doctor does not recommend. This process takes longer as it requires more labor. With this method, up to 3 thousand grafts can be used for transplantation. Shaving may be required in operations where more than 3 thousand grafts need to be transplanted. Since unshaven transplantation is not possible with more than 3 thousand grafts, the process may be prolonged. Hair Transplant For Women

How Long Does It Take To Heal After This Procedure?

Within a week after this procedure, the roots are strengthened daily. Also, we can tell from the crusting that this healing process has started. If the washing process is done well, the scabs will disappear. During this process, you may experience various itching in the transplantation area. The itching is due to the pressure of the hairs trying to rise to the surface. In addition, the transplanted hair will grow again with the shock shedding process that occurs after about 3 months. During this period, you do not need to worry. Thanks to unshaved hair transplantation, you will have some trouble, but you will get the hair you want. Therefore, do your research and prepare for unshaved hair transplantation. Our last recommendation for you is to always follow your dreams in life and choose the best.