Unshaven Hair Transplant London

Unshaven Hair Transplant London

Unshaven Hair Transplant London without shaving is a method of hair transplantation that is apply without shaving the front, side and top parts of the hair. In order for this hair transplant method to be applied, it is sufficient to shave the donor area at the back of the head only.. It is generally preferred by people with long hair. Thanks to the long hair,the shaved part at the back is concealed by the long hair at the top. This method is determined by the drawing and planning experts of hair transplantation.

It is perform with two different methods, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Transplantation (DHI). Whether or not which method is suitable for the patient; If appropriate, the technique to be applied is determined as a result of the evaluation by the doctor and the patient is informed. The FUE method is a single session procedure. A maximum of 4 thousand grafts (hair root) can be transplanted.

In the DHI method, a maximum of 3 thousand grafts can  transplant in a single session. 1 to 3 hair follicles can grow from each hair follicle. In common FUE procedures, the patient needs to shave the entire head. In some cases, this is not very convenient, as many people hate the idea of shaving their heads for this procedure. The no-shave technique has been developing for patients who want to be completely discreet. It develops the highly advanced U-FUE (or Undetected FUE) technique, in which the patient does not need to shave any part of his hair before the procedure.


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Hair Transplantation In London

When it comes to hair transplantation in London surgery, scarring has always been a problem for patients, as is the fear of other people realizing they are receiving treatment. The combination of no-shave technique and microsurgery is a real step forward in the healing time, and the Hair transplant procedure is undetectable. There is general redness for a few days after treatment (usually the redness in U-FUE procedures can be hidden by the presence of pre-existing hair), but nowhere as in standard FUE is not close. or FUT procedures that may be slightly invasive.

U-FUE is a selective procedure. One of the main classifications of U-FUE is the number of grafts that can be removed, as the procedure takes much more time than standard FUE.In general, the no-shave technique is more advance  than the standard FUE and is therefore not recommend  for very large hair loss cases where a much larger amount of donor hair is need. Unshaven Hair Transplant

Top Hair Clinics at London 

Fortes Medical on Harley Street by Dr Saaed

Fortes Medcal on Harley Street by Dr Saaed, with over 20 years of experience in surgeon and non-surgeon hair restoration treatments is manage. Unshaven hair transplantation in London   center in Fortes clinic, thrombost rich plasma injection for both men and women, head lesson it offers a straight hair restoration treatment such as micropgmentation, FUE eyebrow transplant, facial hair transplant and hair loss treatments. Hair transplantation surgery is available as Forbes FUE and FUT. Advance  hair for patients with spillage, treatment can also be combine.

Westminster Medical Group

If you’re looking for the best in expertise, look no further than Westmnster Medcal Group. This clinic selects the best doctors as active for the team,

You are guarantee to see by a side hair transplant specialist. These unique doctors have perform more than 8,000 hair transplants during careers, which speaks for results and services. Actually,

Dr Rogers introduce  the hugely popular FUT and FUE hair transplant methods in Britain in 2003.

London Treatment Rooms

Dr Dilan Fernando and Dr Roshan Vara are the fastest rising surgeon in the FUE hair transplant world. Boasting numerous 5-star reviews,first class hair transplant clinic is located in The Treatment Rooms London, Harley Street and Putney, and is the most prestigious hair transplant surgeon in London has gained a reputation as a center.

Hair Transplant with Dr. Mark Tam

London’s only expert on FUE transplantation to Harilin and frontal areas, Dr. Mark Tam, with various awards and accreditation

The study involving being the No.1 Hair Transplant Surgeon in London for 3 years in a row.

Dr Mark Tam is the only hair transplant doctor on Harley Street and in the UK to precisely measure and calculate surface area.

First ;

the number of hair follicles required for a certain density of hair transplantation for better results. D’Souza Clinic is at the forefront of a new clinic own  and operate  by surgeons. Ther Harley Street Hair Restoration Clinic is dedicate  to providing the latest surgical procedures and the best patent care. Renowned Hair Transplant Surgeon, Mr. Chrstopher D’Souza. Mr. D’Souza has treated hundreds of patients from all walks of life,. Including damage specification, damage type, and damage based on symptoms. The face shape always gives them a natural look and a greater sense of self and well-being. He personally leads each new patient consultation, surgical treatment, and postoperative revision.

Finally ;

Brit D’Souza’s Representative for Hair Restoration Surgery. British Associaton (BAHRS), a member of the Hair American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) and Surgery (ISHRS), a member of the International Hair Transplant Society. Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant

Unshaven hair transplantation in London , which Turkish companies have special in recent years, has also open abroad Following the Middle East countries, Europe also entered the radar of these companies. One of these companies, Este Medica is preparing to open a centre in England. Which start  this business in the world and is consider the most expensive country for hair transplantation with 7-8 thousand pounds.

It is a prominent innovation in the field of hair restoration and is particularly suitable for those who wish to keep their procedure as a private matter, as it is highly confidential. The technique is apply  by only a handful of surgeons worldwide and is very advance. The methodology behind U-FUE is no different from Micro-FUE. The roots are extract one by one from the donor area and implant in the risky or missing area. The main difference is that removal and implantation take place due to the presence of hair in both areas – donor site and implant site.