What Do Hair Plugs Look Like?

What Do Hair Plugs Look Like?

Today we will examine the answer to the What Do Hair Plugs Look Like? question with you. Men have been fighting against hair loss for years. This struggle ended with defeat before technologies such as hair plugs and hair transplantation emerged. Laser treatments, medicated shampoos and scalp camouflages are seen as a remedy. Also, these two cases are a defense method aimed at eliminating hair loss in men.

However, looking at some of the treatment options, we see that not all are effective. This is especially true when it comes to a hair plug. It is not quite right to compare hair plugs with others. Hair plugs are a highly innovative and advanced technology application. The answer to the question What Do Hair Plugs Look Like? varies. If you are treated with a procedure that is not suitable for you, you may get unwanted bad results.

Let’s get to know Hair Plugs

If you were living in the ’80s, you would probably meet someone using a hair plug. We can say that hair plugs are technically a form of hair transplantation. But over the years it has become less used. Also, most hair transplant doctors consider this unnecessary. You can also ask What Do Hair Plugs Look Like? those years. To realize this transplant, small A large punching tool was used to remove the tissue rows. These were taken from the back of the head. Because the thinning hair does not affect the growth rate on the back and sides. More modern transplant surgeries still use the same harvesting areas.


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Each tissue patch removed during the hair plug procedure contained between 15-18 strands. Surgeons then drill holes large enough to accommodate the tissues. What Do Hair Plugs Look Like? is important in these parts. Two things are done at this point. Transplants can be planted in the required area. Or they can be expected to recover on their own.

We can say that people outside the hair restoration community do not care much about the term hair plug. It was used for a particular procedure that was mostly out of use in the ’90s. Also, laypeople could call any donor patches a hair plug even though it was not true. This was not the right thing to do. In addition, while looking for ways to stop hair loss, this should not be overlooked. For the question of What Do Hair Plugs Look Like? , attention should be paid to such things.

Hair Plugs and Hair Transplant

The differences between hair plugs and modern hair transplants do not end with one. The most distinctive of all the differences in the appearance of the hair at the end of the procedure. Since all the patches were transplanted during the procedure, the hair was gathered together and grew that way. There was no mix of threads in hair plug operations. And therefore a very natural appearance did not appear. For those who have never seen hair plug patients before, we can describe what it looks like. Think of a doll. And imagine that doll’s plastic scalp. However, we can say that even this was a good method in the 80s. Imagine the answer to the question What Do Hair Plugs Look Like? now. Modern hair transplant surgeries look much more natural than hair plugs.

Now Let’s Examine The Hair Transplantation Done Today

You have some idea about the question What Do Hair Plugs Look Like?. Now let’s look at the current hair transplant operations. What is the best hair transplant method? In cases where hair loss is very pronounced and there is no return, it is necessary to consult a specialist. If the person is too late, the probability of getting the hair he wants decreases. With the latest techniques developed in hair transplantation, expert doctors can indeed create excellent results. Now, in new techniques, hair transplantation can be performed without cutting, surgery, or scar. Most importantly, even hair follicles taken from other parts of the body such as the chest and back can be used when needed. It differs from the What Do Hair Plugs Look Like? question. 

Two Basic Hair Transplant Methods

We will tell you about two types of methods. You can compare the answer to the What Do Hair Plugs Look Like? question with these methods.

FUT Technique – Classic Stripe Method

The first is the classic hair transplant treatment. In this method, the scalp, approximately 10×3 cm in size, taken between the two ears just above the neck, is turned into small grafts. Afterward, small grafts are transplanted into hairless areas one by one. This part is sewn after hair is taken from the back. Then, only a line-shaped scar of about 8-9 cm remains in this part.

In this method, around 5000-6000 hairs (1400-1700 grafts) are transplanted in one session. This figure is very good for one session and if the opening is not very wide at one time, it will completely close. It is not possible to sow more than 5000- 6000 hair strands in a single session. There is a limit to the tissue that can be taken from the back of the head. The figures to be said on this figure will not be realistic. In this classical method, 2 and at most 3 sessions can be transplanted with 6 months intervals. The operation takes 3 to 4 hours. What Do Hair Plugs Look Like? Look at the question from this point of view. 

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) – Non-Surgical Hair Transplantation

In the FUE method, the hair is taken from the same area. In other words, it is taken from the area between the two ears, just above the neck. But here, the way the hair is taken is different; hair is taken with a tool with a 1mm diameter tip. The number of hair in each 1 mm diameter tissue removed may be around one, two or three.

In this method, 1000-1500 hair strands can be processed a day. The process can be applied for 3 to 4 days in a row. When planting is done for 4 days consecutively, 4000-5000 hair strands can be transplanted. The number of sessions depends on the number of hair follicle transplants and the size of the hairless or sparse area of ​​the person. While 5000-6000 hair strands can be transplanted in the classical method in one session, 4000-5000 hair strands can be transplanted when the FUE method is transplanted for 3-4 days. In other words, when 3-4 days of consecutive implantation is performed, the number of hair strands made in a single session with the classical method is approached. What Do Hair Plugs Look Like? Look at the question from this point of view.

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